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Stephenville UFO debate continues

Posted by dandare on January 27, 2008

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More serious debate, has been carrying on, after the UFO sighting of january 8th).

There is an excellent article on  ufodigest.com entitled “is there no end to the excuses we’re given” (26th january,2008). It is a well written account, of what the military and people in authority are not telling us. Near the end it says:

In all my years of doing research, I thought the Air Force had shot themselves in the foot several times, particularly with the 1997 “crash test dummies” excuse for Roswell, but I really believe they have outdone themselves with the Stephenville Texas sighting, by not accounting for ten F-16s for two weeks. How much longer will the American public have to put up with the excuses we are being given, when all we want to know is what is actually being seen by credible people who help to pay the salaries of these individuals in authority, that continue to give us lame excuses. It’s time for accountability” (extract from article).  


Also by Dennis Balthaser “Challenging misimformation” (an old article, but relevant to what is going on). 

Next, we have “Stephenville UFO: was the air force protecting the Presidential ranch” (posted 25th january,2008; frankwarren.com). map below.

Also at ufodigest.com is “Deeper views of Texas UFO sightings explored” (posted 25th january).

At the NatinalLedger.com “Texas UFO in Stephenville: seeing is believing” (posted 25th january,2008). It mainly runs through the events up until now, but at the end it mentions

“Some time back, I wrote that there cannot be a massive government conspiracy to keep a lid on knowledge of UFOs because our government cannot keep a secret. I’ll admit to having changed my mind.

While the bulk of the supposed sightings across the globe are probably either false alarms or hoaxes, too many of them have the ring of believability to be false. Too many people with nothing to gain by fabricating a UFO story have reported sightings in good faith. Far too many of these stories describe one or more of the same types of objects – either cigar-shaped or spherical, and either glowing from within or illuminated by banks of colorful lights” (extract from article).

5 Responses to “Stephenville UFO debate continues”

  1. Marcin said

    The UFO phenomenon cannot be just a bunch of rubbish.
    1. The fact that the U.S.A has the most reported ufo sightings suggests that the government is hiding some king of highly advanced classified technology. Of course many would contribute this high number of reported ufo sightings to all the movies on ufos which caused the american imaginaton to run wild.
    2.There may also be another reason why the U.S.A has the highest number of reported ufo sightings. The ufo phenomenon is very taboo in many countries which may prevent people in other countries from reporting UFOs, not that it is not taboo in the U.S.A, its just less taboo in the U.S.A. We also have freedom of press.

  2. dandare said

    Hi Marcin, and thanks for your comments…
    I think the USA has more sightings than other countries, mainly due to the press. For better or worse, they seem to get more publicity and a higher profile.
    I bet there are many UFO sightings in China, Russia,ect but not much seems to come out of these countries.
    In the UK, many smaller sightings come out via the smaller local news agencies, but little research is done, so many people ignore them, and they dissappear back into obscurity.
    I suspect this is the same in Mexico and Brasil, for example as well (many reports come from these 2 countries).
    It is an interesting topic you have raised, and to be honest one i have not thought about much.

  3. Elaine said

    Hi Dandare,

    Thanks for your updates. I must admit that when I read about sightings that are just lights in the sky, I find it hard to say it’s definitely a UFO, it could be anything. However, when I read accounts of people seeing huge ships overhead or craft that have landed close by, it’s a different story. For instance, I was intrigued to read all the government/RCMP documents/interviews released in regard to the Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada, incident in 1967. In my recent research, I’ve come across talk about another subject that has me interested, but very skeptical…the Serpo Project. I’d love your opinion on it. Thanks.

  4. dandare said

    I totally agree with all your points you mention…..
    As to your question on the Serpo Project (2005-2006), i believe it to be a fake.
    Why? I believe it was disinformation, to catch out ufologists, and others interested in the subject, so as to monitor them possibly or deflect other goings on.
    Serpo= planet in the Zeta-Reticuli system; In 1965, 10 men and 2 women, were sent there (exchange project= 1 alien sent here- why only 1). They returned after 13 years…
    However, there are many people who believe that it was a cover to a secret military project.
    Another wrong thing in all this….of those who returned (8 did), 2 died on the other planet, and 4 stayed there (that does not add up to 12).
    Also please see http://serpo.org/final_update.asp (unless of course, you already have) as it gives some interesting reading.
    Also http://www.mysteriesmagazine.com/articles/issue15.html
    All evidence like this i view with alot of skepticism, as it usually has a root cause/causes.
    Thanks for the question (i hope i have kind of answered it for you)…..This of course is only my interpretation/opinion.

  5. Elaine said

    Thanks for your insight. I read the articles you mentioned and the more I read the more questions I have. I tend to have greater skepticism when someone is trying to make money from relaying stories, or when so-called ufologists talk about other subjects such as ghosts, reincarnation, mental telepathy, etc. I don’t know, that’s just me…anyway, thanks again.

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