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UFO conference (12th november 2007) video now available

Posted by dandare on January 8, 2008

 Following on from my update from the 13th november 2007 (see here for link and information), a 1hour 34 minute video is available (thanks to poster on google video for this). This video has also been added to the 13th november post as well.

8 Responses to “UFO conference (12th november 2007) video now available”

  1. Steve said

    Looks like this press conference wasn’t rehearsed at all : poor English, annoying simultanious translations (as a Belgian, I am hooked on subtitles) and… loads of jetlag. However, I admire these people a lot for stepping forward.

  2. me said

    I actually enjoyed this more than the Disclosure Project – which, while valuable and educational, did contain a fair bit of subjectivity and “showmanship”. This, in contrast was both low key and stayed on facts. And facts are very important when it comes to turning heads these days. continue the great work James and Fyfe!

  3. dandare said

    Hi Me, and thank you for your comments…you have some valid points.

  4. Elaine said

    Hi Dandare,
    Just thought you should know that as someone totally unconvinced as I was just a few days ago, the order of your videos is excellent. I watched the Larry King video first, then the UK pilot, then the Yukon video and the Press Club conference video. With each one I was more and more intrigued. I forced my husband to watch the Press Club conference video and although he already believed intelligent life was coming to our Earth, the Press Club conference helped to solidify his thoughts. Average, every day people are starting to ask questions. On that note, I am going to ask a question that will probably highlight my ignorance, but at the risk of sounding incredibly unintelligent, I will ask…could these space vessels be contributing to holes in the ozone and therefore contributing in some way to global warming? Does anyone have thoughts on this? Just asking…

  5. dandare said

    Thank you…. i believe these are very compelling videos.
    To be honest, i have not even thought about them contributing to the ozone depletion (i think i’ve spelt that wrong). I remember, a recent article mentioning this somewhere… if i can find it, i’ll give you the link to it, below in this section.
    Keep looking to the skies…
    regards (ps do not be afraid to ask anything? it is what this blog is here for…cannot guarantee i’ll be able to answer them, though…. also if you would like me to cover any ufo area/topic, then just mention it, and i’ll see what i can do).

  6. Elaine said

    Thanks! I just didn’t want to hog all your time and space.

  7. dh said

    Hmmmmm…….that’s a good question Elaine!

    You’ve got me thinking now…..time to do some research!


  8. todd keeping said

    I have always beleived in extraterrestial beings and ufo’s! I am now fully convinced. I cannot imagine what it would take to change my perception on this topic! I think it is only a matter of time b4 we are introduced. maybe they are waiting for us to become more technological, or maybe stop fighting so they can be assured we are not violent and can meet with us in peace! or maybe they are awaiting a catastropic event, such as pole shift, re alignment, or 2012!
    I always beleived that “god” or what is wrote in the bible was acutally Extraterrestail beings. if you put together all the info, from the bible to the ancient civilizations you’ll see they all corrispond to 2012, and refer to similar cases where it sounds more possible that advanced extraterrestials came here, maybe tampered with our D.N.A(which would explain our accelerating society) or gave us a set of rules, I.E the Bible, to domesticate, if u will, humans from the savage, slave driven creatures that we once and still kinda are!!!

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