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Footnote.com alert us to UFO documents available free

Posted by dandare on February 3, 2008


Thanks to an alert from footnote.com , we are now able to have, free access to documents from the National Archives and other resources.

In the article “Free: more than 1 million images from US Revolution to UFOs“, it gives a long list of documents available for free; what we are interested in is Project blue book – Ufo investigations (1947-1969). On this post, some people have already done some work, and posted interesting documents for us to view.

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It also has related titles, and a free example list; the source for this is the national Archives . After putting in project blue book into the search engine, i saw a long list of references here & here .Both project blue book and “project blue book” were put in to the search engine-obviously more search terms will be done at a later date.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, here are some fascinating links to references we can see (there is probably more- i’ll look into it). This includes examples/story entries from footnote members themselves.

ARC results   (for reference numbers)

Project Blue Book 1947-1969 click on document on the right to view it like this here. this whole document is worth looking at.

Footnote search for ufos A vast amount of references (over 2,014 in total) and you can look through the documents of these sightings-****worth looking at.

The  spotlight feature on footnote, mentions “X-15 test pilot Joe Walker on record setting flight (past UFOs)“. Also “ufo or photographic anomaly?”, “30 people in Sherman Texas can’t be wrong“… there are others… all these again relate to real documents, that can be seen online.

Todays documents from the National Archives “, with an online document; to the right of this are quite a few research links (which i shall be investigating at a later date).

General information about Project blue book can be seen at the national archives here .

Another cool feature of footnote.com, is that if you join as a free member (there is a paid membership if you like), you can keep documents on your gallery- in your member page, download it straight to your computer, cross reference with other documents, all on one page, or alert people to things you have found out yourself.

I will definately be using this service, looks really good.   


3 Responses to “Footnote.com alert us to UFO documents available free”

  1. BLASe said

    This is good news. Thank you. I am very interested in this subject and welcome you to visit my ufo blog. UFO’s And The Star People

  2. dandare said

    When i get time this week… i promise i will take a look at your blog.
    Thanks for yor comment.

  3. Thank you for the information.

    I am currently doing research on alleged sighting reports from the Philippines for a book project, and hope to find some information in this site which, I believe, is under PUBLIC DOMAIN and are not necessarily copyrighted.

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