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Stephenville UFO latest; Air Force:Flights of Fantasy or Chasing a Cause?

Posted by dandare on January 24, 2008


This is the latest on the Stephenville UFO….. I will start on the media links to this first,and then add my thoughts.

image below is of an F-15 (not F-16 sorry) that is vertical deploying flares during the day

Star-Telegram.com “Military says it had aircraft where UFOs were spotted” (posted 23rd january, 2008). A short article, the main point being:

“Ten F-16s from the 457th Fighter Squadron were performing training operations between 6 and 8 p.m. on Jan. 8 in the Brownwood military operating area, which includes Erath County.

“”In the interest of public awareness, Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs realized an error was made regarding the reported training activity of military aircraft,”” said today’s press release from the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth” (extract from article).

cbs5.com “Texas UFO Mystery Solved?” (posted 23rd january, 2008) …. “Originally, the 301st Fighter Wing at the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base said none of its jets were in the area that night” (extract from article).

KVIA.com reports (short article) “Miltitary now says jets on training mission during mysterious lights” (posted 23rd january, 2008); similarar information to Star-Telegram above.

chron.com “Military now says jets in area of reported UFO sightings” (posted 23rd january, 2008, with more information on this article) ; of interest “”This supports our story that there was UFO activity in that area,”” said Kenneth Cherry, the Texas director of the Mutual UFO Network, which took more than 50 reports from locals at a meeting last weekend. “”I find it curious that it took them two weeks to ‘fess up. I think they’re feeling the heat from the publicity”” (extract from article).

Also from chron.com “Military says planes in area of Texas ufo reports (with video) “  (posted 23rd january, 2008). “Allen said that the planes’ training area in the Brownwood Military Operating Area that includes Stephenville’s Erath County does not include the airspace where he saw the object. Also, Jan. 8 was not the only day sightings were reported” (extract from article) and “Some residents aren’t buying it, though, saying the military’s revelation actually bolsters their claims because several reported seeing at least two fighter jets chasing an object” (extract from article).

nbc5i.com “Military offers Reason for UFO reports” (posted 23rd january, 2008) also with a video…. it mentions

“”I think it’s a little late … then there is a comment here about an error. The military isn’t supposed to make errors. I think it’s just a standard cover up. That is immediately what I am thinking … some kind of cover up,”” said Hudgeons. “”With the lights going around as quick as they said they were … I just don’t see them being aircraft””.

If the lights were military aircraft, Hudgeons wants to see them again, NBC 5’s Omar Villafranca reported” (extract from article).

And to add this into the melting pot at the end, an interesting article entitled “more UFO sightings reported over texas” (not sure of posting date, by axcessnews.com).

“Meanwhile, WOAI Radio in San Antonio reported that UFO sightings took place that same night over the city and were seen by dozens of witnesses. The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, reported that accounts were coming in as far away as Corpus Christi, all identifying similar UFO characteristics as the lights seen over Stephenville earlier that night.

MUFON’s Texas chapter website carries eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings taking place the following evening and again on January 10th, reporting similar characteristics of bight lights, no sound and rapid high-speed travel” (extract from article- also warrants analysis by me, and a post soon).

dallasnews.com “Texas UFO mystery solved” (posted 24th january,2008) ; I have added a quite long extract from this article as it has some very good points (and brings up an old theory)….

One battle tactic used routinely by F-16s involves the ejection of flares that are intended to confuse heat-seeking missiles. The flares can be ejected several at a time, and could form a pattern of bright lights traveling across the sky.

But such activity would not match other aspects of the descriptions of the Stephenville lights. Witnesses generally described what they saw as silent, apparently changing speeds and passing over populated areas. That does not sound like a flare release, said Jay Miller, an aviation consultant and historian in Fort Worth.

For one thing, any jet that dumps flares would also be trying to get away as fast as possible.

“He’s going to be in full afterburner,” Mr. Miller said, and that’s very loud. But the jets wouldn’t be the only noise associated with flares.

“Flares don’t burn silently. They actually burn quite loudly,” he said.

Flares are also extremely hot and dangerous, and it’s highly unlikely that any drill would involve their use over populated areas, Mr. Miller said”. (extract from article). 

thelede.blogs.nytimes.com “F-16s at scene of UFO sighting in Texas” (posted 24th january, 2008).

There are other articles, but many are either very brief, and/or cover the same ground.


You may well ask, what is going on? and to be honest so do i? 

To start with, what disturbs me, is the fact that the Air Force takes 2 weeks to do a U-turn and then admit that 10 F-16s were in the air; of course, the obvious question to be asked here is, were they in the air around this area (between 6 and 8pm), and if they were, were they chasing these UFOs.

 So basically, is it a cover-up story, to try to knock the stuffing out of the story; problem is, that there may be a flip side to this, and it might (hopefully) highten the story for more answers by the military.

