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Huge rise in British UFO sightings in 2007… maybe not?

Posted by dandare on February 9, 2008


According to several media outlets, there is a large surge in British ufo phenomena.In the telegragh.co.uk  it states that there is a “huge rise in British UFO sightings” (posted 8th February,2008).

It mentions “Clusters of up to 100 mysterious objects, bright white lights and strange, triangular shaped objects are just some of a huge surge in UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence last year” (extract from article).

Unfortunately (and sorry to say this) i am unimpressed… yes the British have had some good sightings, but quite a few have been chinese lanterns/IFOs.

 Also it states two things, which i seem to remember, it has repeated before about the MOD (apart from calling it the X files, yuck).

Firstly, that the MOD have for the first time, archived sightings running back to 1998 (wrong- its been ‘out there’ for a quite a while); secondly, i do not consider a huge rise in ufo sightings, from 97 in 2006 to 135 in 2007. Do you?

Luckily, it does go on to say, that alot of the sightings can be explained- phew. But the big media papers in Britain seem to be saying the same things, year on year.


Others have also followed with this story; the independant “Uk sightings on the rise” (posted 8th february,2008). Luckily this article, says it is on the rise…. this article is shorter, but slightly better written.Of course, the sun had to get in the act as well with “Uk sightings in Britain rocket” (posted 8th february,2008). It starts off reasonably well, for the sun (although the heading of course is way off the mark) but soon nose dives…. still insisting that the Falmouth object is a UFO, when it is clearly a seagull (please try to ignore the photos as well); the only saving grace, was that the article was short.

The thaindian.com (repeats  similar article to the rest) but now its “absolutely enormous rise in ufo sightings in the UK” (posted 8th february,2008).

I’m sorry to sound negative, but the mainstream media seem to like to repeat the same old garbage, again and again, with no regard to the subject at all (there are occassional exceptions however). We’ll be back to little green men, again soon?  

As the MOD are about to release “the ‘X’ files” this spring, i dread to think what the headings and titles from some of these papers will be …….any guesses?  how about “X-files are XXX rated”.             

Am i over re-acting? are these articles actually telling us anything at all? Do i hate The sun?      

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