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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on December 30, 2007

Hello and welcome to the last Update of 2007…. hope you all had a great christmas and i wish you all a happy new 2008.

So what’s been going on, in the last week…. from the ufo front.


There is a new magazine coming out called “Alien Worlds“, and it will be on sale in febuary 2008 (thats in the UK…not sure about elsewhere). At the online website (see above link), there is also a wealth of information (including a forum). 

ufo online

At thecomet.net  (dated 27th december 2007), “Andrew’s started so he’ll finish” . Andrew (11 years old), was in a tv quiz called junior mastermind (BBC), and his chosen subject was the Roswell incident…..


From icwales.co.uk “UFOs are seen as a joke but it’s almost a certainty they exist” (posted 29th december,2007).  It mentions that : 

“Echo reporter LAURA WRIGHT delves into South Wales’ very own X Files…

SIGHTINGS of unidentified flying objects have soared in the last month, with at least two a week seen by airline pilots in South Wales “. Later on it adds

“And only four days ago, on the night of Christmas Day, a couple saw spherical orange lights in the sky above their home in the capital” (extracts from the article).


Again in Wales, in the dailypost.co.uk  (posted 29th december 2007) “Berwyn UFO puzzle to be solved at last“. The article is interesting due to this statement :

“Although the MoD would not confirm categorically the incident – widely dubbed the “Welsh Roswell” – would be in the documents, it said a large amount of material would be released. An MoD spokeswoman said: “There is no date set but it will be published next year. “It is going to take time because there are a lot of handwritten documents. (extract from article).


At CBC News “Couple films mystery dark spiral ” (posted 28th december,2007); they say

“I mean I didn’t think it was a UFO or anything but to me I thought something was in trouble, but it was going so slow. I mean it was at least a half an hour from the time we first spotted it till it went out of sight.” (extract from article).


At satellite -CATV News “UFO hits NASA satellite in space” (posted 27th december,2007).  “An unknown object apparently collided with a satellite with NASA Langley Research Center connections in November, sending several broken pieces flying into orbit” (extract from article.


At the daily news.lk “Extraterrestrial life” is worth a quick read (not sure when written, but within the last week), it is the second post down.

Website of the week:

Dr David Clarke 

Also of interest:

UFO casebook” (icWales-posted 29th december,2007)

Why shouldn’t there be something else out there ” (ic Wales again- 29th december,2007).


Until 2008……… Update wishes you all a happy new year……….


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MOD to release UFO files, from Spring 2008 onwards

Posted by dandare on December 23, 2007

uk and part of europe
As was mentioned in my post in late April 2007: (see below…april post in red)

Researcher Dave Clarke’s persistance has paid off, in what looks like the unlocking of British UFO files (declassifiation), hidden away by the MOD….. The files (around 7000) cover over 30 years of data on ufo’s. This will be as significant as the opening up of files from the French government recently…..i can hardly wait…

 please see Nick Redfern’s article on this, and also from David Clarke .

This will be a  real breakthrough if it happens as promised; they will add electronic information on ufo’s on their website later this year. Link to defence internet FOI .

I would like to thank all those involved in achieving this…..  🙂 

ufo rendlesham forest


(Illustration above of Rendlesham forest)

Today, the telegraph has mentioned that the “MOD to open British UFO X-files“; it seems that

“The Ministry of Defence will release a total of 160 files dating back to that time to the National Archives in Kew.

The first files will be made available in Spring 2008 and the process is expected to take three years” (extract from article).

Later on it goes on to say””A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman confirmed the documents would be released from next year. “There has always been a great deal of interest in this subject,” she said”” (extract from article).

This is good news indeed……. i suspect that the spring deadline will not be met, but it seems the files will be coming out.   🙂


More related information can be seen here  and also here (very interesting information***) and confirms this.

Those people, who doggedly requested MOD files/information, must be thanked for their efforts, particularly Gary Anthony, Dave Clark and Joe McGonagle)… of course, these will be those ufo files they admit to having?

