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Isaac/Chad/CARET/california drones…what is going on? (part 1)

Posted by dandare on March 29, 2008

I admit, that at first, i just brushed all this under the carpet (although my thoughts on what they are, has not changed), and did not really take much notice of it all. Now with the recent La times article, of 2 detectives searching for answers, i thought i would attempt to look at it myself, in more detail.

I would like to thank these forums for interesting information, and thoughts on the matter…. these are: abovetopsecret.com, unexplained-mysteries.com, unifiction.com, open minds forum… For websites: i have consulted many for more information,ect (i will try and add all of them at the end of this post).

 The first reports of the drone, was in may 2007; it appeared first, On the coast to coast website, the report appeared here—–> http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page2022.html?theme=light . Also witness account there too.

Submitted May 1oth, 2007

Location, central valley of California. Later found to be Bakersfield? california.

Report date: (from camera) May 6th

But Chad reported it as being seen as early as April 2007 (on numerous occassions). See below for the photos:








I will just comment here, my first reaction to these photos…..

  1. we get a full array of profiles…close, distant (at slightely different angles)
  2. All very sharp, almost too good
  3. What are those black marks around (and close to) the drone, you can see in most of them? to me it looks suspiscious?

At this point, i will add the link from MUFON, as it argues this is a fake  http://www.hyper.net/ufo/vs/m05-001.html  with an interesting argument; also analyists check the photos supplied.

  These photos were scans of the original…..

Also, there has been a comparison made, with the Chad photos, to an incident in Devon (england) in 1967 (26th october, in South Devon)….did ‘Chad’ get some of his ideas from this?….. see below for video.

For a report on the incident see http://www.ufologie.net/htm/dorset67.htm and   http://www.project1947.com/shg/hennessey/ufoinv4-4.htm (with diagrams)…thanks to http://www.hyper.net/ufo.html for making this information aware to me, on the website.

 Second sighting:

Location: Lake Tahoe, nevada

Posted by MUFON 7013

Date of event: 5th may, 2007

Images taken on cell phone

2 photos were placed on MUFON, on 12nd May,2008 and then slightly later at UFO casebook.com at http://www.ufocasebook.com/strangecraftlaketahoe.html (see link for details).



The first time Rajinder Satyanarayana (Rajman 1977) is mentioned is on craigslist, on the 20th may, 2007. He writes “Bizarre thing in the sky in capitola, CA ….WTF is this (capitola)”. He gives us 6 photos to look at; his name is quickly removed from craigslist, so he adds his name as Rajman1977, on a flickr account, with the photos from before….. account soon hacked though.

He alleged the event took place on the 16th may, 2007

Camera used: Konica Minolta DiMAGE X

The one we are most interested with here, is the one below (again we have near and very close shots as well). 


One of the photos (seen above), is the one that the two detectives are now (in 2008) trying to trace, ie the telegraph poles location….. what i do not understand is why only the one photo…. if these draw a blank, should they not look for other clues, in the other photos, from ‘chad’ and others?


 (the photo illustration above, is one of several noted in the ufocasebook forum; it brings up some interesting problems with the photo). This, and many more problems/discussions will be written about much more fully in (part 2).

Next we have the big basin sighting, (california) 

Submitted on the 6th june 2007 ….. by Jenna L (a freelance photographer) on behalf of Stephen… although again much later, there is a debate to suggest this is not the true location at all.

Report date: 5th june 2007

Camera: Cannon Rebel XT

There were 3 photographs….. see http://ufocasebook.com/bigbasin.html for more details







Slightly later reported, but with the same reported sighting date: Big basin, california

Submitted on 16th june 2007 by someone called TY

Reported date: june 5th, 2007 (same as one above)

Sent to earthfiles.com ……. unfortunately as this is subscription based (for the archive), and i am not a member, i cannot access it.

I know there are 12 photographs, and i do have a link/photos to this but have misplaced it…. will add when found.

