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UFO’s in central Texas (Hill County)? or something explainable!

Posted by dandare on January 22, 2008

An article caught my eye, whilst trawling the internet for more ufo information, and i’m not sure what to make of it.

It comes from the KXXV-TV news channel entitled “UFO sighting in hill country” (posted january 21st,2008). There is also a link (at the top) to a video (date on the video, january 19th,2008).

The guy who took the video mentioned that “he’s recorded nearly a hour and half of lights fluttering the sky. At first they appeared out of thin air, changing size, color and even positions” (extract from article).

“He also states, that he saw the same thing a week before…. The news channel therefore talked to the sheriff’s department, and they confirmed that they also saw the lights, and were not sure what they were either. They are to look into this.


13 Responses to “UFO’s in central Texas (Hill County)? or something explainable!”

  1. Steve said

    It started with a mile long, and half a mile wide unidentified flying object. Two weeks later, a couple of lights are finally captured on tape. And the media’s audience will scream for more (and will get more). Remember my predictive reply a couple of days ago? The debunkers are warming up their hands already. Please, let’s not forget “the event” that started it.

  2. dandare said

    I agree with you Steve, that maybe they (the debunkers) are.
    But if it starts people questioning things, thinking about it all, and also looking towards the sky, then i believe this to be a good thing (i’m aware of the fact, that some are looking to cash in on it all too).
    MUFON will make sure we all get a fair and valid report, and i wait expectantly for that, which will get alot of coverage by the media (of course i’m not sure how they will portray this).
    thanks as always, for your comments, which are always welcome and valid 🙂

  3. Steve said

    No need to thank me Dan! You have a great blog and I enjoy being here. So thank you.
    I feel so frustrated sometimes that ufologist (even the amateur ufologists like you and me) fail to choose sides on what to believe.
    Is the knowledge that we have obtained so far not enough to draw a definite conclusion? Even if 1% of it all is all true, then this would be pretty amazing proof!

    I believe (and saw) there is something out there that’s not from this earth. I also believe that governments are much less involved in black projects that they tend to make us believe. I think everybody who witnessed their existence – government or not – is scratching the back of their heads. And I don’t believe the many claims of captured ufos and alien bodies (but could be wrong here).

    It’s just so damn confusing that the whole phenomenon doesn’t make any sense. To this day – almost 18 years later after my pretty close encounter – I’ve never seen that incredible machine again.

    So yes, I am not a believer. I am convinced they are here! And I’ve said it publically. How about you Dan?

  4. dh said

    In a lecture by Dr. Valery Uvarov he shared an insight about the physical observations of certain kinds of UFO. He suggested that you only usually see a UFO either because it wants to be seen or something is wrong. He seemed to imply that although UFO have the ability to create invisibility around themselves they often travel in a slightly different dimension which render them unseen to us in this universe. From time to time we might only be seeing part of the actual craft involved.Obviously I don’t know if this is true but it would account for why so many lights are seen that maneuver in a pattern. The implication being that they are attached to something we just can’t see. I mention this because I’m intrigued by the accounts of lights that flitter about!

  5. dandare said

    Thanks to Dh and Steve for your comments…. i’ll get back to your excellent points later today, as i’ve just got back from work…

  6. dh said

    Steve wrote:

    “I believe (and saw) there is something out there that’s not from this earth. I also believe that governments are much less involved in black projects that they tend to make us believe. I think everybody who witnessed their existence – government or not – is scratching the back of their heads. And I don’t believe the many claims of captured ufos and alien bodies (but could be wrong here).”

    Steve, I agree with you on that. I think a growing number of people are beginning to realize that the governments know virtually nothing about real UFOs.

    I sometimes wonder if all the rumors put around about ’secret planes’ and ‘black ops’ the US military have is simply a way of trying to pretend that they made the UFO’s in the first place. It’s rather like firing a gun at a wall then drawing a target circle around each bullet hole! Any one looking afterwards would think you put the bullet in the middle of each target and be impressed by your marksmanship! They would never suspect that the targets were added to the holes afterwards-lol

    That could be the temptation with UFOs. If we make out we know all about them, they are piloted by scary aliens and we have made deal with them, then we become powerful by association.The next time one of our enemies gets their air space intruded by a real UFO they might think it’s us all along!


  7. dh said

    Oops, forgot to add….in the scenario above ‘fear is the key’ to world domination by governments.

  8. dandare said

    Thanks you guys for your debate and insight…. unfortunately i’m running late on all things (eek) and will definately write a proper answer tommorrow; i feel a post on this is also warranted… if you would like to make any suggestions, add your own input (to be posted into the article, i would be very happy to do this, obviously with a link to your site/names ect, or you could blog it on your own site too) and i might even try to get some input from some other ufologists (no guarantees though)to add to this. Maybe the title could be, Ufologists and what to believe? Just a thought….
    In answering you’re question quickly Steve, yes i believe (however, it gets a little bit complicated); need time to put up a better answer than this though, lol.
    🙂 regards

  9. dandare said

    ooops… Dh: i agree that alot of people feel governments know nothing about UFOs… I think this will be shown, (for instance) when the MOD releases the UFO files publically in the spring (although there will be some that will believe that the MOD are still holding back evidence, i think they will not).
    The only government i’m not sure on is the US? how much do they know? could be an illusion, but could be that they know far more than they let on.
    Anyway,running even later now… no butties,ect for me in the morning, if i do not leave now….lol

  10. dh said

    Ufologists and what to believe?

    Thats a good title..I’m all for your suggestion.Happy to create some input for your article.

    Hope you got he shopping OK and enjoyed fresh butties today!

  11. Steve said

    Hi Dh,
    Thanks for your input on this. You have good ideas, a sharp pen and obviously a great talent to draw pictures (I visited your website and I like your style very much). I don’t have much time to debate this week, but then again, we pretty much have the same ideas. Thanks again!
    Hi Dan,
    Take your time! No need to rush. Maybe the fact that many ufologists hide themselves behind the term “unidentified” could be a nice idea for one of your future (excellent) posts.

  12. Steve said

    How about “Unidentified Ufologists”? lol

  13. dandare said

    Unidentified Ufologists sounds like an excellent heading…thanks Steve.
    Right, to my answer…. before it seems like i’m doing a cover up job…lol
    What do i believe….. I believe in one of 2 things!
    1 that they are not of this world, and are alien and extraterrestial; maybe (just one of my scenarios) they are here, because life is actually much rarer than the mainstream belief (ie of all the stars in the universe theory, then the likelyhood of life is huge,ect). There are cases that are just not explainable, even without conclusive proof, (or hard evidence as scientists maintain). My sighting in the ’80’s has moulded, both this belief and Number 2.
    2 That the USA (wait for it) has a black ops project, but the rest of the world is stumbling in the dark…
    But the most important thing is to have an open mind….especially as around 90% of all sightings are IFOs… i dislike obsessive ufologists who see extraterrestrials wherever they look, and cannot analysis it, and therefore not come to a proper conclusion. Also i dislike debunkers who just constantly debunk for the sake of it.
    If you cannot look at both sides of the evidence, how are you going to get anywhere?
    I’ve tried to keep it short, or it will turn into an essay!
    Dh… i would welcome your input (thank you) (not sure when this will happen yet, could be a month or so down the line), but Google has a feature where you can share documentation online (with a password)so you can add what you like when you like?
    And yes managed to get my butties (just) left it a bit tight though.

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