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UFOs…. What to do?

Posted by dandare on February 17, 2008

I came across this interesting report, that is available for public release/viewing.

From the Defense Technical Information Centre (DTIC), a report written in 1968, was entitled “UFOs:  What to Do?”.

It mentions

“UFOs — unidentified flying objects, or flying saucers as they are often called — have been on the mind of the public for at least the last 22 years. For a number of reasons, we know little more about them now than we did at the outset.

There exists a great amount of misinformation about the phenomenon not only in the minds of the public, but among educated groups such as scientists as well. It is the purpose of this series of essays to describe various aspects of the phenomenon, make clear my prejudices and the reasons for them, and to suggest a means of proceeding on this interesting and potentially very significant problem.

But first, a few words about the term UFO. J. A. Hynek, an astronomer having continuous involvement with UFO study for over 20 years, defines UFOs as ‘any reported aerial or surface visual sighting or radar return which remains unexplained by conventional means even after examination by competent persons. This definition…specifies neither flying nor objects.'(1) I would agree, but would prefer to replace ‘or radar return’ with ‘or instrumental observation’ and ‘even after examination by competent persons’ to ‘even after competent examination by qualified persons.’ This, then, is the definition I have adopted in the five essays that follow” (extract from article).

The report itself is 46 pages long, and it consists of :

Introduction, UFOs: Historical aspects, UFOs: astronomical aspects, UFOs:The character of reports, UFOs: Phenomenological aspects, UFOs: how to proceed and why, a report form, Bibliography.

You can download the report at   http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADB223765

Even though it was written in 1968, it has some great information….  

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UFO in the sky? Texas is one of the top 3 states for sightings

Posted by dandare on February 17, 2008

ufo online

According to the Victoria Advocate “UFO in the sky? texas is one of the top three states for sightings” (posted 15th feb,2008).It mentions “The 24-year-old was traveling down U.S. Highway 183 – between Cuero and Gonzales – on his way home from a New Year’s party when he said he spotted a UFO in the cool, night sky” (extract from article).

 He later went on to say that it dissappeared and reappeared 30 minutes later. He video taped it, and this can be seen below.

and later

Not to sure what to think of this video – the skeptic in me wants to shout out and say no, due to shaking of the video (could just be a star/planet,ect)…not really enough to go on from this, i’m afraid (also no reference points-ie a part of a house,tree,ect to know how big it is). Although the second video, was taken later (not referring to this article) and seems slightly more interesting?Ok…. I’m going to be frank- they both could be anything. 


MUFON add in this article, that there are between 15-20 sightings a month, putting it in the top 3 states…. however, they do mention that 9 out of 10 times, they are explained as IFO’s. It then goes on to say that:

“In early January, Nancy Adams was on her way home from work at about 6 p.m. when a light streaked across the sky and fizzled away like a firework.

Her home sits on a tall hill about two miles from U.S. Highway 87, she said, and with the cloudless sky, she had a clear view.

“”I’ve seen shooting stars many times in my life, but that wasn’t what this was,”” said Adams, who works at an area pharmacy.””This had a trail of fire behind it.””

Adams described herself as “as big a believer as the next guy,” but said she never thought the incident was anything more than a meteor.

“They say those things fall to the ground all the time,” she said. “It was neat”” (extract from article). MUFON has noticed that there are more sightings being reported now, and from all types of people.


At the end of the article it has :

The Mutual UFO Network offers 10 tips for those who see a UFO:

Don’t panic but do protect yourself.

This could be a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you’ll want to remember what you see.

Remain objective.

Attempt to determine what else the object might be. Not all flying objects are extraterrestrial.

Record the event through photos or a video camera.

If you don’t have those items with you, attempt to draw what you’ve seen.

Make an audio recording of what you see as it occurs.

If you don’t have a recorder on hand, write the information down.

If other people are with you, ask them to record their observations.

Don’t discuss it with them until after you’re done compiling what you’ve seen.

If the UFO left evidence behind, don’t disturb it.

Take pictures of the site and take precise notes. Take precautions before touching anything.

If the UFO is far away, attempt to give some idea as to its size.

At arm’s length, determine what could cover the object from view, such as a quarter, dime or tennis ball.

Attempt to determine how far away the UFO is and how fast it’s traveling.

How long did it take to cross the sky? How far off the ground was it?

If you come upon an extraterrestrial being, protect yourself.

Reach a safe distance from the being and record any information possible, as long as you remain safe.

Report your sighting to a research organization.

You can report directly to the Mutual UFO Network online at http://www.mufon.com/reportufo.htm.

Source: Mutual UFO Network Web siteTo file a report with the Mutual UFO Network:Go online to http://www.mufon.com and fill out an electronic form”

Love it…. 

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