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UFO snapped over Thames (The Sun)…mmmm..NO.

Posted by dandare on February 29, 2008

alienss.jpgIt seems a feature of the Sun, to write any old rubbish about UFOs, and again, they do not disappoint me!

In “UFO snapped over thames” (posted 28th february,2008) they have two photos; one of the london eye, and the other of london bridge, which a student, low and behold took photos of, who did not notice until she looked at them again….and found a ufo in each photo. 

They claim that experts say it is the real deal……. ok, before i sound like a broken record, i can safely say that this is total rubbish i’m afraid….although i did have a good giggle at it (but the ufo subject does take a bashing due to these type articles in a mainstream tabloid newspaper).

A quick glance at both photos for instance, and wouldn’t you know the UFO in both photos are almost at the same angle and size.

 Also, its quite clearly a reflection from the inside of a car.

So, more like a bridge too far, and an eye-ful of nothing. 


16 Responses to “UFO snapped over Thames (The Sun)…mmmm..NO.”

  1. Sandy said

    Looks like the reflection of something on the dashboard or something else with a soft light.

  2. dandare said

    Thanks Sandy for your comments

  3. GaryP said

    Had a quick play with cutting both images out and trying to overlay them…..not quite in the same plane…but definately looks like reflected image to me…maybe object slid on dashboard to make it in a slightly different plane come the next photo

  4. dandare said

    I agree GaryP, i’m also pretty sure its a reflected image… either a reflection from something in the car, like the speedometer, or could possibly be ‘a photoshop cut+paste job’ (more unlikely).
    Also in both photos lit from the same angle; also if it was real, and this big, why did the picture taker not see the UFO, and it would also be headline news in all papers, with loads of witnesses.
    Thanks for commenting.

  5. That was clearly edited, who doesn’t notice a giant disc in the sky that was almost as big as one of the rides there?!
    “Oh, let me take pictures of the sky.”
    “Well lookie here, some UFOs in my pictures.”

  6. sheep19 said

    So where are the photos?

  7. dandare said

    Hi Hellopayton…. yes it does look a bit suspicious doesn’t it.
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. dandare said

    Hi Sheep19; If you click on “UFO snapped over thames” in the above post (the article and photos will open in a new window). also they have stopped you saving the photos, due to copyright issues….
    Hope this helps….

  9. sheep19 said

    Well it seems to big to be missed. Also, the image’s quality is so terrible so a copy-paste job in photoshop is easy.

    Oh and about the copyright issues, there’s always the button “Printscreen”. 🙂

  10. Elaine said

    Hi Dandare,
    I agree with everyone’s comments regarding this photo, however, I’ve read in many reports that people have taken snapshots of beautiful scenery for instance, or of family members, and once the photo is developed there’s an object in the sky in the background that they didn’t see at the time. Do you think in all cases it’s a hoax?

  11. dandare said

    Thanks Sheep19…. i’ll keep this in mind for future posts (and thanks for reminding me).I agree the image quality is terrible.

  12. dandare said

    Hi Elaine,
    You must take every photo, break it down by analyising it, and come to a conclusion. However, i am a bit skeptical of photos, with what appears to be a ufo in the picture, after the event happened, which they did not see at the time.
    I would not say they are hoaxes (just that they might read to much into it), although there are always those which are of course (hoaxes that is).
    What is forgotten is that dust/particles can collect on the camera lens;in digital cameras dust on the sensor, and other natural phenomena that can look like ufo shapes… can occur (an earlier sun article, in which a bird was a ufo, for instance).
    Of course that is not including cut and paste in photoshop and CGI software?
    please also have a look at http://csicop.org/si/2003-09/faking-ufo-photos.html
    I have tried to keep it short, and hope i have answered some of your queries here….
    Regards (and thanks for the interesting questions).

  13. Elaine said

    Hi Dandare,
    Thanks for the link, very cool!

  14. sheep19 said

    Hi Dandare,
    I agree with you that photos can fool us very easily. It’s better to have a video, although people can edit them too.

  15. dandare said

    Thanks Elaine… (if i find anymore, i’ll post them too).

  16. dandare said

    Sheep19…very true.. 🙂

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