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UFO in the sky? Texas is one of the top 3 states for sightings

Posted by dandare on February 17, 2008

ufo online

According to the Victoria Advocate “UFO in the sky? texas is one of the top three states for sightings” (posted 15th feb,2008).It mentions “The 24-year-old was traveling down U.S. Highway 183 – between Cuero and Gonzales – on his way home from a New Year’s party when he said he spotted a UFO in the cool, night sky” (extract from article).

 He later went on to say that it dissappeared and reappeared 30 minutes later. He video taped it, and this can be seen below.

and later

Not to sure what to think of this video – the skeptic in me wants to shout out and say no, due to shaking of the video (could just be a star/planet,ect)…not really enough to go on from this, i’m afraid (also no reference points-ie a part of a house,tree,ect to know how big it is). Although the second video, was taken later (not referring to this article) and seems slightly more interesting?Ok…. I’m going to be frank- they both could be anything. 


MUFON add in this article, that there are between 15-20 sightings a month, putting it in the top 3 states…. however, they do mention that 9 out of 10 times, they are explained as IFO’s. It then goes on to say that:

“In early January, Nancy Adams was on her way home from work at about 6 p.m. when a light streaked across the sky and fizzled away like a firework.

Her home sits on a tall hill about two miles from U.S. Highway 87, she said, and with the cloudless sky, she had a clear view.

“”I’ve seen shooting stars many times in my life, but that wasn’t what this was,”” said Adams, who works at an area pharmacy.””This had a trail of fire behind it.””

Adams described herself as “as big a believer as the next guy,” but said she never thought the incident was anything more than a meteor.

“They say those things fall to the ground all the time,” she said. “It was neat”” (extract from article). MUFON has noticed that there are more sightings being reported now, and from all types of people.


At the end of the article it has :

The Mutual UFO Network offers 10 tips for those who see a UFO:

Don’t panic but do protect yourself.

This could be a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you’ll want to remember what you see.

Remain objective.

Attempt to determine what else the object might be. Not all flying objects are extraterrestrial.

Record the event through photos or a video camera.

If you don’t have those items with you, attempt to draw what you’ve seen.

Make an audio recording of what you see as it occurs.

If you don’t have a recorder on hand, write the information down.

If other people are with you, ask them to record their observations.

Don’t discuss it with them until after you’re done compiling what you’ve seen.

If the UFO left evidence behind, don’t disturb it.

Take pictures of the site and take precise notes. Take precautions before touching anything.

If the UFO is far away, attempt to give some idea as to its size.

At arm’s length, determine what could cover the object from view, such as a quarter, dime or tennis ball.

Attempt to determine how far away the UFO is and how fast it’s traveling.

How long did it take to cross the sky? How far off the ground was it?

If you come upon an extraterrestrial being, protect yourself.

Reach a safe distance from the being and record any information possible, as long as you remain safe.

Report your sighting to a research organization.

You can report directly to the Mutual UFO Network online at http://www.mufon.com/reportufo.htm.

Source: Mutual UFO Network Web siteTo file a report with the Mutual UFO Network:Go online to http://www.mufon.com and fill out an electronic form”

Love it…. 


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UFO Update (issue n29)

Posted by dandare on February 15, 2008

Ok…. i realised that i have not written a proper UFO Update, since 27th January!


Obviously, i have had to shorten it slightly, otherwise it could have turned into a small book… and then everyone would have possibly fallen asleep! 

We kick off with “Could bright lights be UFOs?” (posted 31st jan,2008- spaldingtoday.co.uk , short aticle). It mentions “THREE bright orange lights were seen hovering above Spalding last night” (extract from article). see here for previous sighting reported in the area, and an even older one here .

In explicata (text translated) “black objects surround japanese airliner” (posted 28th jan,2008). It says “An Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 was surrounded by 20 spherical objects in the San Mateo Air Corridor in the vicinity of the Satellite Towers in the state of Mexico” (extract from article). The actual sighting was seen on the 24th jan,2008.

In heraldTribune.com -Blog -De Void by Billy Cox, it states “Cato caves on UFOs” (posted 31st jan,2008). It says that “Dom Armentano never considered his occasional reflections on America’s UFO conundrum to be particularly gutsy” (extract from article).

