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Posted by dandare on February 6, 2008


  1. more on Stephenville UFO sighting…  secret military installation  in the area (with airstrip) + witness alleged he was harrassed + other evidence; near the end of the week.
  2. UFO Updates (sorry delayed again)… apologies for this..not sure when this will be out (hopefully this weekend).
  3. Any new update on California ufo sighting (if and when available) +ongoing.
  4. Latest Argentinian/brasilian ufo sightings (if i have time- but will be put up next week, if no time slot available this week) 
  5. Any latest ufo news
  6. Any other topics that pop into my head (now thats a scary thought) -if again time permits

If you feel you would like something looked into [ie Rendlesham Forest incident for instance], then please leave a comment below, and i’ll try and look into it, and write an article about it. 

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