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UFO Update (36)

Posted by dandare on April 6, 2008

UFO Update (36)

Welcome to UFO Update……

First off we have “unidentified object flies Canterbury skies” (posted 3rd april, 2008 by stuff.co.nz ). It mentions “Teenager Andrew Wilkinson captured an apparently fiery object in the Canterbury sky on his digital camera last night” (extract from article).

Next we have “UFO sighting ‘no hoax’, experts say” (posted by southtownstar.com; on the 3rd april, 2008 )

 “The wing lights of a commercial airliner, flares tied to balloons, mistaken planets and even mass hallucination have been suggested as possible explanations for the sightings of three unidentified red lights that passed over the skies of Tinley Park in a rough V formation on the nights of Aug 21 and Oct 31 in 2004” (extract from article).

ufocon.blogspot.com talks about “The UFO indifference” (posted 29th march, 2008 ) in which it starts

“One factor that eliminates the Jacques Vallee and Mac Tonnies hypotheses that there might be co-inhabitants of the Earth who live in an isolated plane of existence or underwater as a full-borne civilization that interacts with human beings via UFOs, paranormal manifestations, et cetera is the non-interference in Earth affairs” (extract from article).

At candgnews.com “The stars come out to Southfield planetarium” (posted 2nd april, 2008 )

“The possibility of extra-terrestrial life will be examined in the last of eight unique shows in the spring season at the planetarium, which begins on April 18, at 7 p.m. The Southfield Vollbrecht Planetarium is located at 19100 Filmore, just off of Evergreen Road between 10 Mile and I-696 in Southfield” (extract from article).

Alien worlds Magazine issue 2 is out now; it is a recently created magazine, worthy of your attention; please see http://alienworldsmag.com  see here for what is in issue 2.

For links to the Roswell UFO festival planned for july 2008 please see here (just become available, with schedule).

On richardlalancette.blogspot.com “Sightings and earthquakes” (posted 2nd april, 2008 ) has something i touched on before, with the recent UK earthquake….

“Several sightings of lights appearing in the sky were reported in the days leading up to the quake, which had its epicentre near Market Rasen when it struck early on February 27.
And some believe that these could be “earthquake lights” – caused by changes in the electrical properties of the ground before a quake occurs.
There have been many similar reports of “earthquake lights” throughout history” (extract from article). 

stephendsullivan has “UFO Hunters – Hist. – Vortexes” (posted 2nd april, 2008 ) … he states at the end

“UFO Hunters is a show for true believers only; anyone looking for actual science or serious investigation should look elsewhere” (extract from article). I’m afraid i will have to agree with him on this.

At ufodigest.com “Further observations on the Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Report” (posted 2nd april, 2008 ). It starts off with   

“I’m forwarding this post to you since it evidently didn’t make it into UFO Updates. I also sent it to Mr. Hilkevitch at the Chicago Tribune.
Perhaps you can run with the FAA part, or know someone who can.
If the statements posted by the reader are true, there’s a goldmine of information lying underneath” (extract from article).

 At seti.com “Contact: would we know if it happened?”   (posted 4th april, 2008 ) it opens with “Forgive my cynicism, but I have to ask: If we received an irrefutable ET signal, would the public ever know?” (extract from article).

ufo media.blogspot.com has “The other Skinwalker Ranch: contact” (posted 4th april, 2008 )…worth a read; the site is also recommended.

Lastly….” Increased sightings spark UFO and Paranormal Conference in Kansas City” (posted 5th april, 2008 – by prweb.com ).

“The first annual Mysteries of the Universe Conference is scheduled for June 7 in Kansas City, Missouri at the Intrigue Park Place Hotel from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm. The conference is the first of its type to be held in the area, and was sparked by the recent flurry of UFO activity in the U.S. and increased reports of paranormal activity in Kansas City” (extract from article).  

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