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UFO Update (32)

Posted by dandare on March 8, 2008

UFO UPDATE     (32)



  We start off this week’s Update, with a nice little article, about Azerbaijan at globalvoicesonline.org (posted march 7th,2008) “Azerbaijan: death star hotel“. This country, in an attempt to win the olympic games, is trying to smarten up its act….. one of the ideas in the pipeline, is the making of a hotel, like a large death star (from Star wars) in Baku, its capital city. 

In the victoriatimescolonist (part of canada.com) “Puzzling UFO probably ‘terrestrial phenomenon’, but no one knows for sure” (posted march 5th,2008). It mentions: 

“One thing’s for sure when it comes to a mysterious object over the skies of Prince Edward Island: no one knows what it was – not even the UFO experts.

Chris Rutkowski, research co-ordinator for Ufology Research in Manitoba, said the object trailing a dark, spiralling plume behind it in January over the island is not a UFO.

But Rutkowski is at a loss to identify exactly what it was an islander captured on video and that left the entire country guessing as to its origin” (extract from article).


At boston.com “Inquiring minds try to unearth truth behind UFOs” (posted 2nd march,2008). It says: 

“While such accounts are often explained away or even ridiculed by skeptics, sightings that appear to defy descriptions of conventional aircraft fascinate Greg Berghorn, director of the state chapter of the national Mutual UFO Network, known as MUFON.

The Massachusetts group was established in 1984 and now boasts about 100 volunteer field investigators, and logs approximately 50 UFO reports annually. The vast majority can be explained as hoaxes, misidentified satellites, or even the planet Venus, said Berghorn, but three or four sightings every year are not so easy to discredit” (extract from article).

It also mentions local sightings, and other such investigations, and the problems faced by this MUFON Massachusett’s chapter. It says that  1 in 10 sightings are never reported.

Their site can be seen at http://massmufon.com/ 
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A rather different post, can be found at thejakartapost.com (posted march 6th,2008) entiutled “The truth is out there, online“.  it says that:

Aliens and UFOs might be considered as part of the meeting between science and irrationality that has grown in the United States. In Indonesia, however, UFO and alien fan clubs have blossomed with the rising use of the Internet in the past few years.

Communities of UFO hobbyists all across the country join mailing lists and exchange pictures and information on the internet. Some blog to share thoughts with anyone who happens to drop by their site.

The BETA-UFO community, which was founded by Nur Agustinus in 1997, is the largest of these forums with a total of 750 members on its Yahoo group’s mailing list. The mailing list members are scattered throughout all regions of the country ” (extract from article).


At goldcoast.com “Experts are baffled by orange UFO” (posted 7th march,2008)…..

“WHAT glows orange, scours the skyline and leaves a black plume of smoke? Annette Van Zetten is not exactly sure what she saw shooting across the Tweed skyline on Wednesday evening, but it certainly grabbed her attention as well as the police and rescue authorities” (extract from article)…..posted 7th march,2008. 

 Whilst trawling the web, i noticed this article at wlox.com, “Gautier man shares story of 1973 Alien abduction” (posted 28th feb,2008). it mentions

“Late one October night in 1973, Charles Hickson decided to go fishing on the Pascagoula River with his buddy, 19-year-old Calvin Parker. But something happened that night that would change their lives forever” (extract from article). He then goes on to explain, his ordeal and says;

“I am not trying to force anybody to believe anything. I just simply tell them what happen to Calvin and me, and they make up their own minds if they want to believe it or not” (extract from article).

Mysterious goings-on in Luton skies leave onlookers baffled” (bedfordtoday.co.uk, posted 6th march,2008).

First a mysterious red light was spotted hovering over the Luton & Dunstable Hospital at around 9pm, and then later on another light was seen in the skies above Houghton Regis” (extract from article). 

I will mention “Secret UN meetings discussing UFOs chaired by President of the general assembly” in passing, but personally i do not believe this for one moment. For instance,

“[..]…..that agreement was reached to develop an official policy of ‘openness’ to UFO reports in 2009 provided two conditions were met. Peace and stability in democratic nations was the first. The second condition was that UFO sightings would continue at present levels” (extract from article).

I’m sorry, but how stupid is this…..this will never happen (and how do you define peace…is that total peace as in no disturbances/strikes/ect)…so they are onto a winner here. Also, why these conditions? vague sensationalism……. 

UFO investigator comes home to Victoria to investigate Texas sightings” (posted 1st march,2008 – victoria advocate.com). It says:   

“In the skies over war-torn Pristina, Kosovo, on a night almost a decade ago, something unexplainable appeared over the head of a soldier with the American 82nd Airborne Division – and changed the course of his life forever” (extract from article). It later goes on to say:-  

“But it was his later experience in Kosovo that made him realize his future would involve the investigation of whatever was up there.For the past two years, Ray has been a field investigator for MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), the largest existing organization to investigate UFOs” (extract from article).

He has recently moved to Victoria, and will be investigating UFOs in this area.



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“Take that” hints Robbie Williams, as he contemplates ending singing career, for life as a ufologist!

Posted by dandare on March 8, 2008

robbie.jpgRobbie Williams is on  strike with the EMI record label, and hints that he is about to finish his singing career to become a Ufologist.

I would usually take this news with a pinch of salt, and say “yeah right”, but this might have some substance, as i do know that he has been interested in the subject for a while, at least, probably longer.

In showbizspy.com “Robbie williams claims he has seen UFOs three times” (posted march 8th,2008). It mentions:

Singer Robbie Williams claims that he has encountered a UFO at least three times.The ‘Feel’ star – who has previously battled drug and alcohol addiction – also says he’ll quit his singing career to study aliens after his series’ of extra terrestrial experiences.

He said: “I’m stopping being a pop star. I’m going to be a full-time Ufologist” (extract from article).


The Mirror (a tabloid british newspaper), is less generous, but i bet Robbie’s used to them treating him like that; the article can be seen here . Mmm, and they are always giving us such quality news and quality investigating, not.

There are other sources, but to be honest they all say virtually the same thing.

Anyway, if he does start to investigate his interest in Ufology full time, i wish him good luck….

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