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Archive for February 29th, 2008

UFO snapped over Thames (The Sun)…mmmm..NO.

Posted by dandare on February 29, 2008

alienss.jpgIt seems a feature of the Sun, to write any old rubbish about UFOs, and again, they do not disappoint me!

In “UFO snapped over thames” (posted 28th february,2008) they have two photos; one of the london eye, and the other of london bridge, which a student, low and behold took photos of, who did not notice until she looked at them again….and found a ufo in each photo. 

They claim that experts say it is the real deal……. ok, before i sound like a broken record, i can safely say that this is total rubbish i’m afraid….although i did have a good giggle at it (but the ufo subject does take a bashing due to these type articles in a mainstream tabloid newspaper).

A quick glance at both photos for instance, and wouldn’t you know the UFO in both photos are almost at the same angle and size.

 Also, its quite clearly a reflection from the inside of a car.

So, more like a bridge too far, and an eye-ful of nothing. 



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W.A. Harbinson? Projekt UFO …the case for man-made flying saucers

Posted by dandare on February 29, 2008

W.A. Harbinson wrote a book in 1995, entitled “Projekt UFO: The case for Man-made Flying Saucers”. I remember, it had some well thought arguments, that basically, there is a ruthless technology right here on earth, and the scenario is definately something that people should be aware of, if not necessarily agree on.

For the record, there is some parts of this book, that i do not agree with, but it does get your mind thinking, questioning and so on, and this can only be a good thing.      

His website can be found here  

The second volume to this, Pheonix: Projekt Saucer Book 2″ is available for free…. at the download page on his site.

I have not read it yet, but will be reading it soon..

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