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Latest Larry king ufo show (24th + 27th january 2008)

Posted by dandare on February 2, 2008

Thanks to Steve (at http://ufospider.com ) i have available the later Larry King show
part 1

and part 2

thanks also to akagoogleronpaulnow for posting this on you tube

All stephenville ufo sighting information can be seen together, by going to any post, and on the right hand side click on topics i write about…from the pull down list, (sorry a bit large) find stephenville ufo sighting 2008 (that will load all posts on stephenville ufo)….. i may however, put all these posts on a permanent page at the top of all posts.

For earlier larry king ufo show please see https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/01/19/stephenville-ufo-discussed-on-larry-king-video-from-you-tube/ 

One Response to “Latest Larry king ufo show (24th + 27th january 2008)”

  1. Mary said

    Hello Larry.

    My nephew last week was taking a smoke break outside his work place in Huntly Ill where he sighted not one but to ufos. He took a picture with his phone before running into the building. When he entered his work place the manager and co-workers believed he were high on drugs because he had turned white from fear. However, when he told them what had happen they checked the security video which showed the ufos and him running. The company reported the sighting.

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