Also of interest :

The truth is out there…..under FOI” (article from the MOD site, dated 10th may,2006).

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)in the UK Air Defence Region – Result of internal review” (from MOD site; links to other UAP posts on right hand side).

ufo reports 1998 -2006 in the UK” (MOD site)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the UK Defence Region” (you’ve guessed it, the MOD site; as you will find, alot crossed out/deleted due to section 26).

Thanks to uk-ufo.org for first alerting me to this. 


UPDATE: 14th may….. please see https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/mod-releases-8-ufo-files-ready-to-download-info-released-may14th/ for release of files….

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X-tra UFO videos; that might be of interest …

Posted by dandare on December 23, 2007

To start off with, we have discovery channel’s UFOs over Pheonix: Video analysts Examine a UFO sighting at:


Next we have Australia’s spectacular UFO (police were among the many witnesses). 

A photographer from Lowestoft films and takes pictures of UFOS in the U.K. sky (discovery channel)

A rather wierd one this…..This is a clip from the news in Taiwan (have no idea when though?)

From google video  Unsolved-Mysteries_Bentwaters_UFO-landing-Military-Nuclear_AirForceBase (please click link)

Interesting news documentary

Bill clinton’s UFO files (from Fox news)

UFO Documentary of Multiple Police reports in Illinois,USA (january 5th,2000)

Worlds strangest ufo stories 4 (you’re not kidding!! we are all part of the matrix, ie the film…food for thought…although i cannot seriously believe in it)

Also Worlds strangest ufo stories 1 (alien conspiracy….. to the extreme)

Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996 (an interesting video**)

British UFO files

Weird UFO lights over lancashire (this is how to make lanterns look like something else).

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Posted by dandare on December 22, 2007

As there was no update last week (sorry for that), i’ll be giving you news from the 10th december 2007 up until today.
So here goes……At dhonline.com (1oth december) “Sighting draws UFO research“; they mention that “They reported the incident to the National UFO Reporting Center, and the Democrat-Herald reported on their experience in October.

Since then, Raye has heard from about 100 people who have seen strange things in the sky, and a few saw what she and her husband did: Two silver, bullet-shaped objects heading across the sky and a glowing ellipse size of a Greyhound bus that hovered for about a minute above the treetops of their forested backyard and emitted sparks” (extract from article).


Ok …. the next is a leason i need to learn (that is to save information onto disk for when things get taken offline).  At the strangestsecrets.blogspot.com (10th december,2007) it states that there is “The mystery of the missing files“. It says that

 “Interestingly, the FBI has also begun to remove other Fortean files, and UFO-related data, from its site too.
For example, up until very recently – but no longer, sadly – you could also download in PDF format the FBI’s 135-page file on Silas Newton, who was a key player in the legend of the alleged UFO crash at Aztec, New Mexico in March 1948” (extract from article).

 I’m going to see whats left and save what i can now, as there is some useful information here. Try the wayback machine at http://web.archive.org/web/*/foia.fbi.gov/*  , although i have encountered quite a few inactive links.


There was a possible “Ufo sighting over Bolton?” (11th december,2007), in which “a triangular silhouette was seen”.

alien tag

At WIStv.com “Mysterious light in the sky solved” (12th december,2007) in which it mentions

 “Bright flashes were observed near the “head” of the comet-like object by folks with telescopes. It turns out it was a brand new satellite, launched Monday evening by NASA at Cape Canaveral onboard an “ATLAS 5 ROCKET.” What viewers saw was the dumping of excess rocket fuel in orbit. It was carrying a “classified national security satellite.” (extract from article).


The ufo digest has a good article on a “UFO Incident Over Dabrowa Gornicza” (posted 12th december,2007).


CNSNEWS.com reported on 14th december,2007, that “Clinton Library has responded to UFO enquiries – Little else“. It says for instance, that Tom Fitton mentions that (president of Juditial Watch)

“”They need to take into account the public interest in releasing the documents. Given that we have a presidential candidate, they need to be more responsive to requests about Ms. Clinton,” he added”” (extract from article).


