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“The Sun” throws more light on UFO sightings?? or not.

Posted by dandare on January 5, 2008

The sun wrote about “New cornish UFO sighting Pic” (or should that read new corny ufo sighting pic), posted on january 4th 2007.

“Why does the sun newspaper also get on my nerves (other newspaper UFO articles make me laugh, but not this paper)….. it’s simply because they have absolutely no proper investigational methods whilst doing these reports; all the alleged sightings are mostly of the kind that ” i never saw anything when i took the photograph, and then when i took a closer look, low and behold a ufo”.


….Of course they mean of the alien kind, as probably they do not know the meaning of the word anyway ((example “I didn’t see any green men flying them, but I am sure they were UFOs” -extract from posting)). All/most of the witnesses (probably prodded by the journalists) say “i’m sure its a ufo”. Have they checked this out correctly…. i think not. Have they tried to find out what else it could be?   

Ok…. you might have gathered, i’m not a BIG fan of this newspaper, but can you see why?


For instance, could the photograph on this article, be a silvery balloon?? what else could it be…for instance! 

Again i ask….. do we need this type of ufology in the limelight, as it seems absolutely meaningless without proper background research/analysis? Wait ’til the summer and we’ll be onto one man and his dog, creating 50 crop circles in one night as an article?? hang on… that could be quite good… any volunteers!!   ok i jest.

It’s about as useless as an FOIA that stanton friedman recieved here after 10 years of waiting….

Rant over and i apologize again… 


2 Responses to ““The Sun” throws more light on UFO sightings?? or not.”

  1. Steve said


    You’re absolutely right. These reports do more harm than good. They are just “fast food” for debunkers. Or should I say “junk food”? I always wonder if that’s not what these “popular reports” are meant to be.

  2. dandare said

    “junk food” for debunkers … like it.
    Thanks Steve


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