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UFO Update (34)

Posted by dandare on March 22, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update (34)………..

and a happy Easter to you all….


Inexplicata.blogspot.com (the journal of Hispanic Ufology) has “Roundup: the 2008 UFO wave of Argentina” (march 12th,2008). 

In “A UFO cold case” (posted 18th march,2008….latimes.com) investigators are searching for Raji, who allegedly photographed a UFO drone, and then disappeared on the internet… I do not know why this is being discussed or investigated, as it is a well known fact that these photos are fakes. 


 A similar article can be seen at upi.com “detectives seek ufo answers” (posted 18th march,2008).

From airshippilot.blogspot.com “UFO…no just a blimp” (posted 20th march,2008).

in blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com “Discussion on UFOs” (posted 16th march,2008) is a thought provoking post. I agree with this statement especially “In general, if someone is bent on pursuing such a frustrating subject they fall into one of three categories.

They may be digging for proof of alien life, they may be trying to uncover dark world governmental activities relating to unidentified objects, or their drive may be a combination of both, the search for proof of alien visitation and contact and the government’s hidden knowledge of that fact along with its pursuits of harnessing alien technology” (extract from article).I would, as has been mentioned before on this blog, have to fall into the ‘both’ category. The comments at the end of this article…. worth a glance. A later article by the site is also worth a look “UFOs and what to do” (posted 19th march,2008).


azcentral.com has “UFO buff explores Chandler crop circles” (posted 19th march,2008); 

It says “Polani said he regrets not being able to photograph the Chandler phenomenon from the air; the crop was harvested hours after he spotted it.
He was able to walk into the field and capture patterns of downed stalks pointing in different directions among clusters of stiff, erect plants. And he picked up a few of the damaged stalks which appeared to be burned and bent in different places
” (extract from article). For those interested, there is a good article here (by Andy Thomas on the UK 2007 crop circles).

wapakdailynews.com has “Spreading secrets” (posted 12th march,2008)… i’m afraid this was one post i missed in last weeks update.

thestar.com has an article, covering the recent Alien abduction festival “An ET invasion for a cause” (posted 21st march,2008).


In theindependent.com (santa Barbara) “Plasmatron oscillators and psionic helmets – available now!” (posted 15th march,2008). I think i’ll turn down the offer however…..

MyFox has “UFO captured on tape in Pasco” (posted 14th march,2008); it comes with a video……

The telegraph.co.uk has “Prof Michio Kaku on the science behind UFOs and time travel” (posted 20th march,2008).

But what is frustrating to scientists is that, of the thousands of recorded sightings, none has produced hard physical evidence that can lead to reproducible results in the laboratory. No alien DNA, alien computer chip or physical evidence of a landing has ever been retrieved” (extract from article)… however, it does go into some interesting theories, and possible outcomes.

Lastly, on a very serious note….. and i think an excellently made point about Tibet today comes from “Living nightmare of an alien takeover” (posted 20th march,2008)…….

It starts “You wake up to discover Britain has been taken over by aliens. The government and the royal family have fled into exile. National and local government, the army, the police, schools and universities, major banks and businesses and hospitals are now all run by aliens. They don’t speak English ” (extract from article)….it carries on with everything being destroyed…..by aliens and you can do nothing…. 

at the end it says”Then you wake up and realise it’s a nightmare. But it isn’t if you’re Tibetan. If you live in Tibet or the western provinces of China, this is what is happening. That is why Tibetan men, women and children are protesting – and dying. For them the nightmare is real” (extract from article). Sorry, this is not about UFOs, but the alien effect was a clever slant on things… on an important issue.

Also of interest:

amandala.com  (Belize) “Strange night sightings in Pan” (posted 18th march,2008)

timesonline “science fiction author arthur c. Clarke dies aged 90” (posted 18th march,2008)

restarfilms.blogspot.com “UFOs: to weird to be extraterrestrials” (posted 21st march,2008)


  UPDATE: 26th march 2008

Further to the comments below, on the california drone sightings? i am in the middle of writing up a rather long post on the drone sightings…. this is taking longer than i thought… i hope to have it on here in the very near future (2 to 3 days)…. hence, i’m afraid (as this is taking up any spare time i have) i have been unable to add any new posts.

 I have not gone away/given up,ect…… thanks for your patience.





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