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Fox 4: UFO investigation won’t go away

Posted by dandare on February 14, 2008


 Fox4 has an interesting video about the Stephenville ufo sighting which is definately worth watching….according to this, the sightings came from a 60 mile radius, and are still being seen. see here for video.  (posted 13th feb,2008). I am still a bit skeptical about the photos of the ufo though!

Another interesting source i have stumbled across, although written in 1996, mentions in these documents, Air Force procedure with regard to ufos … see here for details (PDF file).

For map of stephenville see here .


6 Responses to “Fox 4: UFO investigation won’t go away”

  1. Steve said

    Interesting video (I am probably less skeptical since several witnesses clearly described that movement of the lights before the video was released), but I liked the pdf even more.
    Would you mind sharing who asked for the release of that document, or which event triggered the release?
    Looks like the fax was send in july 1997: Phoenix Arizona???

  2. dandare said

    Hi Steve… the pdf; well for some reason i have the link on my computer (and its saved too), but i have no link to a website,ect.
    Ahhh…ok. found it: it is on Air Force FOIA page (www.foia.af.mil/ ) and in search put ufo. came up with 2 links.
    the one above, all it has for it in the link is
    MEMORANDUM FOR HQ USAFIINXX 1700 Air Force Pentagon Washington DC …
    OBJECTS (UFO) s/.s/-‘ Ar-;eo-/7; “S-<.fl-.I, , This …
    At top of document (written 4th october,1996).

  3. Steve said

    Thanks Dan!!! Pretty interesting document. I’ve read it twice already!

  4. dandare said

    Thanks Steve…
    It makes you wonder how much is in use today? and it caught my attention too.
    On the document front…. i will be adding documents to download, on a permanent link, not sure when, but am working on it.
    Anything you wish me to add, or find (within reason..lol) just give me a shout and i’ll do my best.

  5. ufospider said

    I have found out that (1) there’s a “younger” version of AFR 200-2 and (2) that it has been replaced by AFR 80-17 in 1966.
    All the best!

  6. dandare said

    Cool… thanks Steve, + well found! i’ve downloaded it.
    Interesting stuff. 🙂

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