It then goes on to state that “A few days after his column appeared, the Vero Beach resident got a letter informing him Cato was in the “process of overhauling” its adjunct scholars program. More to the point, it was canning Armentano as an adjunct scholar” (extract from article). Does this sound familiar.

The american Chronicle wrote an article on the 31st jan,2008 entitled “Triangle-shaped UFOs are focus of sightings, research“. See also here for related article.

A translated page of the next website, is of interest to sightings in Mexico ; entitled “Ovni light descends on the hill, pie de Minas,Mexico” (posted ? but in either jan or feb 2008).

It mentions “The newspaper The Chronicle of Chilpancingo Vespertino reported sighting of an unknown light, which fell on the hill Bottom of Mines and gave flashes for more than 30 hours, causing alarm among the villagers. The fact was recorded during the early morning of December 31, 2007, in Mezcala, Guerrero (Mexico)” (extract from translation). It goes on : 

“According to the news reporter Francisco Rangel Cruz, dated January 10, 2008, the phenomenon was observed by the entire population, from children to seniors, including engineers and mine workers Los Filos, where deposits gold.According to testimony, even federal highway drivers stopped to witness the intense light that moved through several parts of the town, at an altitude of approximately 300 meters” (extract from translation). It seems the ufo investigators are still looking into this case. (also see here , and here for some more that might interest?)

For Puerto Rico sighting at Guanica see here (information provided by ufo info.com), for jan 19th 2008. Also a follow-up account can be seen here .

astrobio.net wrote on the 28th jan,2008, “Life on frosted Earths“, in which

“The search for life beyond the Earth is closely linked with hunting for habitable worlds. Astronomers have always hoped to find planets in the so-called “Goldilocks zone” around their parent stars, where the temperature is just right” (extract from article). It goes on to mention that

“This restricts our search as it limits the places we think life could exist, but new research hints that habitable zones could extend much farther than previously thought” (extract from article). Its debates page is also worth a visit with discussions on what is life, and so on. see here for the debates page.

In blog.oregonlive.com (30th jan,2008), “Albany man sees UFO that no one else did, has blob video to prove it“.

Albany man sees UFO

“Brian Wright of Albany saw a circular, bright light in the eastern sky about a year ago, and he’s wondered about it ever since” (extract from article).


At ufodigest.com, “Project Open Mind” caught my eye, (posted feb 14th,2008), among other good articles at a great site. It states:

“Although there are striking differences between the experiences of abductees and mind control victims, there are similarities as well. Project Open Mind / MILABS looks at the possible technology behind abductions and mind control and the relationship to extraterrestrials and the government” (extract from article).

 Other articles of interest:

Beatles space broadcast risk alien attack” (telegraph; 6th feb,2008)

Did we both see a UFO” (eveningtelegraph.co.uk – posted 4th feb,2008)

Time travellers from the future could be with us in weeks” (telegraph- 6th feb,2008)

Flying saucer drone in military showdown” (blog.wired.com – posted 11th feb,2008)

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Indiana Jones IV (out may 2008), trailer has Roswell, New Mexico (1947) connection

Posted by dandare on February 14, 2008

If you look at the latest trailer to this here, we get an insight as to what the film will involve….. and glaringly obvious is a crate showing Roswell, New Mexico, 1947.

Great, so looks like UFOs are going to be involved in this film. (this is an update to an earlier article i made, and at that time i was mearly working on rumour). 

Also see here for more information

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Angelia Joiner – reporting again on Stephenville UFO sightings

Posted by dandare on February 14, 2008

She’s back, and on Stephenvillelight.com , reporting new information about the ufo sightings… it starts

“”It’s clear.
Whatever is hovering over Erath County isn’t leaving. UFO reports are pouring in. Two are from original witnesses, and two new ones are coming aboard.
This time there are pictures and video — Constable Lee Roy Gaitan made sure of it.
The following are accounts from Gaitan, Ricky Sorrells, Mac McKinnon, and a source not wishing to be identified.
Note: Gaitan’s first sighting was with his eight-year-old son on Jan. 8 when he saw a red glow that faded and then reappeared. Later he said he saw bright white lights that seemed to “bounce around in the sky” and took off at a “blazing speed”” (extract from article).

alien tag

Their Mission Statement near the bottom states:
“Our purpose is to promote full disclosure of knowledge and information regarding unidentified flying objects throughout the world by encouraging the government and military forces of the United States of America through reasonable and peaceful means provided to us by the United States Constitution” (exact words from article).