Isaac + the CARET documents  (posted on the internet in june 2007)

CARET = Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrastrial Report   pacl-q486-report-cover-fullsize.jpg

The CARET laboratory is in Palo Alto, CA (Isaac there from 1984-1987)

He was recruited for the CARET program.

Both an engineer  + computer scientist

the drone  

  • uses invisibility
  • Interference (not from humans) caused invisibilty to become inoperative
  • Technology= antigravity
  • symbols = software programs that self executed as a functional blueprint

Before Isaac resigned and became a ‘whistleblower’ – he managed to take out documents; these were

Q3 – 85 inventory review pacl-q385-inventory-review-fullsizes.jpg

Q4 – 86 Research report 180px-pacl-q486-photo-4-fullsize.jpg  180px-pacl-q486-photo-3-fullsize.jpg 


photo scans

linguistic Analysis Primer 180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p122-fullsize.jpg  180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p120-fullsize.jpg 180px-pacl-lang-analysis-p119-fullsize.jpg

He was concerned about safety if who he was, was known

He made it common knowledge that main source of information was to be spread through coast to coast website

This is just a rough outline of CARET and ‘Isaac’. His website can still be seen at http://isaaccaret.fortunecity.com 

So a quick recap to the 5 main sightings:

  1. chad – may 10th 2007    Bakersfield, california
  2. MUFON submitter 7013 wife – may 12th 2007   Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  3. Rajinder Satyanarayana (Flickr acccount name Rajman 1977) – may 20th 2007   Capitola, california
  4. Jenna L on behalf of Stephen – june 6th   Big Basin, california
  5. Ty – june 16th big basin, california

Actual sightings occurred on

  1. may 6th 2007
  2. may 5th 2007
  3. may 16th 2007
  4. june 5th 2007
  5. june 5th 2007

There are also allegedly other sightings going as far back as 1995? but i have not referred to them for this analysis… this can be seen at earthfiles.com

This covers part 0ne……. and is really a quick outline about the drone sightings, without going into too much detail. In part 2, i will be covering the problems/analysis/discussing the drones sightings/photos/CARET documents in more detail…. 

Websites invaluable for sources of information are:








33 Responses to “Isaac/Chad/CARET/california drones…what is going on? (part 1)”

  1. Steve said

    What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIfr12XhrZE (cgi)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBEYc5OUUtw (cgi)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Bq9fC14ew (cgi)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRHjqs365Q4 (cgi)

    Look how easy it is to make these things. Those 3D rendering engines engines are incredibly fast nowadays!!!

    • Matt R said

      SOmething else too, can prove that it is NOT CGI. Take the third picture in the “Chad” series of photos with the underbelly of the drone over the treeline. The wires/spike crown on top is mostly washed out of view by the sun, only a few lines visible inside the ring and a hint of one above it, most of the spike crown is not visible, presumably due to reflection. Now take that photo and enter it into Image editing software (GIMP, Photoshop) I sued GIMP with a grayscale filter, with greyscale applied and the contrast increased and brightness reduced, THE ENITRE SPIKE CROWN BECOMES CLEARLY VISIBLE. This would not be possible with CGI. If the image were CGI, nothing would be visible on the greyscale where it wasn’t visible on the color version. The computer just would not render at all that object that was sun washed. The only way that they could be invisible in the color photo but visible in greyscale is if there were actually an object there but the reflection made it oo bright to see in the photo with the naked eye, but enough trace remained on the film to reveal it in greyscale. Those kind of artifacts WOULD NOT be present in a CGI rendered object. the invisible color sections would have remained invisible in the greyscale since the computer would just not create any information in the pixels that were invisible due to sunlight reflection. If this is a hoax, it HAS to be done using some Physical, real object/model.

    • Jeremy_Boise said

      If you’ve ever worked in 3DStudio Max, which I have, a little bit, then you would know 3D Modeling is not easy, not at all. World-class image processing experts remain baffled by these pictures, your assertions are meaningless. I’m not saying I believe it is real, I’m still researching it. I am, however, saying that the majority of vehement naysayers provide little specificity as to why they disbelieve so strongly. This sort of denial behavior is largely a result of the psychological phenomenon known as the Normalcy Bias; look it up.
      Skeptical neutrality with an open mind is essential for understanding.

