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Ufo Update

Posted by dandare on January 7, 2008

Hello and welcome to this weeks updates…..


Remember, not long ago, we had the “Dorito” ufo, well the same local newspaper has another catchy (not) article entitled “Mystery arrowhead UFO spotted” (posted 3rd january 2008 – although for a minute, i thought it had something to do with Alien Archeaology). It mentions

 “Householders described the object as looking like an “arrowhead” with three orange lights arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle”(extract from article); oh well, at least the headlines are becoming quite entertaining…. cannot wait for the next one!


hfxnews has “Lots of speculation, still no explaination for ufo” (posted 4th january 2008); it says that “A video of an object trailing a dark, spiralling plume behind it and plummeting toward Prince Edward Island’s Northumberland Strait remains the focus of intense speculation” (extract from article). The incident took place on 29th december,2007.


We are back to standard reported articles again; in the eveningleader.co.uk it reports “More people report seeing UFOs flying over county” (posted 4th january,2008). They are all of the orange light variety, and give mention to quite a few different witness accounts. I’ll leave this up to you, as to what you think these are.

ufo online

The eveningleader is back again (7th january 2008) with “Residents line up to confirm UFO sightings“; what makes me smile, about alot of these type of reports, is that they all categorically say, that they are teatotal or did not have a drop to drink at all….


Fox6.com has “Could the UFO in the San Diego skies be sky lanterns?”  (3rd january 2008).


The observer has “The truth is out: X-Files go public” (6th january 2008)…..with no mention of Nick Pope in the whole article… Basically if you are unaware the ufo files held by the MOD will become available to the public (online) starting from spring 2008; but will take 3 years to complete.  


In theargus.co.uk “Ufo spotted zooming over downs” (3rd january 2008)…. its back to the mention of “little green men”…… they say it might have been similar to that seen in cornwall (i’m pretty sure they do not mean of the feathered kind, sighted by “the sun newspaper”).  Not much to go on in this post.


Northantset.co.uk claims “Amazing ufo footage” (2nd january 2008), but i wouldn’t hold your breath on this one however.

Also in the news

countywidenews.com has “Will a new year bring new visitors” (3rd january 2008).

We have at Associated Content “UFOs, spirits and mind control” (7th january 2008). 

Lastly, “Explore alien worlds at Catawba science centre” (2nd january 2008).


Website of the week  

http://www.uk-ufo.org/ An outstanding resource, with loads of UFO information on the UK…. 

3 Responses to “Ufo Update”

  1. Steve said


    This is a nice post, but if you are willing to accept some critisism (no harm meant)… the irrelevent “pics” and “cartoons” make it pretty hard to read. IMO, you would have a better blog without them.

  2. Steve said

    Please change irrelevent to irrelevant. Thanks 😉

  3. dandare said

    I’m willing to accept criticism, for sure steve?
    I do see your point, and looking back through my posts i seem to be putting more pics up than ever before…and i take your point that alot of the actual information gets lost.

    Therefore, i think i’ll cut down dramatically, and just show a few (that’s 2 or 3 and not 23).
    Thank you for informing me, 🙂

    Is notsonews no more, as there does not seem to be any new posts (shame, i liked that blog). Although i notice you have started another.

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