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Secret military installation near Stephenville ufo sighting, Texas

Posted by dandare on February 10, 2008


Erath County is sandwiched between 2 major military airfields (of course there are others of smaller size in the vacinity also); 

  1. To the East is Carswell JRB (Joint Reserve Base)- 65 miles away
  2. To the West is Dyess AFB in Abilene -90 miles away

However, what was not known to me until recently, was that around 10-15 miles from the Stephenville UFO sightings, is a secret government military installation, not to far off state highway 144.

  • The installation is on the east side of Highway 144 between Walnut Springs, TX and Meridian, TX.
  • The whole complex is around 3,000 acres in size….
  • has a high game fence, plus an extra razor wire fence
  • there are 2 private runways; one is 6000ft long
  • gates on each highway entrance= government green gates
  • Trespassing warning signs
  • on one of the airstrips, there is nearby a tubular structure, which seems to go underground-possibly testing stealth wing designs there?

The wikipedia mentions this as:               link here

Local  item  of  interest:  Walnut Springs, 

 Texas,  Mystery  “Airport”

December 31, 2007 notes:

A few miles south of Walnut Springs, behind significant hills on the west side of the site, and dense foliage on the east side, lies what appears to be an abandoned airport. Terrain and foliage, plus relative distance from highway TX-144 on the west side, and highway TX-927 on the east side, prevent unrestricted viewing of the location.

The facility is not marked as abandoned (magenta circle with an “x” centered on the circle) on any VFR sectional, or, any other aerial navigation map, unlike other abandoned or closed airports across the world, and by ICAO convention (International Civil Aviation Organization).

However, online photography does show both “runways” on site (there is a large, main runway of about 6,000 feet in length, and a smaller, slightly fan-shaped surface of about 1,500 feet in length), marked with what appears to be FAA-standard yellow “x” markings, indicating the surfaces are abandoned runways, but are unusable, unsafe, or both.

The physical location is inside a rough triangle that is composed of the cities of Walnut Springs, Morgan, and Meridian. The latitude and longitude is N 32.02536, W -97.67854, respectively.

The mystery airport is not the Diamond Seven Ranch private airstrip, located north-northwest of Morgan.

The site is easily found on all free mapping web sites. Microsoft TerraServer USA and Google Maps have the best photography of the location yet found.

All roads leading to the location are closed with green-painted US Government gates, and “No Trespassing” signs abound. The described signage is true for the entrance from TX-927, and TX-144.

January 1, 2008 Update:

Overnight research and correspondence has provided a potential explanation for this location’s “mystery” airport.

Apparently, the site is a either a former, or still active, testing location for cross-section reflectivity of different types of ground- and aircraft-based radar. The relative proximity of the Ft. Worth, Texas, military/industrial manufacturing base may have a bearing on the facility. The facility is not a runway for aircraft, in the conventional sense.

Several similar locations can be found in California and Florida (extract from article).


There are rumours that it is an underground base; that there may be a possible link with the Montauk project.

SO could this secret government installation have something to do with what happened in the Stephenville ufo sighting… was it part of the incident, was it the incident itself, were they/are they hidding stuff at this location?

It seems there is more to this than meets the eye…..


19 Responses to “Secret military installation near Stephenville ufo sighting, Texas”

  1. Matt Collins said

    I live just out side of Walnut Springs on the North side. I never knew the Government had any kind of dealings in this area at all.
    I was just featured on http://www.the33tv.com on their 9 o’clock news for seeing UFO’s in the area in the past weekend. I now wonder if it has anything to do with this base just outside of our little town.

    • dandare said

      Hi Matt, and thanks for finding time to comment on this blog; you bring up a very good point, and i think this can be added as another possible reason for the sightings?
      If anyone wants to find out about the whole Stephenville sightings, from january 2008, please type stephenville ufo, into the search box (on this blog, on the right), and all (although i have found other articles pop up) articles can be found and looked at. Also another search of Texas brings up some articles.
      I will be adding your sighting to the blog soon. Thanks for coming forward.

