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Local media still in a flap over sighting

Posted by dandare on January 9, 2008

thisisthewestcountry.co.uk is searching for “Witness of second UFO sighting saught“.

The first one (is an IFO) at Falmouth is a photo of a seagull, unfortunately (see The Sun article i wrote about here) even though this article fails too point this out as a possibility.

However the local cornish UFO group, is searching for a possible second sighting at The Lizard, which is another one of those “at the time i took the shot i did not notice anything but….” type shots.


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World War II Foo Fighters (by fran Black)

Posted by dandare on January 9, 2008

World War II Foo Fighters

In the 1938 comic strip Smokey Stover, a firefighter was known for his line, “Where there’s foo, there’s fire.” From Smokey, aircraft pilots borrowed the term “foo fire” to describe the various unexplainable phenomenon seen in the skies over Europe and the Pacific theatre during World War II. While Allied pilots initially thought the flying objects were German secret or psychological weapons, after the war it was discovered that sightings were also reported by the enemy, who had assumed the crafts were US-made. To this day, the sightings remain a mystery.

Over the course of the war, fireballs, estimated to be as big as 300 feet and as small as 1 foot in diameter, were reported and thoroughly documented. These apparitions left witnesses awe-inspired, wary, and frightened—although the foo fighters never harmed or attempted to harm anyone. The CIA was commissioned in 1952 to study the reports and concluded that while mysterious, foo fighters were not a considered a threat to national security.

A Foo fighter is an umbrella term that includes flying objects of various shapes and sizes. Wobbling, or vibrating flares were described as glowing globes of intense green, yellow, red, orange, or white lights. One crew even reported observing the phosphorescent spheres going through a sequence of color changes at regular intervals. Other reports describe them as silver or gold metallic, and disk-shaped. They frequently appeared at the wing tips of planes in pairs or alone, although sometimes they were found in larger clusters of fifteen or more. In one report 150 objects were estimated to be arranged in 10-12 lines. Picking up an aircraft, these blobs of fire could reportedly pace a plane at very high speeds through extensive evasive maneuvers for several minutes. One British officer and his crew of sailors tracked an object from the deck of their vessel for over an hour. Although a few baffled pilots attempted to intercept, and even fire upon the globes, their efforts were unsuccessful, and the objects usually zoomed away of their own accord.

Foo fighters were mentioned in the American mass media. Ponderous articles appeared in Time and Newsweek in 1945, contributing to the wave of UFO consciousness building in the US. By 1952 so many civilians were contacting government agencies regarding UFO reports that regular intelligence work was being affected.

While scientists have never been able to explain the phenomenon, many speculations have been advanced as possibilities. Five of the most plausible theories are:

1. The fireballs may be nothing more than St. Elmo’s Fire, a reddish brush-like discharge of atmospheric electricity which has often been seen near the tips of church steeples, ships’ masts and yardarms. It also appears at a plane’s wing tips.

2. They may have been optical illusions, mere after-images of light remaining in pilots’ eyes after being dazzled by flak bursts.

3. Occurrences may have been the rare effect of “ball lightning,” a glowing, drifting bubble of light typically eight inches in diameter. These generally, though not always, follow regular lightning strikes.

4. Bright ground objects reflected from the curved plastic canopy of an aircraft can be perceived as images above the horizon.

5. Proponents of the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) have suggested that foo fighters are hard evidence of ETs visiting earth.

Foo fighters are certainly some of the best documented reports of UFOs, and photographs and respected testimony abound. Hopefully in time the mystery will be solved, and this comic book name will be replaced by its true name.

About Author

About the Author:
Francesca Black a long time science fiction buff, manages content for UFO Gifts http://www.ufo-gifts.com and Science Fiction Corner http://www.science-fiction-corner.com

Source: ArticleTrader.com

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UFO conference (12th november 2007) video now available

Posted by dandare on January 8, 2008

 Following on from my update from the 13th november 2007 (see here for link and information), a 1hour 34 minute video is available (thanks to poster on google video for this). This video has also been added to the 13th november post as well.

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Free to read, Online UFO books

Posted by dandare on January 8, 2008

NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), have placed authorized full length versions of books, online for everyone to read for free. They are not up to date books, but are worth reading (admitedly i have only read a few, but glancing through the rest, they look interesting . The link to them is here ) .


The books are:

“Alfred Loedding and the great flying saucer wave of 1947” (by Michael hall and Wendy connors)

“The flying saucers are real” (by Donald Keyhoe ) 1950

“Symposium on Unidentified flying objects” second session 1968 (by various)

“Regional encounters : The FC files  acentury of ufo sightings and close encounters in the midwest” (director : francis ridge) 1994

“Report on the ufo wave of 1947” (ted bloecher) 1967

“Flying saucers : fact or fiction” (Max Miller) 1957, i think

“The report on Unidentified Flying objects” (Edward Ruppelt) 1956?

“The ufo evidence” 1965 (published by NICAP)

“Ufos: a new look” a special report  by NICAP (1969)   

“ufology” by James McCampbell (/)

“Inside saucer post 3-0 blue” a summary report by Leonard Stringfield (1957)  


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Ufo Update

Posted by dandare on January 7, 2008

Hello and welcome to this weeks updates…..


Remember, not long ago, we had the “Dorito” ufo, well the same local newspaper has another catchy (not) article entitled “Mystery arrowhead UFO spotted” (posted 3rd january 2008 – although for a minute, i thought it had something to do with Alien Archeaology). It mentions

 “Householders described the object as looking like an “arrowhead” with three orange lights arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle”(extract from article); oh well, at least the headlines are becoming quite entertaining…. cannot wait for the next one!


hfxnews has “Lots of speculation, still no explaination for ufo” (posted 4th january 2008); it says that “A video of an object trailing a dark, spiralling plume behind it and plummeting toward Prince Edward Island’s Northumberland Strait remains the focus of intense speculation” (extract from article). The incident took place on 29th december,2007.


