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Posted by dandare on December 1, 2007

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Hello and welcome to this weeks update, from a very windy and wet UK… hope the weathers better in your part of the world!

Ok…. too open up proceedings, we have a rather out of this world tourism advert, for New Mexico, which labels itself “the land of the enchantment”. To see what the hell i’m on about see here .

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According to the Hudson Reporter (posted 25th november,2007), North Bergen  “is still the champ in UFO sightings“. They mention that

 “Since two people reported a major sighting to federal authorities back in 1975, there have been a total of 775 sightings or incidents involving North Bergen residents, easily the highest total of reported incidents in the United States, according to Marc Sodderstrom of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle” (extract from article).
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From Off The Cuff (sdreader.com), there is an article on “do you believe in UFOs?” (posted 29th november,2007). Six people are asked for their views on UFOs…curiously all of them men! All the women and children, had been whisked off too other worlds evidently.

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 At Colorado Springs Independant online, (posted 30th november.2007), one metal band, listens to the AM radio show, Coast to coast avidly, and they say this gets into the lyrics on their songs. See here for details.

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 commongroundmag.com, has an article on “Alien Nation” (posted december 1st, 2007), in which he discusses 2 new books by Greer (1), and Hoagland and Bara (2)….. I can say right here, that Hoagland especially, is not popular with me: he always seems to like to lead people on with the evidence he has at his disposal, which neatly never quite comes out in full, and then the cycle starts again ….surely its not so you will buy his books,ect?

 Anyway, sorry trying to stay neutral here, he does discuss these books, to a relatively neutral viewpoint. He also has an interesting article on “Brian Greene on the theory of everything“. 

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Upcoming events on Coast to Coast (AM Radio), is Stanton Friedman and frank Feschino Jr. (on the 6th december,2007), in which they will be discussing fighter accidents and mysteriously dissappearing planes, in the 1950’s. See here for post. 

Whilst reading in the forum on freerepublic.com, i saw a post on Jack carter, “what really happened at Minot AFB“, the original post can be seen here .

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 In the expressandstar.com, “readers call in on Dorito UFO” (posted 1st december,2007) ; the original post was made on the 30th november and can be seen here . It mentions that “Readers have been calling in their droves to tell us they saw the huge “Dorito” UFO in the skies over the Black Country.

The orange triangle with its three lights was seen over Wednesfield and Dudley by scores of people who phoned the newspaper after an appeal for information” (extract from article). Not sure what to think of this one, although its made me hungry, and i’m off for a brew and a bite to eat….. i’ll keep you posted, if anything else is reported on this sighting. 

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the latimes.com mentions “Kucinich’s close encounter” (posted 1st december,2007), has some nice touches, although on the basic level of analysis, and i particularly liked the comment……..

“Let him go on, and we suspect Kucinich will soon be expanding on the Kecksburg sightings, the Val Johnson incident, Lonnie Zamora, the “Kaikoura lights” and countless other visitations from the sky that continue to sustain our nation’s sense of mystery” (extract from article).

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On the 28th november,2007, the nctimes tells us that “Motorist reports strange object in sky above I-5“. It says that “OCEANSIDE —- A local motorist —- who happens to be a high school football coach —- is seeking more information about a strange object he says he saw in the skies above Camp Pendleton late Tuesday” (extract from article). 

And finally no mention of the chinese lanters/ufo balloons in this weeks update, in the posts, just here instead….yipee! Lets hope we do not get loads of dorito sightings, or i might keep getting hungry……

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