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“UFOs over cyprus”?

Posted by dandare on February 18, 2008


In a recent feature article, written by Jean Christou (at cyprus-mail.com) entitled “UFOs over Cyprus?” it mentions :

“THEY never seem to show up on civil aviation or military radar, and Cypriot pilots say they have not seen any.
Yet Cyprus appears to be a hotbed of UFO activity given the number of sightings reported by members of the public.
The latest incident was some two weeks ago over Pervolia near Larnaca, which happens to be near the airport and close enough to the British base of Dhekelia” (extract from article).

It then goes on to recount other sightings too… not sure of the accuracy, and it seems to like to quote from UFO monthly  magazine (that was, was known to over do articles/facts). Worth a blog entry though. 

I do not know much about UFO sightings in Cyprus, to be honest.

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