Hudgeons (from MUFON) makes a very valid point, in that, if this was the Air Force, then there should be no problem redoing/recreating the event for all to see (would never happen mind, but i like his thinking/method).

At this point, i ask these questions……

1 Why is a training exercise classified? as they will not go into operational procedures, not even the basics?

2 F-16s do not hover (unless i am wrong in this).

3 F-16s create sound ! and lots of it.

4 F-16s are not 1 mile wide.

Remember, all we are trying to establish here, is whether it is an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) nothing more at this stage.

Maybe, the media should attempt to contact the F-16 pilots and ask them for a response (unlikely due to national security issues, i should imagine, but worth a try). Ask for a copy of their communications with ground controllers (AWACS). I hope they will generally put the heat up a bit, and apply pressure…. we need answers to our questions?

I’m also waiting for the Air Force, to next say that flares where used (does this sound familiar), see extract from dallasnews.com (Texas ufo mystery solved, in red writing)… this all has very good questions to be asked, if the time arises, especially using them in populated areas.

Also MUFON has had eye witness accounts, from the same time period, either side of the 8th january, in other areas, all with the similar accounts to Stephenville… were their trained F-16s all over the place? I believe MUFON will soon be interviewing these witnesses too, soon.

Will the Air Force hide behind classified information, and National Security, to bluff their way out of this one. Again, i say we need answers to questions? whether we will get them is another matter?

What do you think is going on?   is it a cover-up? is it that they are hiding tested super secret stealth aircraft, with F-16s tailing it, to test the local populations reaction to it? is it an IFO (identified flying object)? Is it a UFO? are you worried that the Air Force does not seem to know where the hell (supposedly) their planes are?

Is the Air Force using flights of fantasy or chasing a cause? 

I would be very interested to hear your views.  

 ufo online

   UPDATE: 25th january 2008 

The 301st Fighter wing website can be found here  .

The Air Force Reserve command link for FOIA can be seen here with email and address to write too. Photos of F-16s can be seen here  and here.



14 Responses to “Stephenville UFO latest; Air Force:Flights of Fantasy or Chasing a Cause?”

  1. Mark said

    there’s is too much evidence here to deny something fishy is going on. we’re not being told something, and that’s not fair to us as a country, or even as a planet if it is in fact an alien race. Someone has some explaining to do. the government needs to release the videos from those fighter jets to the public if they have nothing to hide

  2. dandare said

    Thanks mark for your comments, and i could not agree more.
    The bottom line is, all we are trying to do, is establish if they are UFOs (unidentified)to start with.
    It is definately fishy…
    It reminds me of the O’hare incident in november 2007 (i think)…there is an article or 2 on this on this site (if interested). The FAA denied it at first, until backed into a corner. But in the end, things were left up in the air? alot of the media still took it as a joke? however, an excellent report was made which was very detailed.
    Unfortunately, i suspect that some disinformation will come our way, sooner if not later, to diffuss the situation, and the media.

  3. Steve said

    Wow, what an excellent update. I have no clue where you get the time and energy to follow up on these reports. Excellent stuff!!!
    I think that the US Military sends out a standard training mission shortly after and each time a serious UFO event is detected (I am serious about that – same shit happened in Phoenix Arizona). That “standard mission” probably involves the use of flares and some other light-show manoeuvres. And I think they do it to cover up things the easy way, rather than trying to intercept something that’s not coming from this planet (doesn’t work anyway – Belgian F16 pilots intercepted a UFO twice with confirmed radar lock-on and the “whatever it was” shot away).
    About that U-turn… Maybe someone has evidence and video-taped the jets (and the UFO). That could explain a lot. Just a guess here.

  4. dandare said

    Thanks as always Steve.
    Very interesting about the US military (never even thought of this and could explain alot), and possible video evidence….that’s definate food for thought.

  5. laura said

    Hats off to Larry king again tonight! More ppl talk about it the more pressure for answers!PPL WANT TO KNOW!!!

  6. dandare said

    Hi Laura… and thanks for your comments… i have not seen the latest show yet…hoping to see it on you tube/google video when it is available (missed it on CNN, as it was, i think at around 2am in the UK, when it was shown, and i forgot to video it,damn). Indeed, we want to know.
    regards 🙂

  7. Elaine said


    Can’t stop thinking about all this. I have started writing letters to the Canadian government (I’m Canadian) encouraging them to release any information they may have and admit there are space vessels that appear to come to our planet that cannot be identified. Even if they admit there is mounting evidence to support the possibility…would be so much more mature than what is happening now. We have to keep up the pressure for information. They’re hoping things will quiet down and in a little while we’ll forget about it and just go away. The media has all the power here to help the cause, just as with the environmental movement and every other change in society. The problem for governments is, they don’t have control over these extraterrestrial visits, and one day it will happen in a place and time where it can’t be denied any more, then what will they say. Thanks for such a great site – I go to it first thing in the a.m. and last thing at night. All the videos are great food for thought!

