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Search for UFO files again….court orders NASA!

Posted by dandare on October 28, 2007

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 NASA has been forced to search again for ufo files relating to the Kecksburg incident in 1965, it has been revealed ….

 For instance in cbsnews.com “NASA court-ordered to search for UFO docs“. Also in guardian.co.uk “NASA to search files on UFO incident“. 

For those who are unaware of this incident, here are some links to it:

Starting off with a video (1hr 28 mins)

Also excellent information at:


For the history, from newspaper links and people involved (plus Sci-fi channel wanting to get to the truth) please see here :    http://www.freedomofinfo.org/campaign.html .

UPDATE 11th november 2007:

The guardian has written another article about this incident entitled “Nasa told to solve ‘UFO crash’ X-file” (posted 11th november,2007).

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