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Russia to build £3m UFO centre… tourism gone mad?

Posted by dandare on February 20, 2008


According to Ananova.com “Russia builds £3m UFO centre” (posted recently..no actual date though). It mentions

“Authorities in a remote Russian region at the centre of dozens of reports of UFO sightings have started work on a £3 million centre to attract alien spotters” (extract from article). It later mentions

“Now officials want to cash in on the fame with a centre that will include a museum and theme park.

It will include an observatory for people to scan the skies for UFOs, a special trail along sites of supposed UFO sightings, as well as displays and even equipment like infra-red cameras that can be rented by UFO spotters to catch aliens on film” (extract from article).

I just find this a bit sad, as it seems people are jumping on the band wagon, for tourism exploitation, and so on. I have no objection to a bit of marketing, but this seems way over the top and cheesy.

However, i feel the Roswell festival is a good idea, but this is slightly different, as it not all year round.

I dread to think what else might be added to this ‘ufo centre’.

Other sources: Pravda.RU “First UFO sanctuary opens in Russia” (posted 20th feb,2008)     

3 Responses to “Russia to build £3m UFO centre… tourism gone mad?”

  1. Asia said

    Yeahh.. Only USA can built that kind of thing. Others should not, jumping the bandwagon and bla bla bla.. We always heard that from american and we are tired.

  2. dandare said

    Hi Asia… I think you might have misunderstood me here: probably the Roswell festival was a wrong example to give; however, it only happens once a year, for a set period.
    What i do not like is the tackiness that a ufo centre would bring, all year round, with trails et al. I must also say, that this applies to any country (not just Russia)…. there are probably examples in the USA (but at the moment this escapes me) , as well as other countries.
    However, £3m on a ufo centre…. thats got to be the most spent on 0ne ufo centre ever.
    It’s a shame this was not spent on research instead, for instance.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Hello. . .

    Russia was the FIRST to put a man-made satellite in space . . .the FIRST to place a manned spacecraft on Earth orbit..(never mind the FIRST animal/dog Laika). . . the FIRST to send the first WOMAN in space, too. . .never mind that they LOST in the Moon race with the U.S. . .

    Now, perhaps by putting up this rather “expensive” museum, I hope they got some REAL alien “stuff” for exhibition. Maybe the UFO (or parts of it) they found in the Gobai desert?. . . perhaps a “real” honest-to-goodness “alien life form”?. . .

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