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Angelia Joiner – reporting again on Stephenville UFO sightings

Posted by dandare on February 14, 2008

She’s back, and on Stephenvillelight.com , reporting new information about the ufo sightings… it starts

“”It’s clear.
Whatever is hovering over Erath County isn’t leaving. UFO reports are pouring in. Two are from original witnesses, and two new ones are coming aboard.
This time there are pictures and video — Constable Lee Roy Gaitan made sure of it.
The following are accounts from Gaitan, Ricky Sorrells, Mac McKinnon, and a source not wishing to be identified.
Note: Gaitan’s first sighting was with his eight-year-old son on Jan. 8 when he saw a red glow that faded and then reappeared. Later he said he saw bright white lights that seemed to “bounce around in the sky” and took off at a “blazing speed”” (extract from article).

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Their Mission Statement near the bottom states:
“Our purpose is to promote full disclosure of knowledge and information regarding unidentified flying objects throughout the world by encouraging the government and military forces of the United States of America through reasonable and peaceful means provided to us by the United States Constitution” (exact words from article).

I look forward to more from this site…. its good news.

10 Responses to “Angelia Joiner – reporting again on Stephenville UFO sightings”

  1. Jim Magee said

    _ People beware!! – I’m wondering when (if ever) people are going to realize that we are actually “not” alone. With all the recent sightings, not just in Stephenville, TX, but throughout the world. It’s at least obvious to me – these things are not going away! It seems as if they’re making an effort to be seen. Why else would they appear in the daytime sky anywhere throughout the world, if it was their desire to remain unknown. People who don’t believe this, better take their heads out of the sand, while they still have control over their own life. Think about this – what chance would the human race have against a race / races of beings from “out there somewhere” if they decided they wanted our planet? They can get to us, we cannot get to them! – End of Story!!! – goodbye human race – again I say – “People beware!!”

  2. dandare said

    Thanks for your comments Jim… much appreciated. 🙂

  3. dh said

    Hi Guys!

    Now this is interesting – Stephenville UFO’s are back!?!

    Has anyone managed to get any photo’s or video over in Texas?

    Great information dandare – thanks!

    I’m just getting back in the swing of things and reading through your blog for all the updates.

  4. dandare said

    Hi Dh…
    Nice to see you back. 🙂
    It seems this Stephenville sighting (now sightings -although not in the limelight) is just not going away.
    What do you think of the UK sightings…. problem: many can be explained, but not much information by sources,or sensationalised; but there could be a legitimate one in there somewhere (although this is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor).

  5. netdragon said

    Jim… Why beware? Obviously, if there was any mal-intent they could have taken care of mankind a long time ago. As population increases, the number of sightings will probably increase as well assuming ET craft remains at a constant level… That is, assuming the UFOs aren’t just unidentified secret military test craft (I’m guessing they are in some cases).

    I think people should be more worried about a reporter being fired than about the presence of ETs.

  6. Mungo Baobab said

    Something interesting I found… One of Angelia’s new witnesses is Mike Zimmerman. Angelia states that, “To date, Zimmerman may be the most credible witness to come forward…” Which at first seems true, he served on Protective Detail for five Texas Governors and is now attached to the Tarleton State University detail, but I’m afraid Mr Zimmerman in fact has no credibility…

    A quick search on Angelia’s bio made available on her website, lists her husbands name as Randell Joiner. A quick Google search on “randell joiner stephenville” pulls up this article on the Tarleton State University website.

    This is not to say that Ms Joiner is not credible, but the fact that her husband appears to work on the same campus as her ‘most credible witness’ discredits any information provided in her article.

  7. dandare said

    Thank you Mungo for finding this out….. as you say this does not discredit Angelia, but i am surprised she never made us aware of this fact.
    Maybe, this was where she found/aquired her source of information from?
    However, i would not necessarily say that Mr Zimmerman has no credibility, but that your facts/information must be added to this, and put it in a new light, so to speak (no pun intended)…. its definately “food for thought” as it were.
    regards 🙂

  8. gary jue said

    i shot video in downtown stephensville 12-27-08 9:42 pm .. i live in katy tx..
    looking for Angelia Joiner… my cell *** *** ***i dont know how to get a hold of her…
    DanDare (sorry gary but i cannot allow phone numbers on here)…. Your e-mail is available though.

  9. GARY JUE said


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