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Mystery of lights in the sky (Teignmouth,uk)

Posted by dandare on December 4, 2007

In this is south Devon, (posted 3rd december,2007), “Mystery of lights in the sky” mentions that “Spooky lights spotted over Teignmouth have freaked out some locals”. One witness said that

“There were patterns of white lights, like blobs, but changing shape, that swept up and down the river between the Ness and Shaldon Bridge”.

There are other similar witness accounts…however, one possible reason has been given for this, …that it was reflections from a laser display in the Torquay area.   

13 Responses to “Mystery of lights in the sky (Teignmouth,uk)”

  1. Garth said

    Just been over at my parents house in Bishopsteignton overlooking the Teign. We were looking out of the window and saw this big redish orb flying across the sky at the same speed as a slow jet. It wasn’t very high, around cloud height, wasn’t flashing and wasn’t making any noise. Then as it got towards Teignmouth it just went out. Very weird. Thought it might be a low satellite but that wouldn’t make that much sense really as it seems so low and satellites don’t really appear red. Strange.

  2. dandare said

    Hi Garth… thanks for your sighting….. please see comments at end of

  3. Gath said

    Just to expand on my first post, my dad says he saw the same light drift past at exactly the same time, the night after, on August 25th.

    Sorry – which comment specifically?

  4. dandare said

    Hi Garth….. there are several websites you can check;
    http://www.satobs.org/satintro.html <—has identifying some bright sats, sat positions, Iridium flares, NOSS, ISS, Re-entering sats.
    Try heavens-above site first.
    At a later date, i will add websites which give information (as there are quite a few), also sites on IFOs (identified Flying Objects)…. i will add it on the recent encounters page, when i have some time to put it all together (a permanent page at the top of this website).
    I’m not saying it is this? but its worth having a look, as it makes you realise how much is up there…including re-entry debris.

  5. sarah said

    was in my garden last night and seen this very bright orangey light in the sky was just below cloud level and was traveling upward and then just vanished and then a few moments later it happened again completely the same as the one before.

  6. Barry said

    Last night Saturday 13 the December, I saw an orange/yellow light fly slowly over Teignmouth at approx 11p.m. – It was above the street lights and travelled from right to left and I went in doors to fetch my binoculars, but when I went back outside it had gone . I watched it for about 30 seconds from my garden in Babbacombe . It appeared brighter and larger than the police helicopter which often flys over the St. Marychurch area .

    Was it a helicopter or a light aircraft or something else ??

  7. Craigo said

    Three bright lights orange/red glowing, Travelling in a perfect triangle shape all at the same spaeed and direction.Two at top one at bottom, headed up the river teign. ??? as for the disco style lazers that are always seen in the night sky from Torquay clubs……..No way was this from a lazer show, it was not possible to create that light effect from a lazer. No noise or flashing,

  8. Liam said


    Just going to catch the bus at around 6.40pm and above shaldon bridge to the right of it, i saw what looked like a frisby tiped on his side lit up, and then a beam of light flashed out of it for around 1-3 seconds. Then when the bean dissapeared, the whole light diddapeared and then it was gone. I do not know what it was, but it was definately not from torquay, this was Unidentified and flying around.

  9. JON ROSTRON said

    Last night while at about 11pm, I witnessed a slow moving yellow/orange orb flying slowly over teignmouth towards the seafront. Tracked it with binoculars until it reached the coast and then it disappeared. thought at first it maybe a hot air balloon, but would they be up at night. Strange.

  10. Lauren said

    Currently seeing exactly the same thing as everyone else, round orange light over Teignmouth and heading towards Shaldon- very bright, then fades, and starts again. Its gone over around five times already. Very strange.

  11. devonhillbilly said

    We used to watch the mystery lights all the time from our house in bishopsteignton.

    There was no way these were coming from torquay though they did resemble the lights you may get outside of a club

    Saw a ufo this morning over teignmouth at 6:50
    (25th Nov 2009)

    will email you the pictures. Also whilst we are on the subject – when i was at trinity school in the 70’s a ufo flew over the pitch in the middle of sports day! Myself and several of the other kids who are all grown up now always discuss it and are still absolutely clear in our minds about the object 🙂

  12. henry said

    The lights are out there again, visible from the Den, tonight, 16/12/09.-spinning disc of blobs of light, rotating clock/anticlockwise, and going from side to side- are they from disco lasers or something stranger???

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