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Indiana Jones IV (out may 2008) could have area 51 theme

Posted by dandare on January 31, 2008

According to MTV.com “Indy 4 masterminds open up about Supernatural skull” (posted 2 january,2008) it mentions that the latest film of Indiana jones will be like the X-files? but is definately set in 1957. The cast are, however keeping tight lipped about much of what the film will contain.

“Besides possibly giving Indy more of a family, the movie also gives our hero more supernatural material than ever before. “Indiana Jones [movies] aren’t action movies,” Lucas tells the mag. “They’re primarily mysteries with a supernatural object. So it’s kind of like ‘X-Files.’ ‘X-Files’ came out of this idea — instead of taking archaeological objects, they took Bigfoot and aliens and psychological mythology instead of the physical — but it amounts to the same thing.”

And there could be more overlap than ever before — especially when it comes to those pesky aliens. Combining the movie’s time frame (1957) with one of the flick’s shooting locations (New Mexico) seems to indicate an Area 51 theme. “It’s important for us that there’s a real supernatural mystery going on,” Lucas said. “Only Indiana Jones movies are supernatural-mystery movies. They’re always going after some supernatural object. It’s not a pretend object. It’s not something that we made up. It’s something that actually exists, or people believe exists — whether it does or not is in dispute. But for every person who says, ‘I don’t believe that,’ there’s another person who says, ‘Well, I believe it. I heard about it, and I saw it and there’s stories.’ “ (extract from article).

Now that could be interesting!

For the latest trailer, see below.

2 Responses to “Indiana Jones IV (out may 2008) could have area 51 theme”

  1. Bob said

    Looks very cool!

  2. dandare said

    Hi Bob,
    It does indeed…. i’m a big Indiana jones fan (don’t know if thats god or bad – lol) and it looks intriguing.

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