We are back to standard reported articles again; in the eveningleader.co.uk it reports “More people report seeing UFOs flying over county” (posted 4th january,2008). They are all of the orange light variety, and give mention to quite a few different witness accounts. I’ll leave this up to you, as to what you think these are.

ufo online

The eveningleader is back again (7th january 2008) with “Residents line up to confirm UFO sightings“; what makes me smile, about alot of these type of reports, is that they all categorically say, that they are teatotal or did not have a drop to drink at all….


Fox6.com has “Could the UFO in the San Diego skies be sky lanterns?”  (3rd january 2008).


The observer has “The truth is out: X-Files go public” (6th january 2008)…..with no mention of Nick Pope in the whole article… Basically if you are unaware the ufo files held by the MOD will become available to the public (online) starting from spring 2008; but will take 3 years to complete.  


In theargus.co.uk “Ufo spotted zooming over downs” (3rd january 2008)…. its back to the mention of “little green men”…… they say it might have been similar to that seen in cornwall (i’m pretty sure they do not mean of the feathered kind, sighted by “the sun newspaper”).  Not much to go on in this post.


Northantset.co.uk claims “Amazing ufo footage” (2nd january 2008), but i wouldn’t hold your breath on this one however.

Also in the news

countywidenews.com has “Will a new year bring new visitors” (3rd january 2008).

We have at Associated Content “UFOs, spirits and mind control” (7th january 2008). 

Lastly, “Explore alien worlds at Catawba science centre” (2nd january 2008).


Website of the week  

http://www.uk-ufo.org/ An outstanding resource, with loads of UFO information on the UK…. 

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Seti@home needs you!!

Posted by dandare on January 5, 2008

Astronomy.com mentions that  “Volunteers needed to process data” (posted 3rd january 2008).

It mentions that “The longest-running search for radio signals from alien civilizations is getting a burst of new data from an upgraded Arecibo telescope, which means the SETI@home project needs more desktop computers to help the data” (extract from article). It later goes on to say that

“”The next generation SETI@home is 500 times more powerful then anything anyone has done before,” says project chief scientist Dan Werthimer. “That means we are 500 times more likely to find ET than with the original SETI@home” (extract from article).

For all the info see http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ 

Please also see here for another article. 

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“The Sun” throws more light on UFO sightings?? or not.

Posted by dandare on January 5, 2008

The sun wrote about “New cornish UFO sighting Pic” (or should that read new corny ufo sighting pic), posted on january 4th 2007.

“Why does the sun newspaper also get on my nerves (other newspaper UFO articles make me laugh, but not this paper)….. it’s simply because they have absolutely no proper investigational methods whilst doing these reports; all the alleged sightings are mostly of the kind that ” i never saw anything when i took the photograph, and then when i took a closer look, low and behold a ufo”.


….Of course they mean of the alien kind, as probably they do not know the meaning of the word anyway ((example “I didn’t see any green men flying them, but I am sure they were UFOs” -extract from posting)). All/most of the witnesses (probably prodded by the journalists) say “i’m sure its a ufo”. Have they checked this out correctly…. i think not. Have they tried to find out what else it could be?   

Ok…. you might have gathered, i’m not a BIG fan of this newspaper, but can you see why?


For instance, could the photograph on this article, be a silvery balloon?? what else could it be…for instance! 

Again i ask….. do we need this type of ufology in the limelight, as it seems absolutely meaningless without proper background research/analysis? Wait ’til the summer and we’ll be onto one man and his dog, creating 50 crop circles in one night as an article?? hang on… that could be quite good… any volunteers!!   ok i jest.

It’s about as useless as an FOIA that stanton friedman recieved here after 10 years of waiting….

Rant over and i apologize again… 


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Is nick Pope being GULLable towards ufo sighting?

Posted by dandare on January 3, 2008

Admittedly, this comes from The sun newspaper, not known for its accuracy, but which reports on a ufo sighting in Cornwall, with a image of the alleged UFO.

This can be seen in the oh so great, meaningful  titled “oooh arrr not alone anymore” (posted 1st january 2007).

The image which they blow up for everyone to see (which is helpful,admitedly), is clearly a seagull, (you can even see the wing of the bird in flight, yes its blurred but it’s there). Also its another case of “i didn’t see it at the time, but”….

In the article it mentions “”Nick, formerly the official Ministry of Defence UFO analyst, said: “If I was still there I’d be looking at this very closely. The object looks structured, symmetrical and metallic. This man has caught something very interesting indeed””.

Michael Soper, of the Contact International UFO group, agreed: “This does appear genuine. Digital photos can be doctored but everything about it appears consistent.” (extract taken from article). I will give both of them the benefit of a possible, misquote or out of context statement…..and i can understand to an extent that they may have believed otherwise (i have also made mistaken identities to sightings), but this is quite an obvious one… 

What do you think; am i being a bit harsh on this? do you believe its a ufo and why?

Why are the newspapers jumping on the ufo bandwagon again; easy… they do not want to know the truth, and couldn’t care less, as long as it sells papers. What it does do, is give us a bad name again. 

UPDATE: 4th January 2007
To roughly show why i have come to think it is a seagull…. i have pointed out the features in the photo below (apologies for the out of focus photogragh from the newspaper, and not too well labelled representation). Please also see “cornwall ufo – its a bird damn it“.
  cornwall ufo ?

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