I look forward to more from this site…. its good news.

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Fox 4: UFO investigation won’t go away

Posted by dandare on February 14, 2008


 Fox4 has an interesting video about the Stephenville ufo sighting which is definately worth watching….according to this, the sightings came from a 60 mile radius, and are still being seen. see here for video.  (posted 13th feb,2008). I am still a bit skeptical about the photos of the ufo though!

Another interesting source i have stumbled across, although written in 1996, mentions in these documents, Air Force procedure with regard to ufos … see here for details (PDF file).

For map of stephenville see here .


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Letter Protesting firing of Reporter covering UFO story (very short article)

Posted by dandare on February 12, 2008

Ok….. i have highlighted this article, just in case you are not aware of it…. it is basically a letter of protest aimed at E-T (thats stephenville Empire Tribune), also a link to congress can be found here too. the article can be found here  .

Unfortunately i cannot use the congress link, but will be thinking of an e-mail to write to the paper. 

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UK UFO photo, does not reflect the true image?

Posted by dandare on February 12, 2008

animated england flag

“The Sun” newspaper (among others), has this rather stupid article entitled “UFO plays and displays” (12th feb,2008). It has a large photo of a very obviously faked UFO….. oh, and guess what, the person who took the photo did not see the ufo at the time he took it.

 This is probably because it was done on computer, me thinks. I’m not going to analysis it, because i have better things to do with my time, but a quick glance suggests that firstly the ufo is clear, and the street lights are foggy; the depth of field is all wrong for the ufo too (also different resolution to the rest of the photo). Could even be due to reflected light (but extremely unlikely). Also there would have been more than 1 witness too?

Other papers that cover it are another national paper, the daily mail with “Flying saucer spotted over portsmouth (or is it a trick of the light)” and a local paper “Did i snap a UFO in the fog?” .

In answer to “did i snap a ufo in the fog?” well, quite frankly NO…………………..

The show must go on………………………. Next please.

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UK UFO update (february 2008)

Posted by dandare on February 11, 2008

great britain
Just a quick update to UK sightings i have noticed…. i have not had time to have a proper look yet, but i will soon; however, i thought i would just post the articles here for you to have a look at.

Flood of calls over UFO” (8th feb,2008)

Elsie’s UFO encounter on the A45  in south Northants” (4th feb,2008)

Could bright lights be UFOs” (31st jan,2008)

I filmed UFO over Northampton, claims cameraman” (1st feb,2008- *special thanks to Elaine for pointing this out to me)

Housewife: i saw a UFO out of my bedroom window” (11th feb,2008)

Bright lights in quiet night fright” (11th feb,2008)

For other Northampton and chronicle articles for 2008 see here : as you can see there are quite a few being written about in this paper.

I will have a proper look soon, but i cannot guarantee i will be able to reach any conclusions (mainly due to the fact that the papers like to make things a bit imaginative/little facts available) but i’ll try?

I apologize again, as UFO updates is again delayed.   

PhotobucketUPDATE: 12th February

There is one other  UK sighting to report:

In the granthamjournal.co.uk “UPDATED:UFO spotted in skies above Grantham?” (12th feb,2008)

A problem with alot of this reportings, is that quite alot of the time, there is virtually no research (apart from a few exceptions), quite a few never follow up with an outcome, and some are quite obvious fakes….

I will still monitor them, but i sometimes wonder what value they have… however, one might turn into something special: for example, i had a quick look at “i filmed UFO  over northampton” (posted 1st feb,2008) above article, and the video is really misleading: it could be absolutely anything, with no reference points,ect. the article mainly talks about other sightings, and the like.

Any suggestions, comments…. are very welcome. 

For recent Fenland update please see https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/02/20/uk-fenland-ufo-witness-sightings-growing/ 

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What to do, if you see a UFO?

Posted by dandare on February 11, 2008

ufo online

If you believe you have seen a ufo, try and do a sketch of what you saw, at the first opportunity. Also write down/even put it on video/ect all the details you can remember about this sighting.

Probably the most important thing here (apart from a sketch/video/photo) is the date, time of the event, and the exact location…. so you do not then forget at a later date. If you have a camera, it might be an idea to take photos of after the event, and a daylight photo as well (if it happened at night).


