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Recent “Dorito” UFO sighting (UK) = triangular ufo…..update

Posted by dandare on December 4, 2007

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The recent sighting, is in fact a possible triangular UFO, and not a “dorito”….. mmm i was admittedly a bit slow on the uptake of this, and the description of a dorito does not help anyone positively identify it. The newspaper must be being sponsored by the company?

Anyway, there is a recent article about this dated today “ufo fan tells of dorito sighting” (posted 3rd december,2007). The earlier posts can be found here and here with  Belgium triangular photo, accompanying the article, for some reason?

Paranormal enthusiast Craig lowe, says he took video footage of the ufo, at Halesowen, where he lives. He saw three red lights, and an object the size of three football pitches.

There are quite a few comments made after the article (quite a few mocking the sighting of course), and it could be nothing, but there again it could also be important. Craig does comment later on, after some requested that he show the footage that …..

“As reported in the actual newspaper the footage is inconclusive as a black object against a black sky could not be seen, camera was not of professional standard. Too many witnesses to say its hearsay. Will try and post footage on utube but convinced that you can’t see image on footage”. 

Hopefully he will post it on you tube, so we can all have a look.

However, in the earlier articles, other witnesses say that there were 3 orange lights (not red), which were close together, but others say they saw something quite big….. so some conflicting evidence here then! 

Update 4th december,2007

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The birmingham UFO group has more details here .

Of course, the reference to orange lights has the possibility of Thai lanterns about them; it has been known for the lanterns to be tied together and then released into the sky…. I do say only one possibilty, although someone usually comes forward by now and says so, and that has not happened… of course there are other possibilities! hopefully we can get more information on this!

It does say that the quote in the paper (ie a dorito) was made, after it was stated that, “the ufo at arms length, was the size of a dorito”… Craig mentions that the triangular ufo, moved from his house (birmingham city centre) towards stourbridge/Redditch.

The ufo group also has two other witnesses …. one witness  (an aviation enthusiast) says he watched the ufo, using binoculars, and it was darting around the sky.

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Another witness, seems to have seen a similar ufo,  in the morning (at 6.30am); whilst taking the dogs for a walk, in Walsall (pleck).The witness says, that there was a large black object, being closely followed by 2 fighter jets. That witness rang the local radio station.

So far the event took place on the 28th november,2007… one witness saw the event, in the early morning… the majority of witnesses saw the ufo in the late afternoon/evening.  Hopefully, i  have got that right, but if not i will amend it in later updates.    

9 Responses to “Recent “Dorito” UFO sighting (UK) = triangular ufo…..update”

  1. dh said

    Yeah, I’ve been following this with interest. The reference to Dorito’s sounded more like a clever way of rubbishing the story before it began. A very simple trick…associate it with something that sounds so ridiculous no one will lend it any credibility! Word association is a powerful way of making ‘suggestions’ to the mass mind of people. If the event actually occurred? In regards to the guys video footage..he could try changing the contrast in an appropriate video editing program? But I do get his point….the triangle I saw would have only come out as three points of light on a video.

  2. dandare said

    I agree…. word association can be very powerful, even in our subconsciousness.
    The only other reason, could be, that the newspaper evidently had little knowledge of UFOs as a whole, and needed a article quickly, and this presented itself? Alot of local paper articles are for quick, gimmicky hit you with some interest articles to sell…..quite alot of the reporting is left without real content.
    For those interested there is (for instance) http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/M/mindcontrol/ which is about mind control by Derren Brown. It goes into all sorts of mind related topics and is extremely interesting (although this is obviously on a deeper level, to the dorito effect).
    Even though the video footage might be of poor quality, i would hope that it could be put out for all of us to see!
    Thanks for your comments
    much appreciated 🙂

  3. dh said

    Hi Dandare,

    Thanks for the link to the Darren Brown site. I was talking about this to my girlfriend who is currently studying hypnotism and the human mind. The way the brain works is really amazing, once you understand the processes it uses it becomes easier to ‘lead’ some ones thinking in a given direction. One of the most powerful mechanisms in the human mind is the ‘denial complex’. When the brain is confronted with an event that does not fit in with it’s notions of how things are or should be it does one of two things – it either freaks out or goes into denial. Certain dis-information groups know this and understand how to exploit the potential to denial to induce a state of ‘mass denial’! Basically their work of dis-information is half way done before the process of manipulation is begun. What I’m trying to get at is this, when people see a UFO part of them want an explanation that tells them it wasn’t a UFO -lol So provide an excuse (i.e flying Dorito etc) and you’re away! They grab the idea you’ve given them and then use it on themselves! OK thats enough of that…sorry..I’m going on-lol

    I agree totally with your comments about news papers wanting gimmicks to sell issues. Handy again if you want to rubbish a UFO story and like a good mentalist, create a mis-direction to keep the truth hidden.

  4. dh said

    All quiet on the Dorito front-lol Seems like the word association game worked in killing the news report! Any more updates on this story?

  5. dandare said

    Due to manic christmas shopping and overtime at work…. i’m afraid i have not had much spare time.
    I have not heard anything more about the “dorito” ufo. I hope to find some time this weekend to catch up on all things “ufo”, as i’m nearly all done for christmas, yipee!!

  6. dandare said

    Ok…. i knew this would happen…. have found the video’s to this… will post in new article.

  7. Jayne said

    Any chance you could explain the red lights over Redditch Friday 3rd October at approx 8pm, 2 lights close together then one below central, foloowed by about 7 they all m oved away slowly then disappeared the last one looked larger and like it had a flame attached to it….any ideas???

  8. I saw a triangular thing on Sat 03/01/09 it was red/orange and was heading south east as it past over derby i saw three big sparks or flare like things shoot away from it i thought it was a plane in trouble with an engine fire , i called out my brother in law and his wife who both saw it and tried to film it with a phone cam but it was not very good , i realy thought that it would be on the news the next day about a plane crash but nothing ,
    what ever it was it looked very hot and bits falling off it , it was beetween 21.00 and 22.00.

  9. iphan said

    UFO is may be a sign of someting, but mostly the govenment hide lot of thing from that.

    why they hide thing?

    Is there UNKOWN people live in earth?

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