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Stephenville UFO: the facts so far

Posted by dandare on January 29, 2008

PhotobucketF-16 CJ (wildcat)

I thought it would be good, to correlate all the information, that has been collected on this sighting, and pull it all together, and try and see what we have? If there is anything i have missed, please alert me to this, and i’ll ammend the records. (please also see my other posts on this site for more added details).


The main sighting that sparked media interest= January 8th 2008; between 6.15pm + 4.30am (9th january). However, it seems to have also happened over several days, up to the 10th january, i believe.


 40 + in Stephenville area (including piolt/business owners/county constable). Later, as events unfold, it seems the UFO was also seen in San Antonio, Victoria + Corpus Christi (also on the 8th january). At San Antonio – cigar shaped ufo with a multitude of lights present (information from MUFON).


UFO – MOST COMMON among varied reports were;

very bright lights (lights similar to strobe lights), low and fast moving, no noise.

some accounts below:

” lights spanned about a mile long, half a mile wide….lights went from corner to corner” and that it’s speed was approx 3000 mph.

red glowing lights then white flashing lights…. dancing around appeared, reappeared. spread out in the sky, formed formation, then took off at high speed; it appeared attached.

Some suggest that ufo was chased by jets (possibly F-16s). One witness saw very bright yellow lights.


Military: No airplanes in the air that night: said ufo was an illusion caused by 2 commercial airplanes.

MUFON get involved; seems like Chicago/O’Hare airport + Pheonix lights – authorities are covering up something? what is it, is the question?

January 18th – MUFON investigators arrive at Dublin to take witness statements/accounts (in detail). Alot of media there to cover the event.

Pilot statement made to media – (Fort worth medical helicopter pilot) suggested it was flares (seems like pre-meditated disinformation to me). 

I also made checks on NASA (recent debris) database site – no man made space debris, re-entering on that date/or near that date.

Larry King show – several programmes to this event shown.

Cell phone photo – (seems to be a dog star and unrelated).

Then most significantly, 2 weeks after event, military changes its story; It says it had 10 F-16s from the 457th fighter squad training between 6 and 8pm, in Brownwoods military operating area (which it says includes Erath County).

Witnesses + MUFON says this enhances their story…as some say ufo chased by fighter planes. Many say this U- turn is a cover up?

MUFON to travel to San Antonio area to gather more eye witness accounts.

Recently it has come to light that, the Air Force could have been protecting the Presidential Ranch- edge of restricted zone (clas D air space), 16 miles SE of Stephenville. I do not understand why the local press did not pick up on this earlier? this is significant information…. i for one did not realise it was this close to Stephenville.


Whatever happened at Stephenville, the government are not telling us what the hell is going on? i’m afraid. Unless, of course they take us for being stupid.

For instance, i did a little research on F-16 combat formations…. admittedly the most useful i found was from 1996, but it gave some interesting facts. It mentioned that “the basic combat formation employed by tactical fighters is the four-ship flight. The two-ship element is the basic flight unit….. [.] there is a need for both line abreast and wedge formations” (p22). Goes into great detail, with diagrams of the different formations used. Also it says that “Adding additional four-ships to increase to 8-12 jets has been combat tested with some controversial success”. See here for source.

 So basically, this is a rarity, and not often used. SO we can conclude that this is:

  1. not one formation (very unlikely-not totally impossible, but very rare)
  2. Therefore a combination of 2 and 4 jets ….
  3. Unlikely to be all from the same base
  4. Protecting the presidential Ranch??
  5. Did the fighter jets come from further afield?   
  6. Are they responding to radar,ect
  7. Were special forces involved

 Additional information on military in texas:


  1. Brooks AFB
  2. Dyess AFB
  3. Goodfellows AFB
  4. Kelly AFB
  5. Lackland AFB
  6. Laughlin AFB
  7. Randolph AFB
  8. Sheppard AFB


  1. Fort Bliss
  2. Fort Hood
  3. Fort Sam Houston
  4. Red river Army depot


  1. NAS Corpus Christi
  2. NAS JRB Fort Worth
  3. NAS Ingleside
  4. NAS Kingsville

Also Lockhead Martin Aeronautics Company HQ (home of F-16 fighter Falcon + joint strike fighter). & miles west of Fort Worth, Texas.

Brownwood Military Operations Area (training area for fighters). 

  • There are many question and so little answers for now?

This sighting along with the O’Hare airport incident, and the Pheonix lights has got some asking “are these sightings related in any way?”  Also they seem to follow a similar pattern as far as the government/military are concerned. Cover stories tried, then hoaxing/disinformation is made to try to calm the incident down at a slightly later date ( to be honest this is so easy, it’s annoying, lol)…. it works?

Also, there are similar accounts of the ufo sighting, but there are also conflicting accounts of the ufo sighting. Why? 

