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UFO Update (35)

Posted by dandare on March 30, 2008

ufo-online-soap.jpgWelcome to Update (35)….

600px-ovni.jpgtheblackvault.com has made it known (and i was not aware of this until now) that the MUFON UFO journals are available free on their site; see here about this information, and for the journals available see here. What does this mean;  both MUFON and the black vault have joined forces. 

In march 2008, both agreed to work together and make archives available for free, for anyone to look at. There are archives from 1967 up until 2007, accessable for everyone 🙂 

For instance, the december issue (2007) has an interesting article on “How MUFON handles photo and video analysis“…see page 4 onwards; and “orange balls of light” (page 5 onwards) in june’s issue (1990)… many more excellent articles/debate can be found here.      

In “man recalls UFO sighting ” (cnews.ca -across canada, 24th march,2007) he mentions

Ernest Buisse, 82, was on his parents’ farm near Redvers, Sask., in the summer of 1950 when he believes he witnessed an unidentified flying object” (extract from article).


wltx.com has “Man wonders if he caught UFO on tape” + a video (22nd march,2008).he mentions

Jeffrey Swetz of Cedar Creek says he saw it earlier this week, and picked up his camera and started rolling. He said it looked like a star but seemed much brighter ” (extract from article).

In theheraldnewonline “UFO symposium set for Tinley park ” (28th march,2008)… it says

 “A handful of red lights appeared in Tinley Park skies in 2004 and 2005, capturing the attention of dozens of residents.Some people said the lights moved or changed formation, while others said they were still” (extract from article).

In ufodigest, “No FOIA favoritism” (21st mrach,2008), it talks about

The Judicial Watch lawsuit how in front of a Federal Court involves 20,000 pages plus they have another lawsuit involving millions of pages. If JW wins their requests they will tie up the archivists at the Clinton Library for years. This will delay the UFO files from being released until after the Hillary files are processed” (extract from article).

Also from ufodigest, is “Texas law officers release diagram, description of UFO” (25th march,2008).


An Erath County, Texas, law enforcement officer has released a detailed diagram of an unidentified object seen by several officers.

The diagram and related information about the Stephenville region sighting were made available to the public today, March 25.

The drawing includes specific colors and dimensions of the object as well as related information.

The diagram and descriptions have been posted on the Web site StephenvilleLights.com ” (extract from article).

real.jpg <—(illustration not part of any of these articles)

The latimes.com has “Seeking UFOs, deep underground” (28th march, 2008)

Davenport says that of the vast majority of UFO sightings, up to 90% are explainable: weather balloons, military aircraft, satellites and the like. Many more prove to be hoaxes.

But then there’s the tiny percentage, maybe only a handful each year, where something was definitely seen — often by multiple reliable sources — and that defy explanation.
He believes that clues lie buried in these hill-sized mounds of paper that he has meticulously cataloged, if only the government or a university would do the research”
(extract from article).
In aliencasebook.blogspot.com there is an excellent post on “UFO – cold case private investigators locate chad drone photo location” (29th march, 2008).

OTHER Articles of interest

In seti.com/blog (26th march, 2008) it has “Aliens from Earth?”

In KIII TV3 (26th march, 2008) “Was it a UFO above Corpus Christi skies?

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