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Uk UFO sightings (march 2008)

Posted by dandare on March 16, 2008

276px-uk-map.pngI am following the Uk ufo sightings every month….. however, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing. Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local press. I will try to add updates (mainly just links to articles) at the end of this article for this month, as and when they arrive. 

 I will be adding information about MOD links, near the end of this article as well. 

Many local newspapers, are more interested in being ‘the UK hot spot’ of the year/moment,ect than anything else.

In halifaxcourier.co.uk, (posted 15th march,2008) “County is UFO hotspot“…. this was done by Virgin media with ufo data back to 1994 (study researched by Nick Pope- i would like to know where he pulled the data from; this is not added).

Therefore west yorkshire boasts, that it is the UK UFO hotspot, and i am assuming Nick Pope took data from the MOD ufo files that are readily available online; the telegraphandargus.co.uk (this is for bradford area) reaffirms this fact in “Keep your eyes to the skies” (posted 15th march,2008). However, this article claims that there were sightings in this area ….34 in the last 40 years (so 1994 as the last article suggested, is not right), and many above Bradford, apparently according to this article. From the virgin media site here , it mentions the data goes as far back as 1961.

In the dailyrecord.co.uk (scottish news) it boasts that “Lanarkshire is Scotlands UFO capital” (posted 15th march,2008). I think you can see the aims of all these articles…. again it is for the same virgin media study.

Lancashire, who probably feel a bit soar at coming third, with Yorkshire on the top of this list, still write in the lep.co.uk (lancashire news) “Lancashire is hot-spot for flying saucers” (posted 16th march,2008). At least it admits its motives, as it mentions that Nick Pope recommends Lancashire as a place to visit to possibly see ufos (or as they say”to spot a little green man”).


So are we talking bragging rights, extra tourism, and so on…. possibly; maybe, its also to sell some more papers. Also, what i find frustrating is where the data comes from…does it just come from one source, the MOD, and if so, should it also include other data; also, should there be more than one researcher on this, collorating the results?

In the granthamjournal.co.uk “Gonerby UFO sighted over Saskatchewan” (posted 13th march,2008). There is a basic drawing of the UFO, and the Gonerby sightings draws (no pun intended) parallels with a Canadian sighting at Saskatchewan, which was seen in 2005. For interest, you can also see previos UFO sightings reported by this paper here.

The same paper also has “Reader tries to pass off fake UFO picture”  (5th march,2008).

In the bedfordtoday.co.uk there are two articles in the month of march “Mysterious goings-on in luton skies leave onlookers baffled” (posted 6th march,2008) and “plenty more UFO sightings to report in Luton area” (posted 13th march,2008). The first one is  standard faire (for the local papers), and the second is a extraterrestrial versus skeptical counter argument article. For previous ufo sightings that the paper has done, see here .

In the Islingtongazette.co.uk (posted 11th march,2008) “MOD inquiry into Archway UFO mystery” , covers the sighting from a year ago, and what has happened since… It says

Now the Gazette can reveal that top level government agencies looked into the phenomenon – which many believe was nothing more than floating Chinese lanterns.
The Gazette sent a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry demanding to see every document relating to the Archway incident, as well as a total cost of the investigation
” (extract from article). 

For just a daft, alleged alien encounter see “The moment when aliens decided to land in enfield” Posted 4th march,2008 by enfieldindependant.co.uk).

For another just daft article, “Alien doctors treated my cystitis” (posted 7th march,2008), by hartlepoolmail.co.uk. I’m soo going to believe this…and the woman being interviewed is writing a book about it to boot. ………………………..next please.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


 The MOD will soon (similar to the french)  release more UFO files for public viewing, from this spring onwards; please see my previous post for more details at     https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/12/23/mod-to-start-releasing-ufo-files-spring-2008/ (please bare in mind that some of the links to the MOD are not working, due to them moving and adding to them, and therefore moving the links).

I have added some below for you to see…. contrary to what you may have been led to believe by the media, there is already quite a bit out online. This is just a taster of what you can see for yourself from the MOD site.

 Requests for information about UFOs recieved in january 2005 

Also UFO search results on the site here 

UFO reports 1997-2007 

UAP in the UK region

Please also take a look at http://www.uk-ufo.org/condign/index.htm which has an invaluable resource on the MOD, especially on what is coming out this spring……especially the link http://www.uk-ufo.org/condign/di55docs.html 

MORE UPDATES WILL BE REPORTED BELOW HERE  (just as links to the sites involved, unless really interesting).

 c_71_article_1039964_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg (illustration of Jodrell bank, UK; not part of these articles)

UPDATE : 17th March,2008

Shropshirestar.com has “Shropshire hotspot for UFO sightings” (posted 17th march,2008) with an interactive map included. (for same virgin media poll).

thisisplymouth.co.uk “City is tops for UFO sightings” (posted 17th march,2008). slightly misleading there i feel; and yes for same poll.

Oops… almost missed this article from the bbc.co.uk (scotland/tayside and central) “MOD releases secret files on UFOs” (posted 4th march,2008).