Is the military hiding a black op secret plane being tested? if so, why near public? possibly to test our reaction to it, maybe? 

Also i say again

1 Why is a training exercise classified? as they will not go into operational procedures, not even the basics? Possibly because near the presidential ranch?

2 F-16s do not hover (unless i am wrong in this).

3 F-16s create sound ! and lots of it.

4 F-16s are not 1 mile wide.

Remember, all we are trying to establish here, is whether it is an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) nothing more at this stage.

Maybe, the media should attempt to contact the F-16 pilots and ask them for a response (unlikely due to national security issues, i should imagine, but worth a try). Ask for a copy of their communications with ground controllers (AWACS). I hope they will generally put the heat up a bit, and apply pressure…. we need answers to our questions?

I’m also waiting for the Air Force, to next say that flares where used (does this sound familiar), especially using them in populated areas.

Also MUFON has had eye witness accounts, from the same time period, either side of the 8th january, in other areas, all with the similar accounts to Stephenville… were their trained F-16s all over the place? Also, did the training last for longer than january 8th? it would have had too. 

Will the Air Force hide behind classified information, and National Security, to bluff their way out of this one. Again, i say we need answers to questions? whether we will get them is another matter?

Will update on any other theories i have…. What do you think?

whats going on?

Coming soon :

flowchart summarizing this sighting  

12 Responses to “Stephenville UFO: the facts so far”

  1. dh said

    That is a cracking synopsis of the events dandare – brilliant job and well done….now thats what UFO investigations should be like.

    Thanks for publishing all this…you must have spent hours researching!


  2. dandare said

    Thanks Dh for your kind words…
    i did spend a few hours (hmmm) doing this, but to be honest, i’m just so fascinated by the whole thing, and thought that a recap might spark something that had been overlooked.
    I hope i have not overlooked anything either?
    I just hope we get some more answers to some of these questions? some would be nice? ok one or two would be good?

  3. dh said

    So far I can’t see you’ve over looked anything.

    It’s good to go over the facts and theories for a reassessment…

    You know, I get a strange feeling that we’re all looking at something big here….but we just have to re-arrange the clues until that moment when we suddenly see the greater picture emerging.

  4. Steve said

    On a scale from 1 to 5: ***** 10 *****
    But Trish Choate’s article would fit better in a seperate post just below.
    Other than that: “one hell of a TOP Post!” Congrats
    P.S. You missed the latest “Larry King”. Feel free to grab the links from my site.

  5. dandare said

    Dh… i know the feeling, and believe you are right! Although i think, there are still a few missing pieces (if applying the jigsaw theory to this scenario).

  6. dandare said

    Thanks Steve; i think you might be right about the article at the end (just put it in on the spur of the moment).
    I might grab that Larry king post later, if i may- cheers.
    Time for sleep (the work’s night shift has ended).

  7. Elaine said

    hi, it’s 1:30 am here, but I can’t sleep, just had to pass on my thoughts before I forget them…you know when you Google Earth to get a close-up satellite shot of somewhere on this planet…are airplanes ever visible? If not, is it because they are traveling too fast? If so, if an object like say, a UFO is stationary for any length of time, do you think it would show up on Google Earth? I wonder if Google Earth has daily archives that can be searched. If we could look at Stephenville during that period of time on that day, do you think Google Earth would show something? Just my thoughts…now I can go back to bed.

  8. Steve said

    Of course you may grab these links! The more people see this (and are convinced a cover up is going on) , the better! Keep up the good work.

  9. dandare said

    Hi Elaine… good questions about google earth. I’ll try to answer them as best as i can. As far as i know, it holds images from about 3 years ago (thats the updates), but i believe this is changing.
    Alot of the close ups are not totally clear (although it is still amazing). You are correct in that it has to be stationery, for a while, and obviously while the satielite is overhead to be registered? (could be wrong though). there have been people catching some possible ufo objects (problem is they could be anything, from image blur,ect).I have some more links for you if your interested…. about google earth
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Earth (loads of general information)
    http://gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2007/01/google_releases_new.html (thats just an interesting post on 3d google)
    (on strangest sights on google earth…. one on area 51, before images removed; and anomalies near area 51)
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6955787.stm (add on to google earth for the stars; 3d rendition of the stars)
    I do not have google earth on my computer at the moment, as it needs alot of ram (but will be thinking of installing it in the near future).
    Thanks for these questions? and yes it might be worth having a look, you never know, but i have a feeling that the imagery is from a while back.

  10. dandare said

    Thanks Steve… 🙂

  11. Elaine said

    Hi Dandare,
    Thanks for your info about google earth. When I got up this morning I went to the FAQ on Google Earth and they basically said the same thing. I noticed as well that NASA supplies the satellite, so I’m sure they check it all out before we get to see any images.

  12. dandare said

    ” NASA supplies the satellite”
    Well that could explain a few things then (lol).

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