  2. dandare said

    the chicken!
    Thanks for the links Steve…..

  3. Lat said


    If you can’t see a difference between the alleged photos and these crude cgi youtube videos then I guess that says it all about your ability to discern.

    Also, how comical is it of Steve Reichmuth (same Steve maybe?) to proclaim “hoax, case closed” and in the next sentence “will reopen if witness comes forward”?

  4. dandare said

    I will let Steve respond to that….

  5. this is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a while… strange

  6. dandare said

    Thanks Ilovebakersfieldcash for your views

  7. Cash said

    I would like to see a quality video capture of this. But, just about anything will be considered real to a certain amount of the population.

  8. nunya sochata said

    if you look at http://www.omniglot.com it kinda looks like “dragon runes” script, kinda like “klingon”… maybe both.

  9. nunya sochata said

    just type “drone” into youtube, they even did a song with one… nice work BTW… i just know i have seen that writing before though… what movie was that?

  10. name witheld said

    the writing is called katakana. It has been altered for encode decode reasons unknown to me.
    for example some of the kana are flipped either X or Y axis and some Mirrored. it is CODE.

  11. name witheld said

    edit my last statement.
    I could be wrong as well . . .
    (have been known to be wrong more than once 😐

  12. dandare said

    Thanks for all the comments, you have all placed above, much appeciated.
    Name Withheld “you could be wrong” but it’s always worth putting all these things in the pot, as it were, examine all avenues, and see where that leads! I have not explored this yet, but will when time allows, have a look into this (also the drone affair needs updating at a later date).
    So thanks for your take on this.
    Sometimes it leads you nowhere, but having said that, just to accept something without looking for answers is much worse.

  13. L E V I A T H A N said

    The answers have come and gone and still you moan. The DEED is done.

  14. dandare said

    OK LEVIATHAN you have made your points clear…. that’s fine, but now just leave it alone… your other 3 commments have been deleted….
    Unless you make constructive remarks (which help us go forward), from now on, your comments will be deleted as spam.
    I usually like to hear people’s different opinions, but i’m afraid not yours anymore, unless your bring something intelligent to the fore; but i guess that might be to much to ask for?………

  15. 高薄鸿 said

    FYI. For a “harmless” fake, there has been a great amount of commotion in DARPA over it…

  16. dandare said

    Thanks FYI, for your coments.

  17. Ken J said

    Well, sorry guys, it looks like this was a viral marketting campaign that went south by Fox for their tv show Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. The episode that featured these drones was supposed to air earlier, but was a victim of the writers strike. So they had started this viral campaign by releasing photos of these “drones” which are really just CGI renders of a craft they were using in their season finale. But then the episodes got delayed due to the writers strike. Eventually they simply forgot about the viral marketting since it’s not going to hit its mark anyhow. Watch the last episode of this season of that show and you will see the drones in them, including some of the exact photos released here as real UFO photos… Sorry guys, but those people who said that this was a hoax was actually correct.

  18. dandare said

    Thanks Ken J, for finding the time to add your comments….. it could be this? or of course, it could be that they took the idea (which created a stur with the media for a time) and used it their advantage in the episode …. either way, i’m afraid its a hoax.

  19. Bull said

    got this off a website reporting that the drones were viral marketing

    The drone/CARET materials are not viral marketing for our show. Fox knows nothing about them. I’ve been interested in the drone images for some time and, as I am wont to do, found a way to work areas of interest into the show. Our drone image at the end is a kissing cousin of the others but is of our own design. I don’t want anyone out there who chooses to believe in the drone sightings to feel in any way that their inclusion in TSCC invalidates their point of view. Likewise, any one who believes they are a hoax should not use their inclusion in the show as confirmation of that theory. Simply something in the zeitgeist that I was (and still am) fascinated by. Whether this settles the issue or only serves to incite others who want to use it for their own ends is beyond my control.
    Josh Friedman
    Executive Producer, Creator, TSCC

