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Posted by dandare on October 21, 2007

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Hands up who distrusts their government….. it does not matter which nation i’m talking about! American, British, Dutch or whoever! According to a recent poll in Boston Now (posted 16th october,2007), it suggests a growing distrust in the Federal government (in the US, but could be applied to alot of governments whatever nation). 

In this article, it refers to 9/11, the killing of JFK, covering up the existance of ET? 

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In Stuff.co,nz (posted 17th october,2007) the ufo is possibly identified? A mysterious object seen in the sky about 2 months ago probably was a commercial aeroplane (the conclusion of Bill Weir, an amateur Astronomer). UFO Focus New Zealand has classified this as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) due to the fact there was no scheduled aircraft in the area.

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According to Buzzle.com (posted 19th October,2007), “Latest Reports: Latest UFO Sightings” It says…………….

“Do the UFO reports that come out every now and then in the news have any credibility? According to UFO research done by scientists, it is highly probable that some of the UFO sightings do have truth in them. Here is a brief discussion, along with the reports of some recent UFO sightings” (extract from article).

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Fortean times UK, has a fascinating article written by Andy Roberts (dated october 2007) about “A saucerful of Secrets“, in which he relates to 1967, and the way things where percieved in the UK ….”Step back 40 years to the heady days of 1967 as Andy Roberts explains how the Summer of Love was in part shaped by the hippie movement’s fascination with flying saucers” (extract from article). Posters and Rock bands added to this image, enhanced and added too by what was being smoked; of course there were other factors as well.

In courierPress.com “UFO network meeting saturday” (posted 18th october,2007) in which, “Strange lights are still flashing above the Midwest, so Jerry Sievers and his friends with the Mutual UFO Network of Indiana are getting together again to try to figure out why” (extract from article).

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In the washingtonpost.com “In the Orbit of UFO Enthusiasts” (posted 21st october,2007) mentions that members “Operating in a Galaxy of Doubt, Disbelief and Dismissal, UFO Buffs Make Their Case That . . . We Are Not Alone” (extract from article). Several of the members are asked general questions, and some have some interesting responses too.

In Worcester Magazine.com “It came from beyond“, (posted 18th october,2007), Robert Hastings’ (UFO researcher) opinions are made known,  and it stems back to 1967 and what he saw……….later in the article he mentions that..  
“I am not condemning any government agency for its policy of secrecy regarding UFOs, says Hastings, “but I believe that the American people should be given the facts.” (extract from article) ……….and i totally agree; however, i feel that we will never get the truth, unless we can really add sustained pressure? 

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In PHYSORG.com “Gossip more powerful than facts in shaping opinion: study” (posted 16th october,2007). It starts off with “Gossip may do more to shape a person’s opinion than facts they know to be true, even when the chit-chat contradicts the evidence…..[.]” This was a study by German researchers.

At Seti.org “Inauguration Day for Alien Signal-Hunting Telescope” (posted 11th october,2007)..The Allen they are referring to is Microsoft’s co-founder. It goes on to mention that….

 “Eventually, the ATA will start a massive campaign to examine approximately a million nearby star systems. That’s a thousand times more than all those carefully scrutinized in the past” (extract from article).

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At vnunet.com “British boffins float flying saucer” (posted 16th october); could these one day replace helicopters…. on the video evidence from gizmomdo.com   , they have a long way to go yet… but it’s a start. Interestingly though, this is only the first stage of developments, with them recieving grants from the department of business (UK), and the US Department of Defence.

In thisisexeter.co.uk “MYSTIFIED PAUL CLAIMS TO HAVE SEEN UFO IN THE SKY ” (posted 15th october,2007); 

“He said: “The thing I saw was glowing orange and it kind of jumped to the right as it travelled and kept on going in the same direction.” (extract from article). 

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In wscountytimes.co.uk, they cut to the bold heading of ” ‘UFO’ spotted” (posted 12th october,2007).

The event took place in Rusper (near Hosham) on the 5th october…..  “Minutes after seeing what appeared to be a meteorite, a group of ten to 13-year-olds say they saw a strange fast moving object with flashing lights” (extract from article).

In Aero-news.net (posted 15th october,2007) “Hobbyist Gleefully Fools SoCal Residents With ‘UFO’ ” .

“A radio control model airplane hobbyist has a strange sense of humor that has people looking to the skies over Southern California” (extract from article).

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In thisisplymouth.co.uk, it posted on the 16th october,2007… ” STRANGE SIGHTS THAT LIT UP THE NIGHT SKY” . It mentions  old reports of UFO sightings from the past in the local area.

Other interesting articles that you might like to have a look at are:

Is there life on a moon of Saturn? (posted in The Observer, 14th october,2007),

Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact” (posted – American Chronicle, 19th october),

Tunguska Party-Time in Siberia in 2008 ” (posted in russia-ic.com, 16th october,2007),

Humanoid Dies In Sweden” (posted by ufodigest.com, 17th october,2007).

secret flying objects 1” (posted 15th october? 2007 by iDNEZ.CZ)

secret flying objects 2” (posted 16th october,2007 by iDNEZ.CZ)

secret flying objects 3” (posted 17th october,2007 by iDNEZ.CZ).

Lastly, in the sussexexpress.co.uk “Alien UFOs mystery solved”  (posted 18th october,2007) ; this is in relation to the sighting at Uckfield…again it seems the real reason was a wedding celebration, with the red orbs, in fact being chinese lanterns. 

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