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National UFO Reporting Centre = a wealth of UFO information

Posted by dandare on April 8, 2008

I just thought, i would draw your attention to the National UFO Reporting Centre, and the wealth of information it has on its site….. For instance the case briefs and past highlights is definately worth a look, with many sightings looked at with diagrams, and links to either full reports or articles on each case. This post can be seen here .

Another post “most noteworthy cases” is also worth a look… they also have a link to an article on the Iran “dogfight” in 1976 seen here .

The sight has other good links too.


4 Responses to “National UFO Reporting Centre = a wealth of UFO information”

  1. mike sondgeroth said

    hi my name is mike ,i neaver told anyone about my dream i thought, back in 1996 , i went to sleep something woke me up in my dream i saw my self in a like a hospital setting with odd looking beings operating on me , taking something out of my nose,it actully hurt when they were pulling ,i was on a operating like platform with them around me , it made me scared i still remember that dream i had or i thought i had, im not making this up !!!

  2. Alan Hardy said

    Sighting of a low flying object seen while at work over RAF Halton, At 0425 am 29/8/09, While out side my place of work me and my work mate were having a cigerette i was looking up at the stars, then my work mate saw what he thought was an aircraft. I pointed out that it had no nav lights and no sound it was like a bright star rounded and preformed left to right manovers just before it went out of sight. was this a ufo or could of it been the ISS in orbit? Thanks

    Alan + Mark.

  3. Trish Putnam said

    Last night 12 September 2009 at 1030 pm we saw at least 20 bright orange lights, low in the sky moving fairly fast and completely silent following a similar trajectory one after the other over Henley in Arden. A car stopped to say he had seen at least 35 of them all following each other exactly. Any ideas?

  4. Mr P J Lang said

    I am Ex Royal Air Force and have considerable experience with most of the Bomber and Fighter aircraft dating back to the 1960’s. I have worked with military aircraft until I retired a few years ago, so have a very good idea as to what can be classified as UFO, Military or weather related sightings.
    With reference to Trish Putnams sighting on September 13th, I can absolutely confirm that a similiar event took place over the skies of Bristol on Saturday 26th September at 21.55pm and continued until 22.05pm.
    I and my Wife witnessed a constant stream of about 15 to 20 very bright orange lights spaced about half a mile apart and in a perfectly straight line traveling from the South West toward the North East.They were at a height of about 20,000 feet. They kept a very precise distance between each other.
    The first of these lights came to a stop whist the second light came up closer to it and also stopped. While motionless in the sky these first two lights started to fade until they could no longer be seen.
    As the first two vanished from sight so another of these orange lights moved into the same area and stoped. It was joined by the fourth orange light and they too started to fade until they could no longer be seen.
    This whole process continued until all of the orange lights had dissapeared.All in exactly the same Area. In all, about ten minutes from start to finish.
    During this time I had got hold of my binoculars to see if I could get a better view of these lights. But could not see through the very bright and intense orange glow.
    Also during this Spectacular parade of lights a Jet Airliner flew underneath them on a course from East to West (part of the commercial air corridor) so must have had a close up view.The Aircraft was flying at about 15,000 feet.Apart from this airliner we heard no sound whatsoever from any of these bright orange lights.
    The sky was completey clear with no cloud and the stars were clearly visible.
    In my view, especially with the report from Trish Putnam, these sightings fit very definately into the UFO catagory.
    Bearing in mind that such precision in their manouvering and flight paths would indicate inteligent control, these sightings should warrant immediate investigation by the Ministry Of Defence.

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