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Update to recent “Dorito” ufo in the UK

Posted by dandare on December 20, 2007

The videos of the ufo, have now been posted on the internet; (the full details can be found on my previous article here , made on the 12th december).

As was mentioned, not much can be seen, if anything….. so cannot comment on it really. Will try and slow down and look at it though? not sure if this will help however. 

I must still thank craig for posting this for us too see…..

Also of interest from the birmingham area;



dated 16/6/07

I’ll leave you to decide on what you think these are….  

2 Responses to “Update to recent “Dorito” ufo in the UK”

  1. tangent45 said

    The increase of UAP reports, is it because people are better equipped today, mobile cameras, cam corders, digital cameras etc or is it a real surge of incidents globally? The Disclosure Project and CFI probably means that the government have something to say, and most probably, hard evidence to prove it.

  2. dandare said

    A good question, and i’m not sure of the answer? There was a quiet period until a few years ago, then sightings seemed to increase visually (well in the Uk anyway). Mobile phones are used alot for sightings, as they are readily available (although not always of great quality). Camcorders,ect are nowadays cheaper and more people have them, and so we are undoubtable going to get more of this footage.
    However, UFO sightings have been reported before camcorders, ect where readily accessable, but only as eyewitness reports, so were easily dismissed.
    Does these visual images give us more insight into the ufo phenomena….i’m not sure? camera shake, problems with focus,ect all hinder the observation.
    So basically, what i think i’m trying to say is, they are more better equipped, but the quality is still in question… there is a possible surge in incidents, although alot are mistaken for things we know about… ufo balloons/thai lanterns, ISS, sateillites,ect.
    Thanks for your comments

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