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***Whats Coming up on UFO Online**** [any UFO ideas/topics you wish covered?]

Posted by dandare on March 6, 2008


Due to lack of time (and i want to spend some time writing and researching these posts), there are a few articles, i would like to mention, that i will be adding soon to this site.

  • The latest on the new stephenville ufo video (hopefully tommorrow)
  • UFO Updates
  • jodrell bank could be shut down, due to government cut backs (tommorrow) 
  • Latest UK sightings…. whats going on 
  • The Texas Triangle
  • Rendlesham Forest Incident (within the next 2 weeks)
  • More interesting videos (hopefully)  
  • Some more ideas are also in the pipeline

If you have any suggestions, or if you would like me to look into any ufo event/incident/ or topic then please leave a comment below, and i’ll see what i can do.


3 Responses to “***Whats Coming up on UFO Online**** [any UFO ideas/topics you wish covered?]”

  1. Elaine said

    Hi Dandare,
    I was pleased to see the videos you posted from YouTube showing Canis Majoris/Sirius being videotaped; it certainly does look like David Caron’s video. Not that it is the same thing, but at least for the average person trying to understand what it could be, we definitely could not rule out that possibility. I had seen and read about the PEI incident. On one site it mentioned it could be jet fuel being dumped. I did some research in regards to the Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker abduction case and was intrigued by it. When people are so forthright and innocent as it appeared these two men were, I find it hard to discredit them. What is your opinion? You mentioned that you’d like input as to what we, the readers of your site, might like your comments on. A couple times now you’ve stated that you don’t believe the Betty Hill (and Barney) abduction case. I am curious as to what your views are in that regard. Thanks, I look forward to your insight.

  2. dandare said

    Short on time, but thanks for your comments…will reply within next couple of days.

  3. dandare said

    oh my…nearly forgot to answer your comments! i’ve been a bit busy of late, i’m afraid.
    I’m afraid i have not researched fully on the Hickson and parker case yet, but it does indeed intrigue me also…. i will add something at a later date.
    The Betty Hill case… i will in the future definately post an article on this, but i have problems in that the story/facts,ect seem to change…over time.

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