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Mystery of lights in the sky (Teignmouth,uk)

Posted by dandare on December 4, 2007

In this is south Devon, (posted 3rd december,2007), “Mystery of lights in the sky” mentions that “Spooky lights spotted over Teignmouth have freaked out some locals”. One witness said that

“There were patterns of white lights, like blobs, but changing shape, that swept up and down the river between the Ness and Shaldon Bridge”.

There are other similar witness accounts…however, one possible reason has been given for this, …that it was reflections from a laser display in the Torquay area.   


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Recent “Dorito” UFO sighting (UK) = triangular ufo…..update

Posted by dandare on December 4, 2007

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The recent sighting, is in fact a possible triangular UFO, and not a “dorito”….. mmm i was admittedly a bit slow on the uptake of this, and the description of a dorito does not help anyone positively identify it. The newspaper must be being sponsored by the company?

Anyway, there is a recent article about this dated today “ufo fan tells of dorito sighting” (posted 3rd december,2007). The earlier posts can be found here and here with  Belgium triangular photo, accompanying the article, for some reason?

Paranormal enthusiast Craig lowe, says he took video footage of the ufo, at Halesowen, where he lives. He saw three red lights, and an object the size of three football pitches.

There are quite a few comments made after the article (quite a few mocking the sighting of course), and it could be nothing, but there again it could also be important. Craig does comment later on, after some requested that he show the footage that …..

“As reported in the actual newspaper the footage is inconclusive as a black object against a black sky could not be seen, camera was not of professional standard. Too many witnesses to say its hearsay. Will try and post footage on utube but convinced that you can’t see image on footage”. 

Hopefully he will post it on you tube, so we can all have a look.

However, in the earlier articles, other witnesses say that there were 3 orange lights (not red), which were close together, but others say they saw something quite big….. so some conflicting evidence here then! 

Update 4th december,2007

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The birmingham UFO group has more details here .

Of course, the reference to orange lights has the possibility of Thai lanterns about them; it has been known for the lanterns to be tied together and then released into the sky…. I do say only one possibilty, although someone usually comes forward by now and says so, and that has not happened… of course there are other possibilities! hopefully we can get more information on this!

It does say that the quote in the paper (ie a dorito) was made, after it was stated that, “the ufo at arms length, was the size of a dorito”… Craig mentions that the triangular ufo, moved from his house (birmingham city centre) towards stourbridge/Redditch.

The ufo group also has two other witnesses …. one witness  (an aviation enthusiast) says he watched the ufo, using binoculars, and it was darting around the sky.

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Another witness, seems to have seen a similar ufo,  in the morning (at 6.30am); whilst taking the dogs for a walk, in Walsall (pleck).The witness says, that there was a large black object, being closely followed by 2 fighter jets. That witness rang the local radio station.

So far the event took place on the 28th november,2007… one witness saw the event, in the early morning… the majority of witnesses saw the ufo in the late afternoon/evening.  Hopefully, i  have got that right, but if not i will amend it in later updates.    

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