Try and eliminate any IFO’s (identified Flying Objects) from the equation, before you carry on; Then send this information to a resource which can handle this well… I would suggest MUFON as the first best source, but there are others (maybe your local UFO group) … many on the website,  now have online forms you can fill in, to simplify the process.

Some people also call the police, airports, ect (but it is only recommended if you are sure it is not an IFO). They usually have limited time, and you probably will not get much out of this anyway.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If in the UK, you can log the sighting on the MOD site database, but that will probably be all that will happen. Still probably worth it, to see if anyone else saw the same thing, and for statistics.

Where to report:

MUFON,    NUFORC,    for instance.

Some other places that welcome reports are: ufo casebook , HBCC .

This is only a rough guide, but i hope this gives you an outline of useful tips if you see anything that you question. Remenber though, alot of the time many of these sightings are indeed IFO’s and nothing more…. 


 “What should i do if i see a UFO

10 things you should remember if you see a UFO

How to video a UFO

    alien tag

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Stephenville UFO sighting- still more surprises-but not nice ones?

Posted by dandare on February 10, 2008


I now report on the nastier side of the Stephenville ufo sighting….

It is reported that one witness was harassed by an unknown source (and later i report on Angelia Joiner losing her job at the Stephenville Tribune)?

As was reported in the Stephenville Tribune (full article below):

More twists in the Sorrells’ sagaBy ANGELIA JOINER Staff Writer
Monday, February 4, 2008 11:19 AM CST

Answers.Ricky Sorrells just wants answers. And, in light of what he’s been through, it doesn’t seem to be a lot to ask.Witnessing an unidentified flying object four times since the beginning of the new year, then having military aircraft whizzing over his land and disrupting his sleep and livestock, followed by a string of mysterious phone calls and in person encounters from individuals demanding he “shut up” about what he saw, and landing unexpectedly in the international spotlight, has taken a toll on the 37-year-old man accustomed to the simple life.“If you told me a while back that I would be sitting here talking to you about UFOs I would have said, ‘No way, not in a million years,” Sorrells said. ” Now, I know for the rest of my life I’ll keep looking to find out what it was.”Sorrells said he is receiving a lot of support from family and friends helping him to keep an eye on things. He said that support has been a great help to him.

“I’m not going to freak out or anything,” Sorrells said. “I just think the government should come forward and help us to figure out this thing. I think people should write to their congressman or something.”

Sorrells said soon after his Associated Press interview went around the world in mid-January – not only was he allegedly contacted by a Lt. Colonel telling him to keep quiet about what he saw, he was also contacted by a woman named Linda Moulton Howe.

Howe’s Web site touts: “Earthfiles is a crossroads where experts, eyewitnesses and viewers meet to share the latest updates in earth and astronomical mysteries, in-depth reports that go beyond the 6 o’clock news. Earthfiles reporter and editor, Linda Moulton Howe, is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental challenges and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness. Earthfiles.com received the 2006 W3 Silver Award for excellence in news category. Earthfiles.com also received the 2003 WebAward for Standard of Excellence and the 2000 Encyclopedia Britannica Award honoring Internet excellence.”

Sorrells said he vaguely remembered listening to her on a radio program years ago while on a road trip and her name clicked with him. It was the only familiar name he knew and she promised to do an investigation so he agreed not to talk to anyone else until she could make the trip from New Mexico. Howe arrived in Dublin last week and stayed with Sorrells and his family to conduct the investigation and left late last week.

“I told her everything I knew and showed her my property,” Sorrels said. “After she left, I felt I had honored my commitment with her. Things have settled down a little and I feel free to talk about the experiences I have had. I just didn’t want to do anything that would interfere with her investigation because I want the truth.”

He said the last time he saw the object he was able to get a video on his camera phone and said he has seen some other “pretty good footage” taken by others.

One night Sorrells said he had four helicopters flying at such low altitude that when a spotlight was shined up at them from Sorrells’ pickup he could see the pilot throw his arm up in front of his eyes to block the light. But there has been another strange occurrence recently on his property that leads him to believe the military is involved. It was an unexpected visitor about 1 a.m. who may have left something behind.

“I was in bed asleep,” Sorrells said. “I keep my bird dogs on the east side of my house and three others on the west side. The black lab doesn’t bark until someone comes across the cattle guard and the Catahoula doesn’t bark until she actually sees someone. They were all barking so I got up to see what was going on.”

