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Flying light formation revives UFO Mystery

Posted by dandare on January 11, 2008

uk and part of europe

Thisisgloucestershire mentions “Flying light formation revives UFO Mystery” (posted 10th january 2008)…. in which were seen

“……..10 or 11 bright red lights, which seemed to be flying in formation, were seen on new years eve around midnight” (extract from article).

I’m not quite sure if this article actually means, just gone new years eve, or just before new years day?  Again the witness mentions he had not been drinking, as he is teatotal (nothing wrong in that, but it follows the familiar pattern of these types of reports), and then mentions they turned from red to white in colour. Another witness mentions yellow to white lights; in both sightings they were in a row.

They could be unexplained? but i feel it is unlikely…. what do you think? i suspect those old friends sky/chinese lanterns? Also bearing in mind it was new years eve, all sorts of things are sent into the sky at that time of night. I’m afraid, not much can be analysed from this, and it does not revive a ufo mystery.    

2 Responses to “Flying light formation revives UFO Mystery”

  1. brady said

    I saw the same thing along with about 40 other people at a party…IN SHEFFIELD. about 12 of them in formation or single file orange in colour

  2. Steve said

    Me, my wife , daughter & two friends saw an orange light through quite low cloud around midnight new years eve above stannington,Sheffield. It looked to be a couple of hundred feet up & we watched it directly above us for about 30 seconds before it slowly faded out.It only seemed to travel a couple of hundred yards. One of the people who saw it said they had seen the exact same thing one night between christmas & new year at the other side of north sheffield (high Green).

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