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Texas UFO sighting Update

Posted by dandare on January 18, 2008

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Following on from yesterday’s blog post here it seems we have, from the news articles/videos (not extremely reliable, but all i have):

An initial sighting on the 8th january at 6.15pm; it seems this happened over a period of 2 days? Government/military say commercial planes reflecting light, the cause?

It was moving fast (a pilot gave an estimated speed of 3000 mph), so unlikely lanterns, ect.

There were 40+ witnesses

Military deny that it was chased by jets (as some report seeing?).

So therefore, it gives us alot of questions, without any real answers yet? I hope MUFON, who arrive on saturday (will be taking statements from witnesses from 1pm) will be able to fill in the gaps for us all.


There are different reports of this UFO (is it shape shifting?)…. the witnesses could be therefore seeing the same thing, but in a different form (obviously, just speculation here); or could it be something else?

Could they really be seeing something explained….. or an IFO (Identified Flying Object?)

Checks on NASA’s (recent debris) database site, reveals that no man made space debris was re-entering around the dates mentioned.

Most report seeing a large UFO(similarities to Guernsey UFO sighting,as in size?, In the channel islands, posssibly? See my link to this sighting here and here ).

Larry King live on friday will be interviewing MUFON investigators, and this will be worth watching (i hope).

Any more updates will be posted on this blog site…..


Just to add…. Stephenville Empire Tribune articles (archive)

http://www.empiretribune.com/articles/2008/01/11/news/news01.txt (11th january)

http://www.empiretribune.com/articles/2008/01/13/news/news01.txt (13th january)

http://www.empiretribune.com/articles/2008/01/14/news/news01.txt (14th january)

For more interesting information.

Also man claiming to have seen similar over Lake Travis (not sure about this.. By MY Fox Kansas city- posted 17th january)….  I would question this photograph, as he says he did not see anything unusual in the sky at the time he took the photo?? this could be absolutely anything, i’m afraid.

Also just seen…. Pilot says he can explain Stephenville UFO sighting (updated 17th january)… its flares??

The best thing too do here, is to keep an open mind, although we will be inundated by quite alot of mindless rubbish, i shouldn’t wonder.

UPDATE : 18th january,2008
For map of some of the sightings please see link below (tried to be as accurrate as possible).

View Larger Map

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