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UFO Update (issue n29)

Posted by dandare on February 15, 2008

Ok…. i realised that i have not written a proper UFO Update, since 27th January!


Obviously, i have had to shorten it slightly, otherwise it could have turned into a small book… and then everyone would have possibly fallen asleep! 

We kick off with “Could bright lights be UFOs?” (posted 31st jan,2008- spaldingtoday.co.uk , short aticle). It mentions “THREE bright orange lights were seen hovering above Spalding last night” (extract from article). see here for previous sighting reported in the area, and an even older one here .

In explicata (text translated) “black objects surround japanese airliner” (posted 28th jan,2008). It says “An Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 was surrounded by 20 spherical objects in the San Mateo Air Corridor in the vicinity of the Satellite Towers in the state of Mexico” (extract from article). The actual sighting was seen on the 24th jan,2008.

In heraldTribune.com -Blog -De Void by Billy Cox, it states “Cato caves on UFOs” (posted 31st jan,2008). It says that “Dom Armentano never considered his occasional reflections on America’s UFO conundrum to be particularly gutsy” (extract from article).

It then goes on to state that “A few days after his column appeared, the Vero Beach resident got a letter informing him Cato was in the “process of overhauling” its adjunct scholars program. More to the point, it was canning Armentano as an adjunct scholar” (extract from article). Does this sound familiar.

The american Chronicle wrote an article on the 31st jan,2008 entitled “Triangle-shaped UFOs are focus of sightings, research“. See also here for related article.

A translated page of the next website, is of interest to sightings in Mexico ; entitled “Ovni light descends on the hill, pie de Minas,Mexico” (posted ? but in either jan or feb 2008).

It mentions “The newspaper The Chronicle of Chilpancingo Vespertino reported sighting of an unknown light, which fell on the hill Bottom of Mines and gave flashes for more than 30 hours, causing alarm among the villagers. The fact was recorded during the early morning of December 31, 2007, in Mezcala, Guerrero (Mexico)” (extract from translation). It goes on : 

“According to the news reporter Francisco Rangel Cruz, dated January 10, 2008, the phenomenon was observed by the entire population, from children to seniors, including engineers and mine workers Los Filos, where deposits gold.According to testimony, even federal highway drivers stopped to witness the intense light that moved through several parts of the town, at an altitude of approximately 300 meters” (extract from translation). It seems the ufo investigators are still looking into this case. (also see here , and here for some more that might interest?)

For Puerto Rico sighting at Guanica see here (information provided by ufo info.com), for jan 19th 2008. Also a follow-up account can be seen here .

astrobio.net wrote on the 28th jan,2008, “Life on frosted Earths“, in which

“The search for life beyond the Earth is closely linked with hunting for habitable worlds. Astronomers have always hoped to find planets in the so-called “Goldilocks zone” around their parent stars, where the temperature is just right” (extract from article). It goes on to mention that

“This restricts our search as it limits the places we think life could exist, but new research hints that habitable zones could extend much farther than previously thought” (extract from article). Its debates page is also worth a visit with discussions on what is life, and so on. see here for the debates page.

In blog.oregonlive.com (30th jan,2008), “Albany man sees UFO that no one else did, has blob video to prove it“.

Albany man sees UFO

“Brian Wright of Albany saw a circular, bright light in the eastern sky about a year ago, and he’s wondered about it ever since” (extract from article).


At ufodigest.com, “Project Open Mind” caught my eye, (posted feb 14th,2008), among other good articles at a great site. It states:

“Although there are striking differences between the experiences of abductees and mind control victims, there are similarities as well. Project Open Mind / MILABS looks at the possible technology behind abductions and mind control and the relationship to extraterrestrials and the government” (extract from article).

 Other articles of interest:

Beatles space broadcast risk alien attack” (telegraph; 6th feb,2008)

Did we both see a UFO” (eveningtelegraph.co.uk – posted 4th feb,2008)

Time travellers from the future could be with us in weeks” (telegraph- 6th feb,2008)

Flying saucer drone in military showdown” (blog.wired.com – posted 11th feb,2008)

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