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Ufo Update

Posted by dandare on January 13, 2008

Welcome to this weeks Update..


The first article to catch my eye (not sure what the other one was doing) was “UFO allegedly splashed down in Kazakhstan ” (posted 8th january 2008). The event was on the 5th january 2008, and the witness was from the local police, who saw “a shining flying object falling into the river” (extract from article). Divers searched the area, but found nothing.

This is old news, but i thought i’d just sneek it in here, “Father of sci-fi rekindles alien debate” (december 17th,2007; ABC news).

We are back to the headlines of the green men variety again; “At last, the truth about little green men ” (posted 7th january 2008; telegragh.co.uk ). It mentions that we might learn much about what really happened over the Rendlesham Forest incident…. but as i have said before, this is already out and available on the MOD site for all to see. See Here for the MOD files. There is also a suffolk police file available here .

BlueRidgeNow.com (posted 11th january 2008) states “Include me with UFO believers“. 

In shieldsgazette.com (posted 9th january 2008) another mature article can be read at “why is Sunderland a UFO hotspot“…. as far as i was concerned, i didn’t know it was? It covers the same old “stuff” on ufos..sorry unimpressed.


Wired.com covers “Lake Erie UFOs are Stars on You Tube” (posted 11th january 2008); it mentions “Waves of UFO sightings over the waters of Lake Erie are earning the great lake a reputation as a UFO hot spot. But the lake’s new popularity may have more to do with a string of popular videos on YouTube than sightings of little green men” (extract from article). A telling comment, at the end of this article, which is true of alot of sightings says:

“”The problem is anyone can post anything and call it a UFO, a ghost, but there’s no filter,” he says. “You don’t know if that person has a history of hoaxes or mental illness. What happens is a real case is drowned out by a sea of hoaxes, mistakes or misidentifications”” (extract from article). I’m afraid to some extent that is true, although alot of witnesses generally believe, what they see is a UFO, but with a little investigation, this ufo (quite alot of the time) changes into an IFO.

The heraldtribune.com has an interesting article entitled “The Limits of Liberalism?” (posted 11th january,2008); it also has a good article “Everything old is old again” (posted 10th january,2008), in which it talks about the MOD releasing ufo files… It basically is saying that journalists fail to realise that alot of the information, for the well known cases, like rendlesham forest, are already available to read (see earlier telegragh article, above, for a typical example of this).

tcpalm.com has “Dom Armentano: Intelligent extraterrestrial life: The other inconvenient truth?” (posted 8th january,2008).

stockportexpress.com reports on “Did you spot any out of this world visitors?” (posted 9th january,2008)… again it seems, that they were chinese lanterns, especially as this was reported on new years day (and the descriptions given for them). One witness was so adament that they were ufos that he said

“They were moving across and not up, and if they were lanterns I’d have thought they’d be moving upwards,” he said. “And they were definitely round.” (extract from article). I’m afraid he’s wrong on that one?

Website of the week:

 http://www.ufomystic.com/index.php A great website, full of interesting information..

Quote of the week:

The journalists seem to be using the phrase “Little green men” like there is no tommorrow; a term i particularly dislike; i have a feeling it will not go out of fashion any time soon.

This is the new look Update; do you prefer this format?  (although i will be doing a couple more articles, about the origins of some more photos soon, anyway). 


One Response to “Ufo Update”

  1. Steve said

    Something is going on at Stephenville, Texas right now. I have no reason to doubt what the witness says in the second movie (see ufospider.com – not meant to be spam)

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