  2. Matt Collins said

    No problem!
    Here is a link to my interview with channel 33 – http://www.the33tv.com/pages/content_landing_page/?New-Possible-UFO-Sighting-Near-Stephenvi=1&blockID=201640&feedID=460

    • dandare said

      Ok… thanks, and i’ll have a proper look.
      If any of your replies get delayed, unfortunately i have to verify them before they go through…due to spam; please bare with me.

  3. Rick said

    Good story,

    What did the object you saw look like?

  4. Matt Collins said

    The video should be linked to the story on http://www.the33tv.com or just watch it on youtube right here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYFxU3ck9hU

    • dandare said

      Thanks again Matt, will have a look in a while, just got back from work.
      Could you say that they were not chinese lanterns, or Led lights suspended from small balloons (yes believe it or not this has happened); sorry, but i try to look at all angles? and try to eliminate these first … if not i have to leave them as possibilities.
      I do have an article on these (will put in the link later, for you to see, if you like).
      I only mention this, as the Uk has had a large amount of these sightings, which can be deceptive in the night sky.
      Thanks for coming back to respond.

  5. Matt Collins said

    I have had a couple different experts look at it and we have ruled out any possibilities of these just being light, they are definitely some sort of craft.
    I saw them again last night and plan to look again tonight!

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  7. fred said

    The facility near Walnut Springs is a closed Lockheed radar reflectory center. It sold to an investor several years back. The 10,000 ft concrete strip was actually a perfectly level ground plane. There is a 2,000+ft runway. No research is happening in that location. View on google earth.

  8. Martin said

    Someone who has lived on a ranch outside Walnut Springs for 50 years said that years ago (I’ll try to find out how long ago), planes would fly over their ranch at a very, very low altitude. They didn’t know there was a runway there, but had been told that up the road leading to the runway (as seen on Google Earth) was some sort of aircraft research facility and this was the reason for the low-flying planes.

  9. Stan said

    I used to live in Walnut Springs 53 years ago. Went to the highschool there. It was a common everyday occurance for the big old 2 story brick building to have the windows rattled several times a day. Lots of flight activity but actually never seen a jet, just the sonic booms. That was in 1957. There was a jet plane crash earlier in that area, believe it was about 1952,53, remember people talking about it. Did a lot of hunting at nite, lots of star gazing, never seen anything but shooting stars.