A series of articles came out in The Canadian National News on the 14th december,2007:

1 “A Psychiatric Reclassification Of UFO Extraterrestrial Experiences ”  

2 “Howard Menger case illuminates Extraterrestrial Infiltration Of Earthbound human society” 

3 “Scepticism and 9/11

And if you can get your head round that lot….. how about the Times online that says

Don’t call the aliens, they might not be friendly” (dated 16th december,2007).


In the Galway Independant “Irish UFOs” are given a brief mention (19th december,2007). It mentions “Who could resist the lure of extra terrestrial life shapeshifting into domestic appliances? This Christmas, if Santa arrives on a souped up hoover, you’ll know it’s a case for Mulder and Scully” (extract from article). Actually on second thoughts, maybe you should skip this article and go onto the next one below. 


ufocasebook.com has a great post on “UFOs in Latin America 2007”  which consists of a video of the years events (posted 19th december,2007). 

Valentich ufo

In the chinapost “Japan’s top government spokesman says he believes in UFOs” (posted 19th december,2007); i shall be adding a seperate post later (within the next 2 to 3 days on this, as it seems to be rumbling on and on with others coming forward to say UFOs exist?). Not sure what to make of all of this, to be honest.  


Whilst searching the web i came across the Mystery Investigators, with a podcast on betty hill and the ufos (with some unseen footage).

Their website can be seen here , and is worth a visit.


On the History channel  there is to be shown “UFO files – Britain’s Roswell” (ie RAF Bentwaters and woodbridge bases); wednesday 26th december, at 11am and 5pm (this is UK time). However, not sure if any new information will be added to on this program, still probably worth watching though. Also on the 21st december, UFOs of the 70’s (11.30pm, repeated on 22nd at 3.3oam).

Website of the week

This goes to http://www.ufoevidence.org/welcome.asp and in particular its brilliant archive on black triangles seen here  .

Also of interest :-

Spies, lies , and Polygraph tape: CIA’s disturbing Extraterrestial Affair”  (American Chronicle- posted 10th december,2007).

Mars robot unearths microbe clue”  (BBC – 11th december,2007)

DVD ‘close encounters’ of three kinds” (washington post – 14th december,2007).

Taking the season to the outer limits” (Seattle times – 14th december,2007).

ufo online

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Update to recent “Dorito” ufo in the UK

Posted by dandare on December 20, 2007

The videos of the ufo, have now been posted on the internet; (the full details can be found on my previous article here , made on the 12th december).

As was mentioned, not much can be seen, if anything….. so cannot comment on it really. Will try and slow down and look at it though? not sure if this will help however. 

I must still thank craig for posting this for us too see…..

Also of interest from the birmingham area;



dated 16/6/07

I’ll leave you to decide on what you think these are….  

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The Robertson Panel: The CIA considers UFOs

Posted by dandare on December 12, 2007

The Robertson Panel: The CIA Considers UFOs

By Fran Black

1918-1939 is sometimes called “the golden age of aviation” because of the much technological advancement made in aircraft. With World War II came better, faster airplanes and more experienced pilots. By the time the war was over, air travel was becoming firmly established across the world. The skies became the highways of the future. People started looking up in curiosity. What they saw in the skies was sometimes mundane, but sometimes astonishing. The UFO age had begun.

The early 1950s saw a surge of civilian UFO reports. So serious had the problem become, that normal intelligence duties in the CIA were being seriously impacted. Authorities were worried that if the Soviet Union or another adversary attempted to invade the US, the lines would be clogged and the government would be unable to act, so serious had UFO hysteria become. Clearly, something had to be done.

The CIA responded by forming a committee to investigate the thousands of UFO reports and choose a course of action. The committee, headed by Howard Percy Robertson came to be known as The Robertson Panel. Robertson was a distinguished physicist, a CIA employee, and a director of the Defense Department Weapons Evaluation Group. He drew upon six friends and colleagues of scientific importance to fill the panel. Some of the more famous scientists on the board were Luis Alvarez, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1968; and Samuel A. Goudsmit, who was a head of one division of the Manhattan Project and jointly proposed the theory of the electronic spin. Other members were Frederick C. Durant, missile expert; Thornton Page, astrophysicist; Lloyd Berkner, physicist; and Allen Hynek, astronomer.