  20. dandare said

    Thanks Bull for your input; i did a little hunting too and found that on the io9.com site, he left a comment…
    ” I’m not sure if this will put an end to this but I will assure you that the incorporation of drone-like imagery into TSCC should not in any way suggest there was/is a relationship between the original drone images and our show. The drone images are as much a puzzle to me as to anybody else…Maybe more so, as my obsession with their mysterious origins led me to go on and on about them in the writers’ room…So much so that we ultimately used the mystery as a platform for “Earthlings Welcome Here.”
    It never occurred to me that anyone would use their inclusion in our show to cast any doubt onto the drones authenticity. They may be a hoax–it’s ultimately a matter of faith for many–but the fact that the drones are discussed on TSCC is only a testament to their hold on my imagination.
    You may also doubt that I am who I say I am. I’m not exactly sure how to prove my own authenticity. Charlie Jane and I sat together upstairs at the WB booth at comic-con and I showed him the i09 button on my iPhone if that’ll help.
    Se ya’ll back on the air Feb 13th.
    No Fate,
    josh Friedman
    Executive Producer, Creator, TSCC

  21. ian said

    is it a viral for sarah connor chronicles?
    here is the drone from that

  22. Sys_config said

    They tried to white whitewash any connection, but the fact is there was there!!
    via a recent poster here Leviathan.
    Here is a parody I did..Perhaps Lev can explain where he got the work (the black nodes)from to show up on SCC premier in December., how his website the theLeviathangroup.co now defunct, came into being the day after Warners and Fox wrapped up their deal on August 28, 2006. And why he to his Blog down with these images, four days after that SCC episode was shot by Josh.

    Welcome masker
    Just wait in the lobby
    and make make yourself at home. There’s a pot of fresh Java brewing..
    I was about to start a therapy session with an abductee client.
    Come in Lev..
    sit down, I’m a little rushed for time , so I’m going to snap my fingers 3 times and you will go into wonderful deep sleep, but still here my voice.
    [i]snap, snap, snap.[/i]there..
    Lev, you aare in a beautiful gazeebo, surrounded by gorgeous giant Venus flytraps, the ones you said you love so much.

    Lev, I know your experience has been somewhat traumatic, and
    are rather [b]reluctant[/b] to talk about it… But Think..Think back on your abduction.Take another good look at this picture from last week, you hit a [i]block[/i], a wall, as it may.. Walk through the [i]wall[/i] to the other side, all good writers come across them. you can do it.
    You say thats not him..then could it have been [b]this [/b]chap here
    Listen to what he says, aren’t these almost the same words our sweet Cameron, who has disappeared between
    seasons said in the SCC Terminator, when picking up John Connor in that terrible firefight.?
    Try..Try Lev..when I count to three you will be calm, and peaceful, feel no fear..
    1 2 3..
    Ahh it was yours, didn’t know you were such a fan..
    Easy picked up during the season, but now..
    You remember those strange diagrams on Fox’s Earthlings are Welcome Here..
    Is there even the remotest possibility, something the DRT is absolutely fantastic at,
    That during your abduction, your own plans, which you had quite some time, [b]before [/b]airing, also were stolen by the Alien abductors,
    I remember in your Blog, you posted virtually identical ones.. as compared here..

    yes! you recognize your work in the center!
    And the other the impostor version..Josh and Abrahams.
    I see a gleam in your eyes..wonderful!
    we’re making progress!

    No doubt these beings are stealing our, I mean your
    technology, and attempting to reverse or modify it. Maybe even implanted a false memory,
    along with that massive probing they did?
    (Leviathan trembling and squirming in his chair)
    its ok its ok..
    when I count to 3
    You will wake up.. alert and frisky..feel no discomfort in any part of your anatomy
    and forget all the [b]naughty[/b] things they did to to you, over and over again,., as well as feel no soreness..an occasional itch may surface, but that easily treatable with off the shelf medication.