  10. sally field said

    There is a long history of unusual sitings near Walnut Springs. Used to live west of it. On numerous occassions saw the shape of three C130s flying overhead at night without lights. They blocked out the stars or I wouldn’t have seen them at all. They rumbled quietly and made their nightly trip for months in the late 1990s. Then saw a tremendously huge black triangular shaped airship float through the sky one night just after midnight. It was low, silent, and moved slowly. I imagined it was just slightly faster than walking speed. No lights, no sounds. I was driving and parked on the side of the road at the top of the hill to obtain a better look as the object blocked the stars. The triable was NOT the black boomerang shape seen in Arizona. It was a long triangle, like an arrow head, with something jutting upward on the top side. As it crossed the road in front of me it was as if it suddenly noticed me. It slowly and gracefully turned my direction. I saw what looked like a couple of faint greenish-yellow flares of light – as if small rockets were helping it change its course. It silently and extremely slowly drifted over me towards the Metroplex. I got out of the car to get a better look without the windshield tint or dust when the object suddenly went straight up. Its size reduced quickly and completely disappeared. Two witnesses were with me. We were all awestruck. The next week we saw a similar craft at approximately 9 pm. while driving from Stephenville towards Walnut Springs. This time the craft was flanked by a fighter jet. I turned on a country road and followed the giant black object. The fighter jet left the object and flew at me. Moving with tremendous speeed just above the tree tops, the fighter jet circled my car several times. My passenger freaked and said: “I don’t think that jet wants us to follow that UFO. He’s making his point. He’s so close I can see his face! You better turnaround now!” Months later we observed two unusual transports on the highwy near sundown, each approximately two weeks apart. A flat rigged carried a huge contraption that looks like a lot of airvents or passage ways stemming from a common base. It was yellow and black. The flatbed truck was wide with red flags front and back. The flat truck was escorted by four solid yellow pickup trucks. No logos, no names. Federal plates. Each truck had two men. Each had a rifle seated vertically next to them. We could see the top portions of the firearms. We had to pull over to permit the wide parade pass. Not long afterwards my dogs woke me barking wildly in the middle of the night. A large circular skyship slowly passed over our yard. The rim was silver with a row of small colored lights shining directly towards the ground and slowly circling. Inside that row of lights was another row of larger lights also shining directly to the ground. In the center was a large red light that changed from red to yellow to white and back again. The object made no sound and simply passed by. It was quite low in the sky. We caught a glimpse of a similar sky object a month later as it rapidly descended from high altitude towards to mysterious base near Walnut Springs. We were driving on the road and it was just about 9 p.m. or so. The object was bright so we pulled over to observe. It wobbled back and forth then erupted into a spray of sparks. The sparks fell short of the mysterious base. The next morning we were driving on that same road going the opposite direction and saw sheriff’s from two counties parked along the road using binoculars to look at the very location in which we had seen the object disentigrate. The next week I was on the road, further to the west. It was near sundown and I saw a similar round silver object slowly passing through a field. I pulled over on the shoulder and waited. Its trajectory would take it directly over me and I wanted to see its underside in daylight. I was ready with a camera and waited. It never passed over me. Just went straight up in the sky at an astounding speed and disappeared. I was at an antique auction no long afterwards and saw an old set of encyclopedias. Some were open to random pages because potential buyers were checking condition and quality. One of the pages showed a black arrow head shaped air craft extremely similar to what we had been seeing near Walnut Springs. That book was from 1959!!!! One evening, while traveling from Glen Rose toward Walnut Springs we saw two solid white charter-type buses transporting a load of people to the mysterious base. Snapped photos and save them. Finally tried to enter the mysterious Walnut Springs site but signs were prohibitive. So drove along residential blocks directly in Walnutt Springs heading East toward the fenceline around that mysterious place. Signage indicated it was a Lone Star Gas site and we saw multiple fence lines of multiple heights protecting the facility at the deadend street. Never got out of the car, just turned around to head home when four of the residences on that street burst into activity. Men came running out with rifles and dogs. They wore jeans, light colored shirts, cowboy hats and were accompanied by large dogs. There was a lot of noise as we slowly progressed down that street. My passenger said, as one of the rifles pointed our direction, ‘DON’T STOP!!!” I floored it and we got outt of there. Two of the men struck the car as we passed by. WHAT was that all about? Then Walnut Springs built a new post office. The little town of just 700 people had been using the same postal facility in town for decades. The postal servicebuilt the new office just south of town and it was pretty nice. Was running errands one day and drove by on a Saturday just in time to see half a dozen cars dropping off men in suits. They all went into the post office. Curious, I pulled in as the cars pulled out. I too walked into the post office. A lonely clerk was at the counter. I saw no visible method of hiding nearly 20 men so quickly. I heard a ding and realized the post office in this iddy bitty little town was fully equipped with an electronic eye at the entrance, security camers, sound sensors, you name it, it was there. I left. We saw more activity at night and finally just moved. UFOs? Maybe. US Military? Definitiely. Feds involved? Absolutely. Pay attention.

    • dandare said

      Thanks for taking the time to post your comments; Walnut Springs and the surrounding area is definately an interesting place.

      • sally field said

        Thank you, and yes! That air strip was lengthened to 3,000 ft plus then all the airspace around it became restricted. That fancy little post office with its unusually high security may double as a portal to an underground venue entering that nearby mysterious facility. Very interesting.

  11. phillip said

    I own a property that borders this airfield off 144. part of my fence is shared with this property and my home is approx. 100 yards from the main road in the facility. the guard shack is about 300yds from my property. I frequently see a white unmarked truck driving the road as well as a side by side utv. I have owned this property for under a year but have not been able to find much info on this air field. I have heard it suggested that it has been sold and is now a private air field. I have yet to see or hear anything unusual from this place. in fact I haven’t even heard a plane there since I have owned it.

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