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Googled UFO image in Australia! what is it?

Posted by dandare on February 2, 2008

There is always merit, in checking your records/information, as this post will prove.

Some eager person spotted a triangular shaped image on the google map from Australia!  

axcessnews.com mentions in “Mystery behind Australia UFO photos

“If you take a good look at this image of the supposed Australia UFO sighting you can clearly see a shadow near the center, which is marked so you can spot it. See how the shadow leans out to the left? That’s because its a radio tower for the Emu Downs Wind Park near Badgingarra National Park.


Clive Marks, Director of the Nocturnal Wildlife Research Party Ltd from East Malvern, Victoria Australia wrote: [I am surprised that this image keeps doing the rounds as a UFO. It is a remote area antenna facility – as far as I know there has never been any mystery about it. The area has been cleared and leveled and the bright areas at the apex are just solar reflection due to soil disturbance” (extract from article).

Therefore, it proves that not all you see, is in reality what it is. 

9 Responses to “Googled UFO image in Australia! what is it?”

  1. Steve said

    I have posted many comments on some of these so-called UFO-finds (mainly on youtube). You have no idea how many times comments are being removed because they challenge the truth or integrity of certain pictures and videos.
    Many ufo-posters really “censor” just about anything that’s not in line with what they believe is proof of UFOs (and are the first to shout when the goverment censors or refuses to release information).
    I am glad you are not one of them. Good post!

  2. dandare said

    Steve… that is truly sad, and no wonder the UFO subject is seen as a joke topic to many people?
    Peolpe who blindly believe in ufos whatever the circumstances, are as bad (if not worse-give all of us a bad name) than the press/disinformation,stubborn skeptics,ect.
    We need to analize and get as many people on board who will do the same thing, and to look at it all from all sides… this is the way forward.
    regards (and thanks for raising this subject).

  3. Yet another facinating google map image. Hmmm as a result I think I’ve just spent an hour reading the related news stories at axcessnews. 🙂

  4. Good job debunking that! 😀

  5. dandare said

    Strange Rob….. i can relate to that.
    thanks for your comment.

  6. dandare said

    Thanks Abyssalleviathin

  7. ducks4days said

    I always find it fascinating every time someone claims they have proof of UFOs, ghosts or some other unproven entity. Unfortunately for us, the human brain has a way of seeing what it wants to see even if there’s nothing there. What I mean is, if someone really wants to believe that UFOs or aliens are real, their mind will actually try to seek out the explanation they want, jeopardizing their ability to be objective. Now I’m in no way saying that no can see beyond their desires. All I’m saying is it is very easy to fall for those tricks our minds play on us, and difficult to be objective.

  8. dandare said

    I agree with you… it is better to have an open mind, and always enquire, discuss, find information, and so on. This is the only way forward.
    However, i do not like either the UFO “fringe”, who describe every sighting as extraterrestrial (i take it your UFO= alien); i also find it irritating that scientists seem to think that everything we see makes us either deranged, with sleep deprivation or illusional.
    Also many sightings are IFOs, and of the rest, quite a few were unbelievers.
    I am not sure if i have answered your question, but i’m a bit short for time (sorry), but i’ll keep what you have on board, and look into it (pop culture/icons can play a part in this too, i suppose). Thanks for your comments

  9. We are not alone!!! I always told that!

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