From the beginning, the panel was biased against the idea of UFOs. In their first briefing, Robertson explained that their purpose was to “debunk” UFOs. At least one committee member, Thornton Page, was reprimanded for his “excessive levity.” There has also been some criticism that, while the scientists on the panel were leaders in their respective fields, these scientists specialized in outer space. No scientists were consulted who had expertise in atmospheric conditions—which is where UFOs are seen.

The panel met in secret for four consecutive days. During this time they viewed two amateur motion pictures: The 1950 Montana and the 1952 Utah UFO Films, which had already undergone 1,000 man hours of detailed analysis by Navy officers who had concluded that the depicted objects were not any known aircraft, creature, or weather phenomenon. Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and Major Dewey J. Fournet then addressed the panel, summarizing the extensive work they had been involved with in UFO affairs over the preceding years. Ultimately, the panel spent twelve hours considering reports and investigations that Project Blue Book and other committees had spent years investigating. They speedily found “explanations” for the reports. When there was no answer to be found, they swept the case under the table.

The Robertson Panel wasted no time in formulating their official report. They concluded that 90% of UFO sightings could be readily identified with meteorological, astronomical, or natural phenomenon, and that the remaining 10% could be explained with detailed study. They furthermore stated that such study would be a waste of time. Their final recommendation stated “That the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired.”

Based on their recommendations, a public relations committee was assembled to reduce public interest in UFOs. Believers subscribing to such notions were painted as foolish and irrational. This effort drew upon the resources of renowned scientists as well as celebrities and mass media. Even the influential Disney Corporation was involved in the debunking effort. From this point forward UFology has been seen in disrepute among scholarly circles, and UFOs have become a subject of the fringe communities.

Finally, due to the suggestions of the committee, groups studying UFOs were monitored by government agents and spies in order to keep them from influencing mass thinking. As late as 1976 a CIA memo was discovered telling how the agency was still having to report on the activities of UFO groups.

In the years following the Robertson Panel at least two members expressed disappointment with its proceedings. Because of the panel’s conclusions, the attention needed to acquire the data to even decide the nature of the UFO phenomenon has not been given the subject. Thornton Page and J. Allen Hynek both lamented that the subject had not been treated with more seriousness. While Page expressed passing interest, Hynek went on to become a scientifically respected voice in UFology.

There can be no doubt that the Robertson Panel opened the era of government cover-up regarding the UFO phenomenon. And yet, stripped of credibility and respect, there are still those who insist on sharing their experiences. For no matter the cost, there are still those who look up into the sky with curiosity.

About Author

About the Author:
Francesca Black a long time science fiction buff, manages content for UFO Gifts http://www.ufo-gifts.com and Science Fiction Corner http://www.science-fiction-corner.com

Source: ArticleTrader.com

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on December 10, 2007

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Sorry for the lateness of the update……

The Ufo week has been reasonably quiet…. this is what i have picked up on, though.

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To start us off, in chad.co.uk (posted 4th december,2007) it mentions “What were ‘balls of fire’ spotted in skies?“.

“Witnesses have described the glowing balls zig-zagging across the sky and moving too quickly to be fireworks, planes or helicopters.” (extract from article). Now the Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team (TAPIT) have become involved, with people calling them up with sightings as well.  Further on in the article it says “The mysterious balls were first reported in the skies above Alfreton last month, but they returned on Saturday when Warsop resident Tim Palmer spotted an unusual object at around 3.30pm”.

The article from last month, can be seen here and the TAPIT site here .

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At baltimoresun.com (posted  9th december,2007) “Bel Air man writes of UFOs in wartime“. It is about a book being published by Keith Chester, called “Strange Company: Military encounters with UFOs in WWII”.