Louthleader.co.uk has an interesting article on “More earthquake light sightings” (posted 11th march,2008). 

A follow up article (from the same paper)  “International interest for leader lightning story” (posted 17th march,2008). also has some good links to other articles on the same lines, including the timesonline ….. worth taking a note of this phenomena, as it is still relatively unknown (includes lightning reations and ball lightning). Could this account for some UFO sightings?

 UPDATE: 18th march,2008

Buryfreepress.co.uk, has “Bury named UFO ‘hot spot’ ” (posted 18th march,2008)… similar faire for virgin media poll.

Also (for same poll) eadt.co.uk- suffolk and essex online has “Suffolk ranks highly for UFO sightings” (posted 18th march,2008).

thisislincolnshire.co.uk has a further article on the earthquake lights “Did UFO lights herald lincolnshire earthquake?” (posted 18th march,2008). Is there something in this… i think there possibly could be.

UPDATE 19th march:

The granthamjournal.co.uk has “UFO could be top secret plane” (posted 19th march,2008); this is linked to, and a follow-on post to    “Gonerby UFO sighted over Saskatchewan” (posted 13th march,2008)- which was added above.

In metro.co.uk it mentions “Proof that aliens are out there” (posted 17th march,2008-almost missed this article). Again it is proof that, not all you see on google earth, is actually what you see (if you know what i mean).


Birminghammail.net has “Birmingham named ‘weirdest place’ ” (posted 14th march,2008-again almost missed).. this also includes UFOs.

UPDATE: 21st march,2008

At virginmedia.com, they pick up on the earthlights phenomena “Expert probes earthquake lights” (no date shown, but posted within the last 2 days).

The sunderlandecho.com mentions the virgin poll again (the same as those above) in “You’re not alone in County Durham” (posted 20th march,2008).

Falkirkherald.co.uk mentions “Bonnybridge UFO claim” (posted 20th march,2008) ; the witness said “By the shape of it there was no way it was a plane. It looked oval shaped with flashing lights all around it, so we got out the van to have a look.
“After hovering for a while, it then just shot up into the sky and the speed it was going was phenomenal
” (extract from article).


thisislancashire.co.uk (again on the virgin poll) has “Lancashire and the UFOs” (posted 21st march,2008).

UPDATE 25th:

yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk has a very small mention of the UFO virgin poll (4 lines), in “A barmy way to save cash” (posted 22nd march,2008)…however the rest of the article is about something completely different.

** From theargus.co.uk… one of the worst ufo sightings video Ever in “UFO caught on camera in Sussex” (posted 23rd march, 2008). The video is well, at best hillarious!   

bakewelltoday.co.uk has “UFO sighting in Peak District Village” (posted 21st march,2008…sorry only recently found). It mentions “Sightings of orange lights over Litton have left residents baffled.
Ray Frost, who reported his February 24 sighting on the internet, said: “I think it was a UFO
” (extract from article).


kentonline.co.uk , in (i think) “welcome to kent” (posted 21st march,2008), there are a whole series of different short topics discussed…. what we are after is “STRANGE happenings from crabs falling from the sky to UFOs have earned the county a place in the top 10 of the UK’s Twilight Zone Hotspots, according to Disneyland Resort Paris” (extract from article). Nothing more is added.

The eveningtimes.co.uk has that Virgin UFO poll in “Glasgows UFO Fan Club” (posted 24th march,2008)… It says “Believe it or not, Glasgow has been named the UFO capital of Scotland.

The city has stolen the title from Bonnybridge, which for decades has been abuzz with reported sightings of alien spacecraft.

Glasgow is the only location in Scotland to make the Virgin Media Files, a specially compiled list of Britain’s top 10 places for spotting UFOs” (extract from article). and….”Glasgow’s tourism and civic leaders welcomed the news that inter-galactic tourists are seemingly flocking to the city” (extract from article).
UPDATE: 27th march, 2008

From the northantset.co.uk, there are 2 short posts “UFO spotted over Corby” (26th march, 2008)….. mmmm.   

And “Latest UFO news in from India” (27th march, 2008)…..i think this short post is summed up most aptly by the only person to comment….

That’s actually an IFO. It is a male Danaid_Eggfly. See photo here:
Come on folks. Stop wasting our time with reflections, bugs, and other fake ufos. If you have something truly extraordinary then show it. Please don’t make it difficult for serious UFO researchers
“. Couldn’t have said it better.


wigantoday.net has “UFO spotted in Wigan” (27th march, 2008) amd also has a video from cell phone… to be honest could be anything? (also earlier post i noticed…virgin poll again…”We’re a UFO hotspot“-20th march, 2008 ). 

From the granthamjournal.co.uk (27th march, 2008) it has “More UFO theories“; it states near the end “He said: “You dont want to see a space craft!. It’s just not worth the many lonely nights of siliently weeping and wondering to myself BECAUSE the goverment won’t confirm what I know to be true

“I CAN’T TAKE THE LIES ANYMORE“” (extract from article).

Rest assured, i am not lonely, crying, ect just more determined to find the truth (although some quite clearly think i’m nuts/a kook,ect……oh well things are looking up).   





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