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Archive for March 19th, 2008

More UFO documentary videos of interest

Posted by dandare on March 19, 2008

Below is a selection of UFO videos of possible interest…..

Secret Canadian UFO projects (part 1 of 2)

Secret Canadian UFO projects (part 2 0f 2)

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 1 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 2 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 3 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) Part 4 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) part 5 of 6

Kapustin Yar (USSR) part 6 of 6

Next is three crop circle videos: interesting to watch 
Crop circles A to Z

Crop circles…… real or not?

How to make crop circles (says 4 of 5…but unfortunately there are no other parts to this…shame as its interesting)

Although these videos can be seen at the present time, there is no guarantee that they will be there in the forseeable future… so if videos are unable to play, then i will endeavour/do my best to find new links to this, but may not be able too. Hope this opens your mind too all possibilities…obviously, yes videos are good to watch,but ideally, if you are really interested; then to get all the facts, try to seek out documentation and papers on the subjects involved….



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