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ufodigest.com has a very interesting article on “Mystery of the Black Triangle UFOs” (posted 7th december,2007). The most telling part of the article comes at the end (after desciptions of triangular UFOs throughout the world, with the most well known cases quickly discussed; such as in Belgium).

It says “It would be irresponsible to completely rule out that at least some recent black triangle UFOs sightings are the result of secret, manmade aircraft using technology not yet known to civilian science. But considering the history of triangle-shaped UFO sightings, we cannot escape the conclusion that there is a mystery in our skies that so far has evaded easy explanations” (extract from article).

 It also points out that trianglular ufos were around since the 1930’s at least; makes you wonder, does it not?

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At Spaldingtoday.co.uk, “Mystery lights seen over town” (posted 6th december,2007)…the town in question is indeed Spalding. I suspect these where possibly chinese lanterns, however there is not much information to go on in the article.

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In the Canadian National Newspaper, (posted last week) it mentions “Pentagon orders Senator Barry Goldwater– don’t ask questions about UFOS and Aliens“. The article is written by Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet KSC (Florida 1958-1992). His site can also be found here .

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In the observer.guardian.co.uk it writes about “the many lives and loves of Shirley MacLaine ” (posted 9th december,2007). It covers not just her book, but also there is an interview, which covers most topics….. mmm it’s strange but also a bit intriguing as well.

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Website of the week:

This week i would like to alert you too http://uforth.com/ your guide to ufo shapes and configurations…..

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Mystery of lights in the sky (Teignmouth,uk)

Posted by dandare on December 4, 2007

In this is south Devon, (posted 3rd december,2007), “Mystery of lights in the sky” mentions that “Spooky lights spotted over Teignmouth have freaked out some locals”. One witness said that

“There were patterns of white lights, like blobs, but changing shape, that swept up and down the river between the Ness and Shaldon Bridge”.

There are other similar witness accounts…however, one possible reason has been given for this, …that it was reflections from a laser display in the Torquay area.   

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Recent “Dorito” UFO sighting (UK) = triangular ufo…..update

Posted by dandare on December 4, 2007

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The recent sighting, is in fact a possible triangular UFO, and not a “dorito”….. mmm i was admittedly a bit slow on the uptake of this, and the description of a dorito does not help anyone positively identify it. The newspaper must be being sponsored by the company?

Anyway, there is a recent article about this dated today “ufo fan tells of dorito sighting” (posted 3rd december,2007). The earlier posts can be found here and here with  Belgium triangular photo, accompanying the article, for some reason?

Paranormal enthusiast Craig lowe, says he took video footage of the ufo, at Halesowen, where he lives. He saw three red lights, and an object the size of three football pitches.

There are quite a few comments made after the article (quite a few mocking the sighting of course), and it could be nothing, but there again it could also be important. Craig does comment later on, after some requested that he show the footage that …..

“As reported in the actual newspaper the footage is inconclusive as a black object against a black sky could not be seen, camera was not of professional standard. Too many witnesses to say its hearsay. Will try and post footage on utube but convinced that you can’t see image on footage”. 

Hopefully he will post it on you tube, so we can all have a look.

However, in the earlier articles, other witnesses say that there were 3 orange lights (not red), which were close together, but others say they saw something quite big….. so some conflicting evidence here then! 

Update 4th december,2007

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The birmingham UFO group has more details here .

Of course, the reference to orange lights has the possibility of Thai lanterns about them; it has been known for the lanterns to be tied together and then released into the sky…. I do say only one possibilty, although someone usually comes forward by now and says so, and that has not happened… of course there are other possibilities! hopefully we can get more information on this!

It does say that the quote in the paper (ie a dorito) was made, after it was stated that, “the ufo at arms length, was the size of a dorito”… Craig mentions that the triangular ufo, moved from his house (birmingham city centre) towards stourbridge/Redditch.

The ufo group also has two other witnesses …. one witness  (an aviation enthusiast) says he watched the ufo, using binoculars, and it was darting around the sky.