Sorrells said he walked to his bedroom window and looked out to the top of his driveway – he saw someone.

“I went around the bed and grabbed my rifle,” Sorrells said.

His family was still sleeping, so with one hand on his gun and one hand on his backdoor knob, he peered through the window of the door to see if he could spot the intruder again.

“He had positioned himself in between the car and the pickup 40 to 50 feet from my back door,” Sorrells said. “He stood staring at me rocking back and forth. I didn’t think his feet were moving but the next morning when looking at his tracks I could tell they were.”

Sorrels said it was cold and misting rain and it was obvious the guy was “dressed for the elements with a heavy parka-like coat.”

He said he strained to see if the man carried a gun but could not see one but could clearly see the face of someone he thought to be in his late 20s or early 30s judging from the way he “walked and acted.”

“I’m trying to decide whether or not to open the door,” Sorrells said. “We’re just standing there face to face looking at each other. I’m thinking he’s dressed for the elements and the dogs are raising such a ruckus he must know he’s in danger of being caught. That’s when I realized he wanted me to see him.”

Sorrells said the trespasser had positioned himself in such a way he decided he could be vulnerable if opened his door. He thought of his family and then the man slowly turned and walked into the woods.

“He walked through an area where I’d cleared the brush so apparently he’d been there before because he knew where to go,” Sorrells said.

Sorrells said shortly after the unwelcome caller disappeared the dogs calmed down and he stayed up the rest of the night to keep watch.

Later, when walking through the woods on his property with Howe, he decided to return to a bare spot where his property line ends at a fence.

“It is washed out there and I like to go there to look for deer and turkey tracks.” Sorrells said. He said he’s an avid hunter and keeps abreast of the wildlife on his place. He said he had not been to this particular spot in about a month.

“The first thing I saw was a man’s footprint,” Sorrells said. “Ms. Howe videotaped me putting my foot beside it. The sun was going down and I saw something shiny.”

Sorrells said he walked over and picked up a bullet – a shiny new 25-06 Remington – with some dotted tarnished smudges.

“I think the man that I saw that night dropped this bullet and the tarnished spots are from the misting rain that night,” Sorrells said. ” I just think it was the military showing me they could get to me if they wanted to.”

Sorrells said he just doesn’t think a hunter poaching on his property would’ve dropped the bullet. He said he doesn’t have trouble with poachers. While he knows there is no way to prove it could have been from the same man it’s something he keeps mulling over. Sorrells returned home with the bullet in hand and took it apart to look at the powder to see if he could glean any information at all. A local gun and ammunition authority said there was no way to identify if such a bullet was from a military source.

“Talking about military powder is like talking about military gasoline,” he said. “There is no difference.”

Meanwhile, Sorrells said he and other witnesses are considering setting up a Web site to encourage people to do what they can to influence government participation in finding out about the curious, sometimes frightening, sightings.

“I’ve heard that other countries are releasing information on what they know,” Sorrells said. “We’re thinking of calling it (the site) ‘Stephenville Lights.’ Too many people have seen something not to try and continue finding out about it. We want to know what it was.”
http://www.empiretribune.com/articles/2008/02/04/news/news01.txt also see here

Some people have suggested that he is only in it for some fame, but i’m not so sure; i believe that he could be telling the truth.


However, this is not the only strange news to come out of this UFO sighting:

Angelia Joiner has lost her job at the Stephenville Tribune for evidently writing too much about the UFO sighting….. well i for one am glad she did, and she must have worked hard, for all the articles were excellent.

 She kept us all informed about what was going on….and i say this because as i live in the UK, reliable sources on this were hard to come by, but Angelia’s was one that i came to enjoy, for its frankness and detailed articles. so thank you.  

Whatever happened to freedom of speech; the Stephenville Tribune must have got many hits from its website alone, solely on the UFO sighting coverage, and many more must have bought the paper due to these sightings.

Please see Abovetopsecret for more on this

Also write a message on the guestbook to protest at Angelia being forced to leave her job (just pretend it was you…. how would you have felt….i know i would have been annoyed).

the link is http://empiretribune.com/guestbook/ 

The american Chronicle has an article on this here 

Lastly, i wish Angelia Joiner all the best, and hope she finds work soon…..thanks for keeping us informed about the sighting and good luck.


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