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Isle of wight request…did you see a UFO?

Posted by dandare on January 28, 2008


The isle of wight county press mentions “Did you see this UFO” (posted 28th january 2008). It says

“OUTSIDE his Newport home, a former RAF technician could not help but see a low-flying aeroplane — or was it?
Frank Webb, 69, of Terrace Road, watched as the brightly-lit craft moved from west to east across the clear night sky at around 8.20pm last night (Sunday).
But then he noticed the craft had no navigation lights and made no sound.
Mr Webb claims the craft was an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).
“”I would call it a UFO, but only because it was, to me, unidentified,”” he said” (extract from article). If you did see anything, contact their newsdesk or e-mail them.  

One Response to “Isle of wight request…did you see a UFO?”

  1. ryan said

    i was at the isle of wight fest and it was 1130 on sunday the 15th of june, it was the end of the fest and i was sitting down having a bite to eat by myself waiting for my friends, i was looking up at the sky and i saw 2 objectst, they were running pararel together and seemed to be flying very low, a orange yellow light like a small orb, there were flying very quickly but also seemed to glide, they turned a 90 degress right angle with out making a curve and just dissappered, i had not been drinking that day and i was not on drugs, they were not planes, i could not explain it but they were great to watch, and guess what not one person belived me, i know what i saw though, i have seen the same thing and greece in 2001,

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