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MUFON visits Dublin, to talk to Stephenville UFO witnesses

Posted by dandare on January 20, 2008


MUFON arrived saturday 18th, 2008 to talk to witnesses of the Stephenville UFO sighting which occurred on january 8th. There are conflicting reports as to how many witnesses there were, from about 50 to 200 witnesses (i would suspect it was nearer to 50), to fill out questionaires and to talk about what they saw to MUFON. The hall at Dublin was full, with about 500 people, and the ever present tv cameras, and journalists. 


It seems the UFO sightings, took place from 6.15pm (january 8th,2008) until around 4.30am the next day (january 9th,2008).

There are several good news articles that i would like to draw your attention too;

Star-Telegram.com has a good article “UFO investigators land in Dublin to quiz locals” (20th january 2008).  

It mentions “Before talking to investigators, witnesses filled out forms that included questions about the object’s direction, distance and flying behavior. They were asked to sketch what they saw. Then they sat down to be interviewed by MUFON investigators for about 15 minutes each” (extract from article). It also says that MUFON will take, from a few months, up to a year, before a report will be made available.

From the same media “Maybe it came from the dog star” (posted 20th january,2008); this talks mainly about a photo (taken on a cell phone), on front of the news story (star-telegram), on friday…..and it was a sun dog; 2 scientists say it is not related to the incident. This is in relation to….. “Truck driver Sean Kiel is the center of attention in downtown Dublin on Saturday. He took a photo of a strange object in the sky Jan. 8 on Interstate 20 near Cisco” (extract from article).

 cbs11tv.com “Mutual UFO Network comes to Stephenville” (posted 19th january,2008) Short article.

There are a couple of videos from dallas news worth having a look at:

http://www.dallasnews.com/video/index.html?nvid=210042 about MUFON at Dublin

And witness accounts at ….http://www.dallasnews.com/video/dallasnews/dmnphoto/index.html?nvid=210036

The transcripts to the Larry King show on friday 18th january 2008 can be found here .

Any more updates i will relay on UFO Online……. Thanks for visiting.

Also if you were expecting to see UFO Updates (which is usually put online ever week, after the Stephenville ufo sighting research, i have run out of time to cover other areas such as this…. it will be available to read soon…. so please bare with me).



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