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Jodrell Bank faced with closure – sign 10 downing street petition online

Posted by dandare on March 11, 2008



Jodrell bank, in the North West (Cheshire, UK) is being faced with closure …..In the Times online (posted 6th march,2008) “World leading telescopes face being shut down to save £2.5m” .

It mentions “Merlin’s strength comes from having seven telescope dishes, including the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank, linked to receive signals from space simultaneously. Because they operate in tandem up to 135 miles apart they offer unrivalled detail on distant gallaxies” (extract from article). 

This is a disgrace, and i urge you to sign the 10 downing street petition (closing date september 6th,2008). see here . Last time i looked here, there were over 3000 signatures.

There is also an interesting article by the telegraph.co.uk (posted 7th march,2008) “UK astronomers to broadcast adverts to aliens“.

It says “The cosmic stunt marks a small step for man, a giant leap for advertising hype and underlines the desperation of British astronomers to find new sources of funding as they struggle to cope with swingeing cuts that now threaten institutions such as Jodrell Bank, the world famous observatory in Cheshire” (extract from article).

And “Alongside the risks to these and other projects is a 25 per cent cut in the STFC research grants to universities that will see numbers of postdoctoral researchers in space science and astronomy fall to their lowest level for seven years” (extract from article).



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A Chronology of frequently discussed UFO & SETI related events (1877-2006) by Isaac Koi

Posted by dandare on March 11, 2008

600px-ovni.jpgIsaac Koi has done some very interesting research, and has some excellent data on UFOs… Below is a pdf file, which i find extremely interesting and helpful, even though it was written in 2006 and is a preliminary draft…. you are free to reuse this, however if you do, please make sure you read the last paragraph, as this must be added to this article/list, if used for non-commercial use only.

Please download the pdf below. You will need adobe acrobate ; for the latest free reader, go here if you are having trouble seeing the article below.

It might take a minute or so to download, so please be patient.


A Chronology of frequently discussed UFO & SETI related events (1877-2006)

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