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Ufo themed Cocktail drinks

Posted by dandare on January 10, 2008

Here’s a small list of ufo themed cocktail recipes:

A little green man from mars 

Alien Sludge

Green Alien


A walk on the moon

Apollo 13

Pan Galactic Gargle blaster

and lastly Memory loss

For beers try  ufo Raspberry Hefeweizen or ufo Hefeweizen

ufo online

2 Responses to “Ufo themed Cocktail drinks”

  1. dh said

    That hilarious!

    Here’s a couple more,

    Fire in the Sky

    Anal Probe

    No, I’m not joking, they’re real cocktails….honest! LOLOLOLOLOL

    although I have made up these,

    Roswell Body

    Area 51 Slammer

    Hanger Over 18’s

    MIB (Mutilator in Black)

    and my favorite:

    The Manhatten Project!

    Mind running riot now-lol

  2. dandare said

    lol….i’d prefer not to have the Anal probe though! (some great ones there)i like hanger over 18’s and the Manhattan project..
    how about:
    Dreamland , Ufo Hunter, Close encounter, Ultimate Truth, Foo fighter, Parallel universe….
    Now thinking of experimenting with ingredients to make up these cocktails…. sounds dangerous.

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