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Another witness, seems to have seen a similar ufo,  in the morning (at 6.30am); whilst taking the dogs for a walk, in Walsall (pleck).The witness says, that there was a large black object, being closely followed by 2 fighter jets. That witness rang the local radio station.

So far the event took place on the 28th november,2007… one witness saw the event, in the early morning… the majority of witnesses saw the ufo in the late afternoon/evening.  Hopefully, i  have got that right, but if not i will amend it in later updates.    

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UFO Update

Posted by dandare on December 1, 2007

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Hello and welcome to this weeks update, from a very windy and wet UK… hope the weathers better in your part of the world!

Ok…. too open up proceedings, we have a rather out of this world tourism advert, for New Mexico, which labels itself “the land of the enchantment”. To see what the hell i’m on about see here .

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According to the Hudson Reporter (posted 25th november,2007), North Bergen  “is still the champ in UFO sightings“. They mention that

 “Since two people reported a major sighting to federal authorities back in 1975, there have been a total of 775 sightings or incidents involving North Bergen residents, easily the highest total of reported incidents in the United States, according to Marc Sodderstrom of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle” (extract from article).
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

From Off The Cuff (sdreader.com), there is an article on “do you believe in UFOs?” (posted 29th november,2007). Six people are asked for their views on UFOs…curiously all of them men! All the women and children, had been whisked off too other worlds evidently.

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 At Colorado Springs Independant online, (posted 30th november.2007), one metal band, listens to the AM radio show, Coast to coast avidly, and they say this gets into the lyrics on their songs. See here for details.

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 commongroundmag.com, has an article on “Alien Nation” (posted december 1st, 2007), in which he discusses 2 new books by Greer (1), and Hoagland and Bara (2)….. I can say right here, that Hoagland especially, is not popular with me: he always seems to like to lead people on with the evidence he has at his disposal, which neatly never quite comes out in full, and then the cycle starts again ….surely its not so you will buy his books,ect?

 Anyway, sorry trying to stay neutral here, he does discuss these books, to a relatively neutral viewpoint. He also has an interesting article on “Brian Greene on the theory of everything“. 

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Upcoming events on Coast to Coast (AM Radio), is Stanton Friedman and frank Feschino Jr. (on the 6th december,2007), in which they will be discussing fighter accidents and mysteriously dissappearing planes, in the 1950’s. See here for post. 

Whilst reading in the forum on freerepublic.com, i saw a post on Jack carter, “what really happened at Minot AFB“, the original post can be seen here .

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 In the expressandstar.com, “readers call in on Dorito UFO” (posted 1st december,2007) ; the original post was made on the 30th november and can be seen here . It mentions that “Readers have been calling in their droves to tell us they saw the huge “Dorito” UFO in the skies over the Black Country.

The orange triangle with its three lights was seen over Wednesfield and Dudley by scores of people who phoned the newspaper after an appeal for information” (extract from article). Not sure what to think of this one, although its made me hungry, and i’m off for a brew and a bite to eat….. i’ll keep you posted, if anything else is reported on this sighting. 

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the latimes.com mentions “Kucinich’s close encounter” (posted 1st december,2007), has some nice touches, although on the basic level of analysis, and i particularly liked the comment……..

“Let him go on, and we suspect Kucinich will soon be expanding on the Kecksburg sightings, the Val Johnson incident, Lonnie Zamora, the “Kaikoura lights” and countless other visitations from the sky that continue to sustain our nation’s sense of mystery” (extract from article).

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On the 28th november,2007, the nctimes tells us that “Motorist reports strange object in sky above I-5“. It says that “OCEANSIDE —- A local motorist —- who happens to be a high school football coach —- is seeking more information about a strange object he says he saw in the skies above Camp Pendleton late Tuesday” (extract from article). 

And finally no mention of the chinese lanters/ufo balloons in this weeks update, in the posts, just here instead….yipee! Lets hope we do not get loads of dorito sightings, or i might keep getting hungry……

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