    1 2 3
    I’ve made another appointment for next week..
    you’ve come a long way Lev.

    When we get through our sessions you’ll have wings, a halo, and be playing Dixie on a harp.

    You can bet your life on it!



    Come in masker, come in welcome and how can we help you?

  23. Sys_config said

    or go directly here to ufocasebook drone thread page 49 i hope that link works
    http://ufocasebook.conforums.com/index.cgi?board=drone&num=1232735854&action=display&start=720 sa the pix above didn’t.

  24. dandare said

    Hi Sys_config and thanks for commenting again (nice to see you); the only link that works is the http://ufocasebook.conforums.com/index.cgi?board=drone&num=1232735854&action=display&start=720 link.
    Very interesting stuff here; i had no idea that dedicated people are still working hard at correlating all the info; mmmm, unfortunately, i’m extremely rusty on this now, will need to read up on it again.
    If Leviathan you would like to reply, please do? i would be most interested to have your take on this! like to answer any of these questions above, add something! suggest something…..anything…please get in touch.

  25. Manuel Vega said

    Hi Dan Dare I have to correct the number of days after the reworking of the Shooting 2007 episode shot October 24, 2008 of Terminators “Earthlings are Welcome Here” by fox/warners people , that Lev shut his blog down. It was not four, it was one day after. I would consider that time enough for a haircut and a shave before he mysteriously October 25, 2008 and reappeared later. Sorry about that. 🙂 No answers forthcoming from the famous drone team as to how the investigators they ballyhooed happened to live smack dab in the area where the Chad drone was shot, No explanation how a certain witness aka Marsave “found the sites and led the PIs to the locations, and then is discovered to have been a long time acquainteance of one of the PIs, who in their own respective areas had the same kind of lights and poles found right near them in Campbell, ca, known as The famous Raj Pole. No explanation why the PIs did not consult OPUS, which is right there in Los Gatos, who has the mufon CA state director on board, as well as Bill Byrnes of the UFO hunters, if they had heard anythin. Or even Sylvia Browne whose headquarters is right in Campell, Ca wher the Raj pole was found.
    No explanation why this has all been such a crock,
    and yet.. we have same people still pushing, [albeit real slow now], and even slower since AW just release their new http://www.allpowerful.com website campaign, started up by a trademards PI, david woods on behalf of aw..worth a visit.. I guess its the reason for the season!:)

  26. john said

    honestly the pix do look fake and I am an expert CGI and photoshop artist however more than any other ufo image ive ever seen it reminded me of a strange sighting I and two programmers I was working with at the time saw while we were sitting on a bench at the end of the Santa Monica , ca pier. What we saw was very high up in the atmosphere and very large, larger than anything we fly nowadays and shaped sort of like the letter T which is of course a shape unlike any flying vehicle and it was oddly sort of slowly tumbling like it was a lighter than air balloon out of control this occurred in the early 2000’s.

  27. Anthony said

    Do a search on the net for the alien karet font, I think you will find the answer you’ve been looking for,, Alienware computers have been using this font for years and it seems the person who doctored up these pictures has the font on his computer because its the exact one thats used for the symbols on these.

  28. […] was that of the drones described by “Isaac” as a project called CARET. Check out UFO Online for further information and images, which are rather striking. UFO or military technology? Maybe a […]

  29. […] was that of the drones described by “Isaac” as a project called CARET. Check out UFO Online for further information and images, which are rather striking. UFO or military technology? Maybe a […]

  30. Shanimal said

    All the photos have halos around plants that are tough to mask sky out (to insert the 3d rendering) of. Look at photo #2 where the edge of one of the stabs goes in behind the plant. The wings dissapear and the blue near the edges of the plant is different than the blue just outside the hard to mask area. I WOULD LOVE it if this was real. It had me fascinated for weeks, but honestly, after seeing exact 3d renderings in youtube, there is no doubt this is a hoax 😦 Hey… it made it to mainstream media.

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