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MOD to release UFO files, from Spring 2008 onwards

Posted by dandare on December 23, 2007

uk and part of europe
As was mentioned in my post in late April 2007: (see below…april post in red)

Researcher Dave Clarke’s persistance has paid off, in what looks like the unlocking of British UFO files (declassifiation), hidden away by the MOD….. The files (around 7000) cover over 30 years of data on ufo’s. This will be as significant as the opening up of files from the French government recently…..i can hardly wait…

 please see Nick Redfern’s article on this, and also from David Clarke .

This will be a  real breakthrough if it happens as promised; they will add electronic information on ufo’s on their website later this year. Link to defence internet FOI .

I would like to thank all those involved in achieving this…..  🙂 

ufo rendlesham forest


(Illustration above of Rendlesham forest)

Today, the telegraph has mentioned that the “MOD to open British UFO X-files“; it seems that

“The Ministry of Defence will release a total of 160 files dating back to that time to the National Archives in Kew.

The first files will be made available in Spring 2008 and the process is expected to take three years” (extract from article).

Later on it goes on to say””A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman confirmed the documents would be released from next year. “There has always been a great deal of interest in this subject,” she said”” (extract from article).

This is good news indeed……. i suspect that the spring deadline will not be met, but it seems the files will be coming out.   🙂


More related information can be seen here  and also here (very interesting information***) and confirms this.

Those people, who doggedly requested MOD files/information, must be thanked for their efforts, particularly Gary Anthony, Dave Clark and Joe McGonagle)… of course, these will be those ufo files they admit to having?

Also of interest :

The truth is out there…..under FOI” (article from the MOD site, dated 10th may,2006).

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)in the UK Air Defence Region – Result of internal review” (from MOD site; links to other UAP posts on right hand side).

ufo reports 1998 -2006 in the UK” (MOD site)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the UK Defence Region” (you’ve guessed it, the MOD site; as you will find, alot crossed out/deleted due to section 26).

Thanks to uk-ufo.org for first alerting me to this. 


UPDATE: 14th may….. please see https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/mod-releases-8-ufo-files-ready-to-download-info-released-may14th/ for release of files….

7 Responses to “MOD to release UFO files, from Spring 2008 onwards”

  1. dh said

    Hey thats possible really good news! Wow…..I say possible because I hope the powers that be aren’t going to leave it at just that. I noticed the French government did a similar thing last year and now the Japanese government has publically admitted that UFO’s are real! I still can’t understand why there has been such a cover up from governments over the UFO phenomena? I wonder how much of this information released will have had more interesting incidents ‘deleted’ and what has never made it onto their ‘officially top secret’ list?

  2. dandare said

    I think the cover-up is because the government, do not want to say (up to now), that there are things up in the sky, that they do not know about, and cannot control (thats obviously a simple answer). However, it depends what they give out in spring 2008 (or accidently do not give us).
    And i agree about what is and is not on the official top secret list.
    I must send a warning to everyone as well; Nick Pope is starting to annoy me; he seems to want to take the credit for alot of things and also the limelight….
    In some articles about the MOD releasing files in spring, he has been intervued as saying that it was all due to him, which is clearly rubbish…. i will check up on this, and find out more, but he always tries to dramatise things, sometimes without doing the full research (i will find these articles, and post them when i can).
    For instance, he was on the BBC this year (i think)saying that an alien threat was a possibility, but had no evience to back himself up with; just because of his previous position he seems to think that this is enough, to justify saying almost anything.
    I apologise for that, but i dislike glory hunters…..
    Thanks once again, Dh for your comments….

  3. dandare said

    The reason why i feel the way that i do about nick pope can be found at this link (yipee, found the link at last) http://ufocasebook.conforums.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=interviews&&num=1197963220&&start=4
    Please have a look, it is interesting reading.
    Also have a look at this MOD page, as to why the decision was made http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/FreedomOfInformation/DisclosureLog/SearchDisclosureLog/DisUfoIncidentFiles.htm

  4. dh said

    Hey Dandare, that’s really cool information..thank you for posting those links.

    I agree with you about Nick Pope….I’m not into glory hunters either. I just want to know the truth about UFO’s…thats all.

    Again I concur with your reasoning about cover ups. A government relies on the impression of being powerful. If they admit that UFOs are out of their control and comprehension then they lose a lot of credibility. Interestingly, an old school friend worked out in the infamous area 51 for a while and the only thing he ever said to me specifically was that a small percentage of UFOs were very real and that the government actually knew nothing after all these years of study! He also said that governments used the UFO phenomena to cover their own military tracks at times. Hence the stories about ET deals and liaisons. According to my friend that was simply a way of inferring knowledge of UFOs where actually the powers that be didn’t have a clue – lol I have no way of telling if this is true but it’s offered as an interesting anecdote.

  5. dandare said

    Thanks again dh, for your comments…its the old blurring effect, between whats real and whats not (its so easy to place disinformation into the mix to get people off the scent):
    Maybe an article to cover for 2008… ie ufo networks?..like area 51 (that was)…also canadian, UK tunnels, and so on. Not sure what i believe, on that front though.

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