  8. BLASe said

    Thank you very much for this article, and yes indeed I believe this is a total coverup. I have seen these things flying around and not just a couple of times. Many, many times especially since November, 2007. I understand that if you haven’t seen one, it is hard to believe. It is also very difficult getting photos and video, although I have. It is even more difficult to describe the what you have seen as at times it is so awesome. I watched yet another one hovering above the closed down mine here last night. Very awesome sight to witness. I feel very certain that the rest of the world will be awakened to the fact that this is truly happening and I can hardly wait.

  9. dandare said

    Thanks for your support Elaine! 🙂
    As they say, knowledge is power… i would like to make a suggestion if i may. Read different accounts about UFOs, to get all angles on the topic (although be wary of sites that sensationalize UFOs, as some make it over the top, and inaccurate). Within the next few weeks, i will be trying to update the UFO links page (link at the top of all pages on this blog), with interesting UFO reliable accounts, documents,ect…if time allows.
    The latest Stephenville sighting, seems to be repeating itself – ie in relation to the aftermath…. denial, then disinformation spred. All we can do is carry on giving out information, informing as many as we can, and analysising reports (be objective, give fair accounts) and apply some pressure…. as many in ufology are amateur, our time is limited (unfortunately).


  10. dandare said

    Hi BLASe and thanks for your comments!
    Have you reported your sighting to MUFON (it has an online report you can fill in, for their database).
    Alot of orange lights were seen in the UK (where i am based), but unfortunately many (not all) turned out to be chinese lanterns.
    Am i jealous of your sighting… not half (lol).
    Thanks for posting
    regards 🙂

  11. Elaine said

    Hi dandare thanks for your advice,
    I’m a stay-at-home mom of teenage kids so I do have a lot of time to research on the net, which I have been doing. There are plenty of sightings that could go either way, but when there are mass sightings by credible eyewitnesses, those are the ones not as easily explained – especially when governments/military officials deny it. If they could explain what people saw in a rational way, I’m sure they would. I hesitate to believe abduction stories and photos/video of space craft because they could easily be manufactured. I have some university education and home school my grades 10 and 12 kids, so I don’t consider myself a total dummy. I look forward to reading more on the subject.

  12. dandare said

    I do not envy your task… that is with the teenage kids; I have 2, a 20 year old and a 29 year old (i still categorize then as teenagers,lol) living at our house (ok, they are not too bad really).
    You’re right to be hesitant about abduction stories and video evidence? and also right about mass sightings!
    thanks again 🙂

  13. ~~~Rob~~~ said

    One point i would like to make to all those non believers out there. who scoff at the mere sound of the letters U.F.O. is that it acually means UN identified flying object. meaning you don’t know what it is you saw flying.
    it does not immediatly mean that you think you saw a space saucer with little green men in it that you think came from mars. Many people are and like to stay in denial. because it makes them feel safer. if they just condition themselves to believe people who see them are just crazy and they don’t realy exist, then they wont. but how can you deny it when you walk out in your yard one evening and see something in the night sky that obvioulsy wasn’t created on this planet with any kind of understanding we humans have commanded at this point and time. just think about it. if the United States Government had a grasp on that kind of technology. as greedy and power hungry as that entity is. they would figure out a way to introduce it,control it, and use it to become much more wealthy and powerful. they only wish they were the ones at the helm of these awsome ambigiuos devices. which seem to have a way of eluding even the most sofisicated technology and defense equipment on the planet. some of them are obvioulsy not vehicles representing our government. and if they can fly in and out of our airspace willy nilly as they please. and our military can’t do anything about it. then we have to ask ourselves. who is really the super power on this planet. because being an eye witness of an UNIDENTIFIED flying object myself. i think we have alot more serious things to discuss and worry about. and spend time and energy trying to figure out. than what Britney Spears is having for breakfast, or what President bush thinks about gay marriage. Leave poor little britnay alone we’ve destroyed the girl enough. i’m sure she was sweet before the paparazzi got ahold of her. lets pool our efforts and resources towards a more common goal and finally figure out whats going on around us in our own back yards. what are you scoffers going to use for a convienent explanation when theres a mothership over every city on the planet. and your precious social structure and techno-grid existance are in danger of total and complete failure and destruction. People need to wake up and see whats going on in the real world. turn off your T.V.’s and go out side and look up….

  14. dandare said

    Thanks Rob,
    People do need to take notice…. whatever it is that is out there, it is definately something that needs serious investigation for once.
    Unfortunately, alot of ufology is run by people (part time) for they still have jobs,ect. This means that research is always going to be limited, until proper money,ect is placed in to back research/investigations and so on, to solve this once and for all.
    But we will not go away….

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