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UK UFO photo, does not reflect the true image?

Posted by dandare on February 12, 2008

animated england flag

“The Sun” newspaper (among others), has this rather stupid article entitled “UFO plays and displays” (12th feb,2008). It has a large photo of a very obviously faked UFO….. oh, and guess what, the person who took the photo did not see the ufo at the time he took it.

 This is probably because it was done on computer, me thinks. I’m not going to analysis it, because i have better things to do with my time, but a quick glance suggests that firstly the ufo is clear, and the street lights are foggy; the depth of field is all wrong for the ufo too (also different resolution to the rest of the photo). Could even be due to reflected light (but extremely unlikely). Also there would have been more than 1 witness too?

Other papers that cover it are another national paper, the daily mail with “Flying saucer spotted over portsmouth (or is it a trick of the light)” and a local paper “Did i snap a UFO in the fog?” .

In answer to “did i snap a ufo in the fog?” well, quite frankly NO…………………..

The show must go on………………………. Next please.

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